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Welcome to the Blog Chicks Australian Women Bloggers Directory.

Here are some guidelines for submission.

  • You must be an Australian Woman blogger, expat, staying here for awhile etc.
  • Your blog must be 3mths old with at least 10 posts before you register.

All blogs will be moderated before they appear on the site. Anything questionable will not be approved.

When adding your blog, select the category that fits what you blog about most. Let me know if there is a category you think we really need.

Please allow a few weeks for your blog to appear in the listings.

Before you add your blog bellow, do a quick search…you may find you are already there!

To add your blog to the Australian Women Bloggers Directory, complete the form below and press submit.


After adding your blog, please consider placing one of our buttons from the sidebar on your blog. And liking us on Facebook!

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Australian Women Bloggers Directory by Blog Chicks
Australian Women Bloggers Directory by Blog Chicks

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