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A Healthy Mum »

Wholefoods recipe and nutrition website for busy mothers.
Access The Awesome »

I am a wholefood nutritionist with a basis in sustainability and self love to access good health!
Ally's Bubble »

Inspired by a healthy, active and creative lifestyle
An Apple a Day »

A no nonsense guide to holistic health for busy people.
Author Rebecca Mugridge »

Healthy Recipes, Growing Food, Healthy Living, Healthy Weight Loss for Mums, Inspiration and Life
BareVitality »

Holistic Health & Fitness
Bello Alito »

Sharing positive news and views about health engagement and asthma from a parents point of view. From the designer of the Bello Alito Asthma Management System, MyAsthmaBag.
Beyond Being Challenged »

Making the Impossible, Possible in everyday.
Blooming Healthy »

Blooming healthy is inspired by me willing to pass on my knowledge of nutrition, weight loss, fitness and general wellbeing to everyday people.
BrierlyRaw »

Raw food living, health and fitness, spirituality, positivity lifestyle blogging.
Burton Health »

A Sydney based Naturopath blogging about all things health and wellness.
cassandra emily »

I write about mental health news, my experiences, as well as posting creative bits and pieces from me and my friends. I try to keep it honest, real, and positive.
Chia Mia »

A blog full of healthy gluten free, sugar free recipes and health tips.
clear food and living »

Clearing the mind, body and soul through healthy eating and living.
Connection Coaching – Inspiring Passion & Purpose »

Conquering Fear Spiritually »

A site to inspire positivity and healing, especially for those with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS or M.E). Light, love, laughter and life.
CycleStyle Blog »

Blog about cycling fashion, cycling gear and cycle chic.
Diet Schmiet »

I have a focus on dieting and weight loss, or rather (attempting to do both), but this blog is where I can confess my weaknesses and own my aspirations, and my words disappear into the non-judgmental virtual ether.
Dr Gemma Russell »

Psychology blog providing accurate and evidence-based information from Clinical Psychologist Dr Gemma Russell to enhance your life, happiness and success.
Embracing Health Blog »

Alternative health and lifestyle views
Erin May Fitness »

I am Erin Henry, an Australian Health & Fitness Blogger. I am not a personal trainer or a nutritionist, I am just trying to show the world that non professional can achieve their goals too.
Fat Be Gone »

Creating a healthy sustainable lifestyle while losing weight
Fat To Glam »

I'm a 20 something year old living in Perth who is on a mission to lose over 60 kilos. It's going to be a long journey so grab a cuppa and biscuit (calorie free of course!) and enjoy the ride.
Fertile Body, Heart and Soul »

A blog about all things health and fertility – spreading the healthy word through food, lifestyle and health advice.
Education is the key to a healthier, more fertile future.
Fit Consumer Gal »

Check out my blog at www.FitConsumerGal.com to see what I'm spending my cash on all in the quest to lose weight, tone up and get fit!
Fit Inspire »

Inspiration for a fit and healthy body, mind & soul!
Fit Mother Hubbard »

Personal blog about balancing family, fitness and fun!
FitM.U.M (My.Ultimate.Motivation) »

Inspiring & Motivating Healthy, Happy & Fit Mums to live an active lifestyle, be positive role models for their children and be the best version of themselves they can be! Fitness is my passion.
Flat Out & Still Fabulous »

Hectic lifestyles make it hard for many of us to find the time to make health a priority. Accepting the fact that life is never going to get any slower, this blog provides you with the latest health advice to help you become Flat Out & Still Fabulous!
Gabrielle Maston »

This blog takes scientific information and breaks it down, to make it understandable & user friendly. As a blogger and expert health professional, I write to inspire readers and to push them to think outside the square in all matters related to health and fitness. Health is not only about the science of the human body, it’s also about the mind. Self belief, body love & trying new things, builds confidence & ultimately good health.
Healthy Eating Australia »

Healthy Eating Australia is about empowering Australians to lead a healthy lifestyle. One of the ways we do this by making healthy eating quick, easy & fun with blog posts that inspire readers and provide them with tips and ideas to help them eat and stay healthy.
hello great health »

womens health and wellness.
Help! My Teenager has Coeliac Disease »

Gluten free is a difficult gig for a teenager. The blog offers advice, shortcuts, product information and recipes all geared toward making life easier for parents and their gluten free teenagers and children.
Holistic Honeys »

Holistic well being, nutrition and fitness advice and inspiration, wholefood healthy recipes, life coaching, and all over health and happiness.
I Wish You Happiness »

This site is all about sharing light, love, happiness and wellness through inspiring and insightful blogs, sharing pictures, quotes, what on in your area, book reviews etc. Be a Part of the Happiness Movement!
I'd swim that »

Sydney ocean pool enthusiast and swimming sartorialist. This is a blog about salt water, chlorine and unique water and travel experiences around the world.
Infinite Health & Wellness »

About a holistic lifestyle advisor, pondering life, experiences with health & nutrition, also a big foodie with reviews for Perth eateries.
Ironmum Karla »

My little space where I like to inspire us to be the best we can be through wellbeing, fitness and healthy eating.
Jane's Journal »

Jane's shares her insights, inspirations and ideas on leading an authentic and fulfilling life so we live in peace and harmony.
Jess May // Stoking The Fire »

I'm a Psychology student and future relationship + sex therapist with a fire in my heart to educate young women on how to cultivate and nurture rewarding relationships and connections.


Karenluvslife »

Real Food! Clean food! Healthy Food! Lots of variety from raw, paleo, vegan, gluten free and grain free versions of everything wicked made as healthy as I can whilst maintaining the memory.
Keep Life Simple »

Keep Life Simple is where I share what I, as women who is 49 years old have done to feel good and what’s worked for me. –This blog is for housewives, professionals, mums, and real women who are seeking the answer to the questions such as “Why don’t I feel right anymore?” Or “how can I age so that I look and feel great?” I like to help people find the answer and change their life for the better.
Lara Briden's Healthy Hormone Blog »

Naturopathic Doctor shares clinical truths about health and hormones.
LaVida Health – blogs for your health »

Practical and simple tips and advice for living your healthiest life.
Lean Healthy and Wise »

Hi. I'm Barbara. I am a mum and a former Australian research scientist. My blog is quickly becoming the trusted go-to site with information and news on health, nutrition and lifestyle.
Lennae's World »

My blog is all about my world, my journey & recovery with Chronic fatigue. I like to post lots of healthy smoothie recipes, healthy food recipes. As well as fun and positive outings and adventurers.
Let's talk health »

All about health, especially allergies and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Loulou Zoo »

A health & wellness blog to encourage my readers to get happy and follow a simpler, healthier lifestyle.
Mademoiselle Slimalicious »

French Paradox. Healthy Eating. Nutrition. Fitness.
Mademoiselle Slimalicious is a French girl living in Australia, sharing the secrets of the French diet!
Michelle Marie McGrath »

The blog of Michelle Marie McGrath, Lovepreneur & Self-love Mentor. Michelle is the Creator of Sacred Self's 33 organic alchemical oils & self-love cards. Co-author of "Love & Oneness". Reminding you to love you.
Mumafit »

All things health and wellness for pregnancy and early motherhood. Exercise, inspiration and Balance from the Founder of the Mumafit app.
Natalie Carter Talks Fitness »

I'm here to spread my Expert knowledge of Health and Fitness to all. I am a down-to-earth, fun, Personal Trainer with over 10 years experience. I started New Outlook Fitness to give people realistic, achievable ways to stay healthy and happy. I like to get straight to the point and only provide quality advice (that I personally follow and recommend to all of my clients) Stop by for the motivation you need to change. I love pushing the boundries with people's achievement and have created The Spring Shred & NoSugarVember and Abs4Xmas to help you fast track your results. I hope I can inspire YOU to live each and every day as Awesomely as possible
Natural New Age Mum »

Happy. Healthy. Holistic.
I am Sonia, a passionate mum of two who gets excited about creating a happy, healthy and holistic life for my family. I blog about healthy food, chemical-free living and inspiration for the soul.
natureglow »

health – natural beauty – nature
This site is about all manner of intrigues and interests that hopefully will make you glow inside and out.
nextphaseinfitness »

Fitness, hiking, cycling into my sixties
One Active Life »

Two Sisters Sharing One Active LIfe.

One Active Life is a health and wellness blog created by two Perth sisters who share a common interest in living a positive and active lifestyle.

With a focus on loving your body, mind and world, One Active Life is here to inspire and motivate YOU to believe in yourself and have a positive outlook on life.

♥ Fitness. Health. Wellness. Active Living. Positivity. Inspiration. Self Love. Self Belief ♥

Run Mum »

I'm a mum, runner and fitness blogger. Find recipes, motivation and stories of my journey past and present.
Running with Renee »

This is the aim of the blog to share marathon training knowledge, inspire each other, and have some fun along the way! I hope to build an online group / community of runners, where we can discuss tips with each other and keep ourselves motivated. or simply a place people can come for inspiration and moitivation
Sailor Vee »

Sailor is a mum of 2 young ones and lost 41kg in 2012. Follow her journey to her dream healthy life
Sandy's Smart Weight Loss Blog »

I want to help people lose weight the healthy way, the smart way and for good!
Seals on the move »

Slim Birdy »

Weight loss, easy wholefood recipes & feeling good.
Spirituality and health Connect »

Providing a perspective on the connection between spirituality, thought and health.
StellaMuse »

StellaMuse is a guide on beauty, substance & soul, made from love.
An expression of art reflecting spirit, body, emotion & intellect.
Stilettos and Green Juice »

An online destination for all things health, fitness and motivation
Sweat like a Pig »

Sweat like a Pig is a health and fitness blog about a journalist and studying personal trainer preparing to make her debut as a figure competitor.
teawithmin »

This blog is dedicated to my fitness journey, various experiences and sporadic thoughts, all this with a cup of tea in hand!
The Active Mum »

Encouraging women and mothers to live a healthy active lifestyle.
The Exercise Hitlist »

Exercise Physiologist, Mother of 4, FIFO wife who is trying to stay fit and healthy by working her way through an exercise hitlist. Trying to motivate, educate, and inspire others to enjoy exercise of any kind.
The Girl That Runs »

Running blog by a not so professional running girl.
The Good Wolf Manifesto »

A holistic approach to health and wellbeing by feeding the body and mind through a balanced diet and lifestyle.
the merrymaker sisters: fit + healthy made »

Two aussie sisters who love to be fit + healthy. We love to create paleo + primal + clean recipes. We want to share our healthy lifestyle and gym tips with you!
The Mindful Morning »

This space was created so that I could share with you my tips, my stories and the lessons I have learnt in my path to becoming more mindful.
The Mindset Effect »

The power in the way we think. Learn how the brain works, why we act in certain ways and how you can change your thoughts.
The Paleo Network »

A health, fitness and nutrition blog – with an evolutionary perspective.
The Shrinking Hubby »

Healthy recipes and weight loss motivation. My hubby has lost over 60kgs and kept it off over 8 years!
The Tall Poppy Project »

The Tall Poppy Project inspires movers and shakers to live a delicious life by design
The Travelling Dietitian »

Healthy foodies travel adventures around the globe and updates on lifes amusement here in Australia.
The Vitality Coach »

Almost 10 years ago I founded Life’s a Gym while living in Europe, and have been on a mission to help people realise how easy it can be to look and feel their personal best – without turning their life upside down. My vision is not about weight loss or diet tips and strict regimes – but about empowering my clients and those around them with the knowledge, inspiration and support systems to make the best possible choices for their long term health and wellbeing.
Through Thick & Finn »

For women who grew up in an alcoholic or dysfunctional home, or women currently dealing with this type of environment. An emphasis on living with purpose, living an inspired life, choosing peace over drama and mastering your emotions.
Wellness Wallflower »

A place for natural & cruelty free beauty reviews, beauty DIYs, plant based food recipes and healthy lifestyle chats.
Wooly Mates »

Tips and recipes on chemical free holistic health and happy living
wu tao dance »

all things dance, meditation and health blog for women
Your Sports Physio »

Physio & health blog that covers all topics related to health whether it be fitness, nutrition, mindset, injury prevention, training. Written by a 25 year old Sydney girl who spends her days fixing 'broken bodies' as a sports physiotherapist but also has a huge passion for health and fitness.
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