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10 Percent Inspired »

Trawling through news, products and developments of interest to parents and families
24 Hours From Home »

A travel, beauty and lifestyle blog from the perspective of a Brit living in Australia.
26 Years and Counting »

26 Years and Counting – Exploring Life
30 Days of Smiles »

Personal Blog, all about having fun in life and still smiling anyway
38 Flavours »

A single mum's experiences in her new home of Perth, Western Australia
3Bs- Baby, Beauty and Body »

3B’s main focus was baby, beauty and body products but has since grown to include fashion, lifestyle, entertainment, things just for parents and so much more. I will be introducing a lot more into my blog as well, including daddies corner, sports for squirts, toys and even some yummy bubbly beverages and delicious food.

Mummies Secret Wardrobe is basically the offspring of 3Bs and is now dedicated to all the fashion side of things in my life. I will post outfit photos as well as post about launches and fashion shows I attend.

3pickles »

A blog about life with 3 boys, a renovation, family recipes, make-up & beauty.
50 Shades of Age »

A lifestyle and travel blog for the over 50's
50 Shades of Unemployment »

A blog about my experiences of being a "mature-aged" female job seeker.
52 Weeks of Ballet »

This blog captures my journey as an adult ballet dancer when, at 40 years of age, I rekindled my childhood passion for ballet.
74 Lime Lane »

My little corner of the www sharing inspiring design, handmade and stationery finds, a dose of photography and a smattering of family life.
A Bella Adventure »

A Bella Adventure: Beauty, Travel & Lifestyle Blog.
I like to think of life as a beautiful adventure!
My name is Angela from Brisbane, Australia.
I'm a lover of natural beauty products, travel & healthy living.
a bit of bliss and mayhem »

a lover of life, wine and sleep! mummy, wife, blogger , trying to find the fabulous in the crazy. Where coffee is my addiction and writing my outlet.
A Broom With a View »

Mothering, writing, angst, laughs and being a try-hard housewife
A Cajun Down Under »

Stories from a Louisiana girl living the good life in Sydney Australia
A Cup of Rach »

A feel good blog
a day with special 'k' »

a fifo wife »

This is my personal blog about my life as a FIFO mum..ie I do it alone on my own for six months of the year while my husband works away. Its a lifestyle. You either love it or you dont. You either make it work or you dont its up to you. I blog on life, interiors, my style of parenting and what ever else get me through the day. Welcome.
A Glass Half Full »

Travelling and living with optimism and laughter, with travel writer Lee Mylne
A Heart Full of Frost »

A lifestyle blog about being gluten free, infertility and everything that makes up real life – because real life isn't a magazine.
A house full of sunshine »

Creative home-making with kids. I post home DIY projects, decorating, kids activities, recipes and parenting inspiration.
A House in the Country »

Personal, Photography, Quilting
A Hundred Million Adventures »

A Law/ Media student @ UNSW travels Sydney, exploring her home town and shares it with the world through photography and blogging. Her cooking and food adventures also make an odd appearance!
A Lady By The Sea »

A bit of this and a bit of that in my life.
A Life Half Lived »

The innermost thoughts and feelings of a woman who walked away from the love of her life because she'd met him too late.
A little bit of Kaos »

In between being a teacher, costumer, wife, mother and business woman life gets a little chaotic!
A Little Bit Of Me »

A twenty-something blogging my way through life. Recording and remembering all the things that help to create me.
a little delightful »

Living life one delightful moment at a time
A Little Part of the World »

A blog about Motherhood, Photography, Fashion and Interior design…. all the things that interest me.
A Lovely Existence »

Lifestyle & Fashion blog
A Multifarious Me »

life, craft, trying to get organised, baking
A Mum in the Wild »

Wild writing, wild family and wild life.
A Pretty Little Life Blog »

A blog about one girls pretty little life and all of her creative adventures.
A Quick Succession of Busy Nothings »

The ramblings of a 20-something occasionally employed museum curator who likes to read, travel, bake and photograph whatever she can!
A Quirky Bird »

I'm a chocolate & coffee addicted mumma of 2 kids, 2 fur kids. Married to my bestie. Quieting my anxious mind with happy pills and setting my ideas free. Zoe xx
A Slice of Jacqfruit »

Blogger.Mummy.Wife.Loving this life. A Melbourne girl blogs about beauty, food and all things nice 😉
A Study in Contradictions »

Early 30's Mrs & Mum blogging my big mouth since 2009. Blogging about anything and everything that takes my fancy
A Tapestry of Life »

Jottings of an active retired life in country Australia.
A Thousand Dates »

Too many dates, too little time to blog about them all. Follow the fortunes of a 30-something gal as she looks for love in all the wrong places (so far. This 30-something gal is still hopeful she'll find the right places soon.)
A Tray of Bliss »

Live rich on a shoestring budget. Live elegantly for less and be the best you can be, every day.
A Wiser Woman Said »

Life and times of Max and Number One Son
A Woman's Lifestyle »

Creating life. Style obsessed. A woman's quest for the perfect lifestyle, sharing tips and beautiful finds along the way…
A Writers Larder »

a*muze*ing »

be a*muze*d and *muze* with me – Kylie the photographer, mum and all round nice person.
Abby's Roads »

Tune in to read about our family's expat and lifestyle (mis)adventures and roads in the Middle East, Australia, and everything in between
About Miss Leney »

Motherhood, kitchen diaries, travels and everyday life
Absolute eloquence and sh*t »

The best humour blog in Australia
absoluteLeigh »

AbsolutelyJas »

Hi! I'm Jas! Avid cook, happily married wife, and animal enthusiast. By day, I'm a lawyer who (like most of my learned friends) is at the mercy of my clients. But by night, I am the master of my culinary domain. My blog is a collection of stories about the food that inspires me – both food that I make and food that I eat out. Come and say Hi!
Acacia Dreams… »

My name is Acacia, I am a uni student who loves life and wants to share the little things that make life so good with everyone!
Accidentally Bad Housewife »

Actually Amy »

Craft, Sewing, Family, Fun and Food
Add Some Sugar »

Add Some Sugar is about the things that BJ, a young Australian blogger, is passionate about. Here, she shares her love for fashion, her experiences in life (how she is trying to reach her dreams to be a bridal couture designer), what inspires her and what she enjoys in life. Her dedication to her faith is what continues to motivate her, this is reflected throughout every post.
Adventures of a Rainbow Mama »

AMBER MELODY | Photographer. Mama. Blogger. I drink coffee. And like adventures.
Aeva »

agiftofsox »

My blog "A Gift of Sox"is about homeless men in Victoria and their need for new socks.To date people have donated 500 pairs of new socks and I have delivered or posted off these socks to charities that support homeless men.
alex upstairs »

Gentle thoughts on designing a great life.
Alix Hamilton »

Perth based classical violist exploring the world through music, food, friends, photography and travel. Join me on an adventure!
All About Tink »

Budget Blogger – Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle
All Consuming »

All My Excuses »

A blog designed to encourage writing regularly. Environment, politics, personal.
All The Dirty Laundry »

Everyone has a story. This is mine.
All things Beautiful »

A blog on finding, and seeing the beauty and all things simply beautiful in life.
Almost Posh »

A married thirty-something suburban amateur mum who has finally started a blog instead of using all her good lines in Yelp reviews.
Along Came Wolf »

Life, pregnancy, beauty, fashion, food…
alsitgoing »

A young woman's experiences as an expat, traveler and animal lover
Amen To That! »

Writing and Artwork on Life, the Universe and Everything In Between.
AmeriAus »

A blog about the life of an American university student traveling through Australia who enjoys food, fashion, marketing, and crafting.
Amidst The Calm »

A happy little page dedicated to adventures raising a young family under FIFO conditions, love of photography and passion for sewing.
AmzzBb »

I post about things that go on in my life, fashion, DIY, beauty and anything i like really. Aspiring to make teen girls feel beautiful.
An Observant Mind »

Life, travel, love and laughter…
An Occasional Life Dream »

A blog covering beauty, entertainment and general life stuff.
AncestorChasing »

my blog is a tribute to the lives of my ancestors.
and anyways »

tummy-travel-training…and everything in between
And Nothing Else Matters »

Enjoying life as a mumma and wife, while crafting, sewing and creating along the way.
And Then We Started Talking… »

My name is Ann and I work in all things online helping brands and NGO's navigate the digital world. You can call this blog my mood board. It's where I document some of the things that are catching my attention be it in digital campaigns, social web, art, books, blogging, film.
Angels Have Red Hair »

Anna Czarina »

I'm Anna, nineteen living in Australia. I'm currently a university student. My blog is all about fashion, creativity, photography, traveling and life.
Anna Savanna »

Lifestyle blogger from Sydney, Australia
April and Mrs Peacock »

Travel, Gardening, Love and Life
Architects' wives »

satirical take on the lives and experiences of those creative but messed up women who are 'married' to designers. Every architect may be unique but the experiences of their wives are surprisingly universal.
Around Here »

Bringing up boys, creating stuff and keeping my head above water.
art x margot »

A year in my life leading up to a certain age
artistica domestica »

house, family, art, chickens, breast cancer (new bit), observations on life's surreal moments.
Astrid Scholte »

Astrid works in the Film, VFX and Animation industry and writes novels in her spare time. Follow Astrid on her journey towards publication!

Personal blog about the family, step-parenting, lifestyle, health, pets.
At the Bottom of the Garden »

Attitude Matters »

I write about the life lessons I learn along the way. Fostering a positive attitude
AudWrites »

I'm a 30 year old American writer who just moved to Sydney to be with my boyfriend. I blog about my experiences with being an ex-pat, adjusting to a new country, applying for visas, developing a new life with my love, and basically learning how to be an adult. I share photos, recipes, adventures and stories from my life. I like to keep my posts upbeat, with humor and fun.
Awesomely Unprepared »

My adventures as a new mum (since 2011) and as a perpetually awesomely unprepared adult!
Baby Mac »

Balance and Bliss »

Slowing down and simplifying life for better health and happiness.
Ballpen.Girl »

Life in Ballpen.
bambi beauty »

beauty / fashion / art / music / life
Barbie From Hell »

Barnhouse Antiques »

Follows our little online shop, my pets, my house, my life in general!
Bayside Rose »

Madly Floral, Vintage, Handmade and Photography
bbeingcool »

A 30 something year old girl trying to find cool before the desire for sensible shoes sets in. Writings about life, fashion, family and writing
Because I said so! »

Because I said so! is my piece of the web to share my thoughts, opinions, funny moments, parenting blunders and successes. This is me. This is my life.
Becks and the City »

An aspiring Carrie Bradshaw's quest to become a published writer…
Becky et al »

Beejay's Bits and Pieces »

Ah, not quite life, the universe and everything, but perhaps a bit about my life, my universe and some things.
Being fifty-something »

The good, the bad and the brilliant about being fifty-something
Bek Smith Journal »

A quick injection of news and inspiration dedicated to my personal visual diaries and Pinterest boards.
Bella In Bindyland »

Life. Love. Pets. Photography. Vintage. Housewife. Fashion. Beauty & adventures!
Bellbirds & Pea Shoots »

Bellbirds & Pea Shoots: an eco-living story. We have a house, now to paint it green. Come along on our journey of transforming a suburban home into a sustainable oasis with organic fruit & vegetable gardening, chickens, cooking, and hand-made crafts.
Better than Cheesecake »

Melbourne girl living in countryside Japan
beyond the smile »

What do you do once you have climbed Everest? A journey from personal goals to sharing joy.
Big Love and Me »

This is a story-telling blog about loves and reflections. Before becoming a mum I worked as a senior policy officer in NSW Government in the prevention of violence against women. Among many things I love politics, books, writing, art, social policy, family, wine and our veggie patch.
Big Mumma's Baby Making Mission »

bigwords »

A gin swilling writer and Mum of three girls blogs lush tales of life and love.
Birgitte Isabelle »

Bits and Pieces »

Loving Family Life – about being a wife and mum and life's adventures!
Black Beanie »

A blog about my life, beauty and fashion.
Bleeding Cuticles »

Life, humour, telly, men, kids, women, song. The place where the melting pot becomes a cauldron.
blessedspeedy »

Quilting, knitting, family, farm life
Blogginess »

Food, family, crafting and pretty things.
Blogging about Chloe »

All about life, adventures, love, food and happiness
Blogtastical Banter »

Everyday chat about everyday matters by an everyday lady
Blonde Ambition »

One Brisbane girl's quest to love more, laugh more and live more … All while ticking things off her bucket list.
Blonde Ink »

You have to see it to believe it
Blondie By The Sea »

I’m Jo a mother, lover, thrifter, creator, baker and a dreamer. Finding my Chutzpah and truly looking at what is around me.
Bloomfield Cottage, It's a Lifestyle »

Large scale gardening is a Lifestyle full of love and dedication
blue milk »

Thinking + motherhood =feminist
Bluebird days »

It's easy to leave life's little pleasures and triumps behind, with all the hussle and bussle that the big things bring. To remember these little things (that piece together to shape our life), I'm going to document my weekly highlights. From enjoying fullcream milk on my cereal to overcoming a 11 month old whinge fest and the struggle of becoming a mum, these highlights are the things that make our life gold.
Boggy's Blog »

A blog by a mother, midwife, melbourne girl, about craft, cooking, parenting and random ramblings.
Bogue Living »

Bit of everything bogan : house, lifestyle and parenting in the Aussie suburbs.
Boho Astro »

Free weekly and yearly horoscopes plus astrology with a bohemian twist, from top Australian astrologer, Joanne Madeline Moore.
Boredom Abounds By Julia »

Books. Movies. TV. Other stuff.
Brains in my head, feet in my shoes »

Personal experience and discussion from a twenty-something digital media agency owner, dog owner, and hobbyist.
Breathe Gently »

I'm a twenty something primary school teacher in Sydney. I'm busy living life one day at a time.. and then blogging about it. I married my best friend on June 11, 2011. We've moved into our new home and live with our crazy cats, Oscar & Evie, and our Golden Retriever puppy, Spencer. We battled through infertility and IVF and gave birth to our beautiful baby girl, Georgia Elizabeth, in March 2013 at 36+5.
Breathe Just Breathe »

moments of inspiration, excitement, and beauty
Breathe The Rain »

Bri Loves Tea »

A simple place where I share my new found beauty loves, foodie indulgences and things that interest me in everyday life.
Brick Road Creative Studios »

My blog is a work space to share my ideas, templates, tips for organising, and whatever other crafty things I’m working on. I'd say it would go in the arts and crafts category.
Bright and Precious »

Creativity, honesty, amusement and soulfood – that is what I have to offer.
Bright Side Up »

My life and how I see the world – in mostly a positive light. I use this blog to concentrate on the good things in life as much as I can.
Britt in Boots »

The life and times of a writer and music nerd living in Melbourne, Australia.
Bush Babe of Oz »

Button Brain »

Blogging about life, parenting, making my way in this world.
By The Seat Of My Panties »

Did someone say mucus plug?
By The Seat Of My Panties is the candid account of one 20-something journo, stumbling through life and motherhood with the help of some amazingly wonderful family and friends, a few wines and a lot of blind optimism.
From vaginas and miscarriage to slut-shaming and body image, nothing is off limits here.
Caitlyn Nicholas »

I write stuff, I grow stuff, I cook stuff, I blog stuff. I drink a lot of tea. Author of Romance and Thrillers. Possibly the worst cake baker ever seen – but this does not deter me.
cake crumbs & beach sand »

A personal blog sharing all things beautiful. Keeping it fresh.
Call me picky »

A collection of observations and rantings about motherhood, people and the mundane
Calm to Conniption »

I am Karin. A writer, interiors addict, FIFO wife, a free spirit and a Mum of one little fella who keeps me on my toes.
I am not someone with a new way of life that I am going to tell you all about, I am just happy to give you 5 minutes of chill or insight on how I see things.
Capital A »

Catch »

Wife, Mother, Writer, Artist, part-time therapist and full-time whip-cracker. Share your stories with me.
Catdownunder »

daily blog posts from a tricycle riding, would be writer cat
Cathwall »

A taste of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and food.
Chai Days »

adventures and dabbling in decorating & renovating, handmade, party styling and family bits and pieces
Champagne Missives »

Champagne inspired missives from two women living starkly different lives but with shared values. Fluffy's still single at 40+ and Junket is married with two kids and husband version 0.2. Champagne often proves to be the great enabler.
Changing Shores »

One woman getting out of the house. Honest reviews of restaurants, bars and cafes primarily in Sydney.
chapter fifteen »

my musings about life in the next step. Mothering. Studying. Laughing. Creating. Living.
charityspam »

charityspam.com is about all things socially kind. I am a big believer that you dont have to be rich to be a philanthropist, and that there are MANY easy and free ways to help others. Do-gooding is an addiction to me, and I hope I can inspire you to join me on my journey. Sign up to my blog for your weekly dose of do-gooding goodness. Finalist in 2012 Telstra #blogforgood competition.
Chasing Black Dogs »

My name is Abigail Whitely and I have depression. This blog is a record of attempts at self reflection and healing.
Chattering Cat »

The neurotic, opinionated and self important musings of a mildly intoxicated, 30-something wannabe hipster.
Che and Fidel »

Hi there, I'm Jodi. My partner, our
children, Che and Poet, and I live
a simple life on the East Coast of
Australia. I'm a freelance writer
and yoga teacher. I thread words
together and illustrate with photos.
Cheeky C… »

Loving all things colourful, crafty, tasty, parent-y, interesting, intelligent, medical and new! Reading blogs takes up most of my own ‘blogging’ time! But when I find time, I enjoy to blog about the people and events in my life.
Cherry and me »

A blog about a New Baby, Photography, Food, Graphic Design, Illustration, Gardens, Beautiful Interiors, Contemporary Art&Craft and other insights into my creative lifestyle
CherryCreamDonut »

Adelaide, Fashion, Beauty and Asian style
Chic Mumma of 2 »

lifestyle blog – eco chic aussie mumma of 2 little ones ~ love alternate education, gentle parentings, travel, interior design & styling.
Chick Chat »

the stuff I might tell you over coffee
Chickens and Bees »

It has no real 'theme', just lots about the things we get up to. Chickens and Bees started when we were building our first home, the Castle. I was also trying to deal with the sudden loss of my Dad.
Christina Lowry Designs »

Jeweller, twin, mother crafting, thrifting and loving.
cHrIstInA_YY's PinkyLand »

My personal blog about my daily life, restaurants I've been to, cooking, gathering, events and many other things that I stumble upon from time to time.
Christine's Fertile Mind »

successful businesswoman, suspect mother
Chronically Creative »

Cider Teak »

Life is an assortment of collecting, making, travelling and living.
Cinderella at Brindabella »

Life down on the farm, in a ramshackle farmhouse, sewing, baking, blogging, gardening and crafting my way to becoming the ultimate farmer's wife
Clarity »

An Australian born Chinese girl's musings about DIYs, travel, food and fashion.
Clover Feet »

My life has gotten a little grey, I'm on a quest to add some more colour.
Cocks Clan Chronicles »

personal ramblings about family, friends, life & lists.
Coco and Archie »

We are two best friends currently living in regional NSW, writing what's on our minds in a back & forth "email" format.. One of us is a new Mum, the other is waiting to become one. We post about anything and everything and are particularly obsessed with renovating and decorating our homes!
Cocoa Cream »

The life of a business student and digital marketing manager, Margarita. Includes recent purchases, outfits, etc.
Confessions of a Stuffed Olive »

A blog of humorous anecdotes, comics, and occasional feminist rants, by a Stuffed Olive.
Confessions of an Aged-Care Worker »

A Home & Community Carer's blog about helping Elderly Australians stay living in their own homes FOREVER
(…or for as long as their 'bits' let them!)
contemporary thinking »

Placing context around the work of creative people.
Coogeecat LIfestyle Blog »

Food, travel, fashion, freedom, organic life and daydream believing
Cook Clean Craft »

Sharing family friendly recipes, household cleaning and organisation tips, and fun crafts including sewing, crochet, felt and cardboard.
Cooking In Choos »

I've worked in the media industry for more than 10 years. As a journalist I've covered everything from sports to politics, fashion to food! Which leads me to my greatest passions – the three F's : food, fashion and footy, all of which I follow religiously. Read all about my culinary escapades as I learn to indulge my inner foodie by cooking, eating, writing and eating some more all the way around the world in nothing but Choos & Couture!
Counting Time »

The adventures of a 30 something Aussie geek girl living in Germany. Blog is full of posts about life in Germany as well as current events, geek life and other random things
Covets & Cassandra »

Createbakemake »

A blog about my passions in life, being a mum to my two little boys (both under 2yrs!), baking and coffee! I love trying new recipes and sharing them with everyone
Creating Contentment »

A wellbeing bog that documents my journey for contentment.
Creating life with words – Inspiration, love and truth »

life, inspiration and dementia
Creative Signe »

personal stories about my life in Australia, about my work, being foreign and the things I'm passionate about.
cresting the hill »

all about life after 50 – empty nesting, adult kids, re-inventing yourself, quotes and thoughts
Cross Cultural TCK »

We've immigrated! A cross cultural family's journey, after 7 years in the UK, to sunny (and windy!) Perth, Western Australia! Tips on how to settle, what to expect, learning the lingo and meeting other expats in the same boat… it's all part of the fun!
Cupcakes, Shoes & Other Things »

Food, Shopping and Life
cupcaketravels »

A little cupcake (aka lovely Australian woman from Perth) who, together with TC (The Cook) decided to take a break from hectic working life in Australia and live in France for a year… which became two.
These are my adventures in food, wine, chocolate and other things French.

And a little cycling.

Curlicue »

I share snippets of my life here in Australia and anything else that inspires me, challenges me or simply makes me happy!
DailyInkling »

A creativity blog – with daily ideas for work and play.
DanielleNicole8 »

danielleQ: Curiouser and Curiouser »

Living a creative life with 3 kids, balancing motherhood and photography, autism and everyday life.
Darnsexysecondhand »

The endless search through op shops, markets, and fairs for precious treasures
Dasher Life »

Dasher Life follows Sarah as she trains for her next marathon and embarks on a big move to Munich from Geelong, Australia. Travel tips, running tips, general life stories.
daysofadrislife »

A blog about my life hanging out with friends kids,chefing,travel and food.
De Cluttering And More »

The trials and tribulations of trying to declutter our home, meal planning, do renos and deal with 7 children all at once.
Dear You Love Em »

Beauty, Lifestyle, Travel and Fashion bits and bobs!
Deep kick girl »

Definatalie »

Destination Here&Now »

Impossible to categorise, DH&N is a little bit of life, art, travel and food. A dash of nonsense, a dose of beauty. A little cup of 'aaaahhhh' in a busy world.
Diary of a Journo »

Welcome to The Diary of a Journo: an ambitious, driven, and often overworked 23-year old student’s Mecca of work, stories, struggles, and everything in between. Currently in her final semester of Bachelor of Arts (Journalism & Mass communication) at Griffith University, Stephanie Capper is seeking paid job opportunities in the online, print or broadcast news.
Diary of Joni & Anya »

Dinosaur Diaries »

British expat navigating the world of Digital media whilst raising boys and discovering a whole new land of possibilities.
Disasters In Dating »

Observations and opinions on what it's like diving back into the dating pool past thirty. Mostly funny, sometimes sad, always honest.
Discombobula »

The flotsam and the jetsam that floats from my head.
Do I Really Wanna Blog? »

I blog about everything…and nothing.
Documenting Delight »

A blog that takes a peek at our family of five, documenting the delight in the everyday. Told in pictures, words and film.
dogpossum »

Personal is political. Writing about ordinary things: hot jazz, jazz dance, DJing, television, books, cooking, domesticity.
Dogs on a .Com »

It's a dog lady's life; posts about my life, my pets, fashion, crafts, dog training, animal welfare and anything else that catches my interest!

A lifestyle blog featuring fashion, food and fun.
Domestically Useless »

Life, post-natal depression, toddlers, parenthood, disability, technology woes
Don't Hold Back »

Life in general on the Northern Beaches of Sydney as well as hints tips for those handy man jobs around the home.
DorkyMum »

Scottish mum-of-one, just arrived in Tasmania. Blogs about parenting, politics, photography… and anything else that takes my fancy.
Dorothy K »

Adventures in resilience, solo parenting and business
Dotty Jean's Journal »

This is where I post my rambling of whatever topic takes my fancy on any one day
Double Phammy »

Douges Days »

A blog about co-existing with a giant Great Dane and healthy living.
Drama of Exile »

Vintage enthusiast, lover and collector, Gabrielle Delacour's personal blog.
Drawn Outdoors »

A landscape architect blogging about design, environment, enjoying life and everything in between.
Dream. Delight. Inspire. »

Dream. Delight. Inspire. is a blog that was created to do just that.
Help you DREAM of places you want to go, things you want to achieve, who you'd like to become.
DELIGHT you by writing imaginative, quirky, informative, sometimes (okay, often) rambling posts that will hopefully bring a smile to your face.
INSPIRE you in every way, to make you see that anything is possible.
Drifting Through Life »

dulcia dakota »

Each Day a Gift »

Life is short, each day a gift. Sometimes you just have to laugh at what life throws you.
Eat Play Bond »

I write about adjusting to becoming a mum, cooking, fitness and learning to laugh at my own expense
Eat. Live. Love. Repeat. »

A lifestyle blog where anything goes, from makeup, food, skincare, travels and even handy tips and trick I learn along the way. So sit back, relax and enjoy going through this adventure called life with me!
Ebb and Flow »

Echoes of Yesterday »

Art, including illustration and painting.Lifestyle,decorating and fashion.
Eclectic Clash »

My little piece of the interwebs where I share my beauty bits, homewares, cooking tips. A little bit of everything.
Edenland »

Elese Dowden »

http://elesedowden.com is a blog consisting mostly of dubious beauty-related and lifestyle tips from a mad twenty-something gen-xer.
elissiam »

I wear clothes and talk about cats.
ElizaThinksAllowed »

A slightly edited version of Eliza's mind. Where all things
from, experiences I have in my day-to-day existence, to gluten free recipe's and amateur
photography, can be found.

Have a poke around…

I hope you can understand what's going on up in here..
because I certainly don't…

elly gray »

elly gray is an illustrator from brisbane australia, blogging about her work, life and getting into blogging.
Emerald City Girl »

Hello! I'm Leila & this is my blog, Emerald City Girl. Here you will find posts about creative little things I like to do for fun. Mostly I started this blog to teach myself about these things.
Emma aime »

Emma aime is a style and lifestyle blog incorporating all the things in life that I love namely vintage fashion from the 40's and 50's, old movies, books, sewing, cooking and general housewifery, days out and travel and of course tattoos
EmmaJaneVlogs »

I'm a 20 something Australian girl vlogging and blogging about fashion, food, beauty, tech and lifes frivolities.
Emmy & Mouse »

A blog about my creative adventure as a graphic designer, lover of type, blogger, decorator, DIY-er, a sewer, a wife, new mum and studying Interior Decoration (via distance). This blog is about what inspires me, my designs (graphic and interiors) and creative projects.
Ennvy »

A Brisbane based lifestyle blog encompassing the best of beauty, fashion, events, food, travel and photography.
Eutrapely »

evaelena vintage »

I am an artist and I sell interesting vintage fashion, jewelry, home accents and collectibles and artist supplies.
EverydaySparks »

I write about the funny, scary, clever, weird and wonderful sparks that make everyday life more interesting. Uh huh.
FaeryGodmothers Fortunes »

Demystifying fortune telling and making it fun again. Plus thoughts, discussions and ramblings on topics from feminism to politics.
faerymother »

My Adventures in Neo Peasantry, Enlightenment chasing, Craft, Parenting and writing. Connecting to the world via the magic type-writter.
Faith Hope Loving »

Faith Hope Loving is a beauty and lifestyle blog managed by Citra, a 16 year old student residing in Perth, Australia. This blog is inspired by the essence of beauty, music and theatre.
FaithAsSmallAsAMustardSeed »

My experience of God despite my small faith.
Falling Face First »

An editor, writer, mum, wife, substitute pancreas for my type 1 diabetic daughter, and supposedly also a person, I’m trying to do it all. I suspect I’m failing.
Join me for your amusement, while I fall on my face. There will be wine. Oh yes – there will be wine.
Family History Across The Seas »

My family history in Australia and overseas and related migration research
Family Life Central »

Musings, advice and anecdotes from a busy mum.
Farmer Has a Wife »

What happens when city girl meets and marries a farmer and moves to the country.
Farmers Wifey »

A personal blog detailing my life on the farm, dealing with the crazy things that happen with the kids, the unfinished house and my days in general. Very funny and amusing, and I'm sure you will relate……
Fasionwinz »

lifestyle, cooking, gardening
Faux Fuchsia »

Feather & Nest »

life in a little tin house
Felicity Jayn Heath »

An eccentric mix of fashion, personal, and animal welfare.
fig nut mum »

Finally Woken »

Finally Woken is a personal blog about an expat journey, culture shock discoveries, travel notes, food adventures, fashion findings, and many more.
Finding Myself Young »

Personal blog about rediscovering myself after my divorce and my journey through life's highs and lows.
five brothers one sister »

Lifestyle, decorating, cooking, crafting, home educating
Flowers in my Words »

A personal blog story
Flushed with Rosy Colour »

crochet, gardening, parenting, mental health
Forgetting Mess, Pausing Time.. »

Traditions, Stories, Travels & Food!
Foxs Lane »

For years my blog was a crafty/family blog but since leaving home towing a big old caravan a few months ago, it has morphed into a travel/family blog.
Francesca Writes Here »

Freedomborn »

A Christian Focus
French Toast and Failure »

Four twenty something girls trying to find themselves and figure out their life in Melbourne.
Fritz and Bo »

Two Nerds on an Ozzie Adventure
Frockabilly Freakout »

Frockabilly Freakout is your go-to blog for all things vintage, rockabilly and alternative. With reviews, advice and style posts about all the wonderful beauty and fashion the high-street has forgotten.
Frogpondsrock »

From Maybe To Almost »

One highly opinionated, lost & confused 20-something, lesbian writer's nonsensical account of the nowhereland of not-quite-adulthood and everything that bother's her along the way.
From One Island to Another »

Musings of a mum new to Perth stumbling through life, trying to find a career path, raise 3 girls & making it happen!!!
From the Left Field »

All about thinking and feeling good with a hint of crazy. Tips and embarrassing stories from a psych who is Dr. Phil's alter-ego. With hair. And tattoos and a potty mouth. Could get crazy.
Froot Salad »

Garden Whispering »

A little bit of nonsense about what is happening in my garden or what is popping into my head while gardening.
Get Me Outta Here »

I'm the one that rewinds funny parts in movies repeatedly until I cry with laughter. I have an insatiable need to escape and avoid settling down for the 'norm' that is marriage, mortgages and babies. It started with television and a Farm Boy…until I found Baby Jesus and a backpack. I make it up as I go. I follow my feet and write about the memorable parts along the way. Welcome to the crazy journey that is my life…and get me outta here!
ggraceashford »

I just like to write about things that spark my interest and get me thinking
Girl Average »

A blog about the little miracles we see in every day life.
Girl in the Leopard Print Pants »

Life and Dating advice with a little sass-iness thrown in.
Girl in the Pjs »

A lifestyle, fashion and mummy blog chronicling the everyday in the Northern Territory
Girl With The Demon Tail »

A fun and girly lifestyle blog about relationships and my daily life.
Girl World »

The perils of parenthod. With lashings of fashion, baking, photography and book reviews.
Girly Chat »

It is the brain child of four passionately different girls who have one main thing in common, friendship.
Giving Back Girl »

A whimsical look at life and my experiences as a mother, a freelance writer and a wife as I try to live my absolute best life
Glamamuma »

I blog about fashion for the busy mum, life and its ups and downs and anything that is interesting me at the time
Goblet Girl »

Life with the glass half full .Art, food, life, places, words.
Gone In A Heartbeat »

My views on life, love and everything
Goo, Ga and Ooo-La-La »

Thoughts, recipes, vents and opinions of a mummy and lover of all things ooo-la-la…
Good Girl, Mummy! »

A Mid-Life Crisis from the ground up, I am an almost-empty nester, making over my life from the ground up.
Good Golly Miss Holly »

i'll let you make up your own mind about my blog but basically i'm totally vain and only really talk about the books and movies that are currently influencing my life. i wish i was more like a proper blogger.


Good Things* »

A blog about life, travel and dachshunds!
Hair Of The Dog »

my journey of exploring the world of wine & liquor tasting, pairing & education. Including recipes, music & yarns.
HandbagMafia »

One woman's thoughts, thrown awkwardly at the internet with reckless abandon and questionable aim
Happiness Everyday »

Personal Blog
Happy Healthy Home (Australia) »

I'm a freelance writer and work from home mum, living in inner western Sydney. I love natural health and wellbeing, and blog about finding simple ways to be more creative, live more sustainably, and have more fun!
happy healthy tips »

Join the Happy healthy tips blog as we embark on a journey to health and true happiness. On this blog you will learn about natural alternatives and how they can change your life for the better!
Happy Suburban Chick »

So in this blog I will be exploring suburban living its good points and areas for improvement. My own personal experience will be to live blissfully in the suburbs embracing community, nature, family, friends and experience.
happyasapiginmud »

All of us want to be happy…this little piggy blog has tips, ideas and discusses all matter of ways to improve our happiness.
harpyhorses »

harpyhorses is a hobby blog about food, gardening and wonderful weekends
Have a laugh on me »

Be warned this is not a fluffy, sweet mummy blog, rather a place where you can cringe, laugh and be shocked at my brutally honest take on my life as a WAHM to four kids, okay it's actually only three, I was including my husband because I feed, pick up after and care for him also.
Hayley's little land »

Bits and bobs of things I like
head heart health »

recovered bulimic ~ newly awakened ~ in love for the very first time ~ suicide widow ~ sacred sexuality convert ~ writing and journal therapy
Heaven On Bourke »

An unconventional lifestyle blog about four single girls living in Surry Hills, Sydney.
Hella Sydney »

A San Francisco expat's view of Sydney through events, nightclubs, restaurants, fashion, etc.
Her Library Adventures »

Her Library Adventures is a vintage inspired lifestyle blog, sharing fashion, design, handmade, thrifted finds and the weekly meme Flea Market Finds.
Here I Am Loulou »

Lifestyle – Design – Business – Motivation
Cutting the waffle, but keeping it social. Real life blogging messages for real lifers out there.
Oh and I happen to like pretty things too as well as designing them.
Here KityKate »

KityKate is a personal, cheeky, sarcastic, and sometimes naughty look at life. I say what you’re thinking but too scared to say out aloud.
Hermosa Vogue »

Hespera's Garden »

A personal blog – parenting, child loss, grief, wellness and more.
Hey Holly Golightly »

A blog about finding your best body and your best mind. Holly Golightly is a girl just like you who wants to eat cake and look great and struggles with the in between.
Hey Jude in Brisbane »

The musings of a Brit in Bris on a great Australian adventure
Hola para siempre »

DIY, fashion, crafts, surfboard covers, fun, life, cool ideas
Home, Love & Life As I Live It »

Welcome to my little world in Australia by the beach where life is happening at full swing and I'm blogging our life's journey.
Honey and Charm »

On the sweet life of art, fashion and food.
Honeymoon Forever »

Love & relationship blog to help women create the best relationship of their lives.
Hope in the world »

A collage of ideas, insights, knowledge, inspiration or thoughts that I gather day-to-day.
HopefulRaeofSunshine »

Weightloss, lifestyle changes, positive thinking, ridiculous humour, everyday challenges we women face
Horror Kitsch Bitch »

Alternative fatshion lover, cat obsesser, and horror film fanatic.
Hot for Bikes »

Inspiring Australian women to ride bicycles to commute & recreationally.
House of 6 Monkeys »

I'm a mother of 4 and we're a family of 6 Monkeys with 1 boy and 3 girls we're trying to renovate our house, craft, DIY and cook up a storm experimenting with gluten free and dairy free recipes and watching life flash by in the blink of an eye. We are also slowly planning our next project of having a sustainable, self sufficient house and land where we hope to grow our own food and live off grid.
House of Evans »

Lifestyle blog exploring the life of a rookie wife, avid baker & wanna be decorator
House of Powell »

Full of Love, Laughter & Smiles. Melissa is a twenty something wife, step-mum and self proclaimed crazy cat lady. She writes about her life as a step-mum with recipes, craft and lots of laughs thrown into the mix.
House-&-Baby »

A once-popular blog of all things wine and twitter, of all things house and garden, of my kids and my cats and my husband ( probably in that order ) and my middle class whines and ravings. It's all me, all the time.

Being revived in 2012 .. we're renovating baby.

Gotta blog that. x

Housewife Down Under »

I am a 28-year old American expat housewife living in Australia. I’m also a woman of an opinion. I’ll be writing about life in Australia, living abroad, and telling you what I think about pretty much anything that I feel like talking about.
How about a cuppa »

How the light gets in »

Stories, drawings and navel-gazing about life in all its strangeness.
hrhkulsoomhussain »

A analogy of an 18 year old unicorn with lots of beauty, lifestyle and Doctor Who!
Hum Drum Plum »

A blog by Lizzyish about stuff. Featuring memoir, loljokes, bad drawings, unsolicited advice and rants.
Hummingbird's Song »

'An artist, educator and dreamer who is finding the beauty in imperfection.
Hung Up On Retro »

A blog about all things retro – homes, furniture, music, tv, movies and more. It's all there – the good, the bad and the ugly.
Huon View »

A glimpse of daily life in Tasmania's Huon Valley written by an escapee from Sydney
I Can't High Five »

My blog, I Can't High Five is a personal blog dedicated to the everyday musings and miscommunications in my life.
I Heart Cabramatta »

A local's top 100 favourite things in Cabramatta and more
I Opened my mouth and it ran away without me »

I will do needful »

Musings on new media, popular culture, education and journalism
I'll be there with a fork »

A lifestyle, parenting and food blog
iamcaty | The works of designer and illustrator Caty Aguilera »

Creativity is a lifestyle and my blog is where i get to unload all of my ideas, designs and illustrations. I hope you'll feel inspired by it. 🙂
iamthewitch Food and Travel Escapades »

A Malaysian girl who has moved to Australia and blogs about her new life and experience in a new place.
Iced Vovo »

A personal lifestyle blog aimed at "sharing all that is sweet and unique in life…"
If These Walls »

My life has had so many up’s & downs in my 30 something yrs, & I never know where life will lead me next. I love to write & find it both rewarding & therapeutic & have been known to write quite the saga. If I believe in something I believe in it 150% & become quite passionate for my causes.
If your mind wanders let it lead you here »

a space for all things a bit left of centre especially fashion, music and arts. Think gamer girl meets vintage 😉
Imagery From Life »

A collection of images from an everyday life
Imperfectly Erin »

A some times funny but not very often serious look at the life of a mother to 3 who isn't afraid to admit that she is far from perfect.
Impossibly Blonde »

Obsessed with all things pretty… An eclectic mix of runway, editorial and street-style fashion.
In A Beautiful Pea Green Boat »

whatever currently takes my fancy is what I blog about – parenting, working, crafting, observing, whining…….
In My 40's and Starting Afresh »

My journey to ditching sugar from my diet, eating healthy and starting my new life since a marriage breakup
In My Studio »

Lifestyle and Design blog. Covers topics ranging from everyday recipes to DIY crafts and all things pretty.
In The Pursuit Of »

"In The Pursuit Of" brings together the best in travel, food and music from around the globe. Here you’ll find stories of adventures in faraway lands, helpful travel guides and tips, reviews of some spectacular gigs, and mouth-watering delicacies from restaurants the world around.
In The Thick Of It »

Ingenue »

Visual inspiration & mental stimulation.
ink caravan »

I'm a freelance Illustrator/Designer living
in Melbourne, Australia.
My blog is a record of inspirations, inklings and inventions.
Inner Pickle »

Homesteading, making stuff from scratch and a whole lot of biscuits…
Inspired Passions »

Blog about inspired passions, artwork, DIY, recipes, cake decorating and faith in God.
Inspired Wish »

My blog is a collection of inspiration, ideas and opinions on a range of topics; jewellery making, fitness, health, life balance, accessorising, fashion, self confidence, craft etc.
Insufferable Intolerance »

A blog on being a childfree goth atheist lesbian. Discussing feminist and prochoice issues. Current blog projects include: Queer Coming Out Project, Self Harm Experiences Project, Childfree Experiences Project, Atheist Coming Out Project, The Abortion Stories Project
International Natural »

Micromanaging the Black and White World One Color at a Time
by enlightening minds about Endometriosis, Gluten Intolerance, and Natural Living While TTC.
Into the Minds of Babes »

The journey of a wayward children's book author, from beginner to bestseller.
Intrepid J »

From the Ocean to the Outback – stories from city to bush…
Is it just me? »

A blog on random subjects, including parenting, teenagers, dogs, philosophy and writing.
It Goes On »

My blog is about living each day to the fullest and recovering from depression.
It's about finding beauty in the every day. I like to inspire others.
It Started in LA »

It all started one day when we moved from Australia to LA. A blog about me & the sights, sounds & happenings around Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Hollywood, LA & beyond as seen by … me.
It's all Greek to me »

It's time… »

General Blog about life and stuff from a single 30 something year old career woman!
Its Not Just Me Right? »

It's Not Just Me Right? Coping with life, venting, ranting, raving, laughing and giggling along the way. I also use this blog as therapy – much cheaper than a psychologist.
Its Organised Chaos »

Blogging about life with 5 kids, 2 with extra complications, sharing my passions about Gentle Birth, Breastfeeding, and the rights of Women. Then there is the other side of my a passionate Photographer, Sewer, and Scrapbooker. Come enjoy the Chaos of it all!
J Mac »

Jacana »

what I have found out, learnt about and how can I make a difference
Jade's Life »

A strange array of ideas, health and beauty tips and recommendations, restaurant and bar reviews, funny experiences, modelling stories, recipes, fashion, surveys, interviews and all the little bits and pieces that make up a typical Melbourne lifestyle as seen through my eyes.
Jandals & A Backpack »

The ramblings and travel tips from a nomadic Kiwi who has travelled to 40 countries and has now moved to Sydney.
Jane »

Hi! I'm Jane. I'm married to an incredibly supportive husband and am Mum to two children – a ten year old and a seven year old. My days are full of sewing, knitting, crocheting and crafting. I also teach part-time at a local school. We have recently moved from Sydney to Melbourne and loving it. Life is good!
Jane's Apple Blog »

A blog about craft, life and challenges. A companion for my online crafting endeavours.
jayebyday »

jayebyday is beauty, style, parenting, marriage and and a love of life.
Jayybear »

Jellster »

Jelly Shane »

Jen Ava »

General explosions (occasional leaks) of brain activity onto the screen, mostly about art, music, food and love
Jenna Rambles »

A 21-year-old taking on the world.
jentopia »

Mum of 1, blogs about babies, bikes and less often, baking.
Jessica Abelsohn »

Just me, navigating life. Blog looks at weddings, marriage and dealing with a parent dying from cancer.
jigsaw treasure »

jigsawtreasure is a jumble of musings from twentysomethings kat (melbourne) and anna (liverpool)

They christened this blog jigsawtreasure as they wanted to write about the fun and colourful jigsaw pieces of their lives (food/fashion/music/tv/films/style/dinosaurs/vintage/life/and everything in between) that are to be treasured.

Jigsaw's Thoughts »

My thoughts on life
Jo Tracey Astrology »

astrology in real life
joannecorrigan.com »

One Melbourne Girl's View of the World
Joelly Bambi »

Fitness, fashion and inspiration.

Lifestyle blogger with way too many thoughts for one keyboard… You can find fashion on a budget, fitness motivation and inspirational articles.

Joh Blogs »

Johanna Etc »

Personal blog of a twenty something part-time mermaid, bookworm, dress loving, dog fan.
jomischief »

I am a Puerto Rican living in Brisbane, loving it and sharing my experiences
Jon Bear and Carlyn Girl's Small Adventures »

I'm Carlyn and I share a blog with my friend Jon. Our blog is about doing things that we always wanted to do.
Journey or Destination »

Tales about my passions..family, food and travel
Journey to Contentment »

This is my journey from living in suburbia which is not my place to be, to living on a property we own but have rented while we wait to move there. Its a test of my faith, dreams and patience. But .. I will get there … one day
Juanita Tortilla »

My online diary; a blog with a different aftertaste. I'll share with you my adventures as a Maker, Domestic Engineer, Cat Mom, and Trailing Spouse.
Julie Delves: Art and Life »

A journal type blog where I share my art and stories about my everyday life.
Julie Green »

This blog is dedicated to the world of the twenties from Julie's eyes and research. Its aim, apart from sharing creative stuff, is to help the writer and others to demystify everyday experiences and find ways to live the best versions of themselves.
KangaRue – SilverLinings »

I'm a big believer in silverlinings – you may not get what you want, but you will be given what you need.

An Aussie loving travel, good food, wine and conversation. Returned from 13 years of expat life in London. Single Mummy to Pickle (born Aug11) and two nutty Burmese cats, Lulu and Hermes, that are named after handbags. Studying Counselling. I also enjoy good: movies * books * shoes * handbags * cycling * hats * earrings * gardening * etc!

Kate Incorporated »

Newly thirty Sydney Girl working in marketing by day and blogging about food, fashion and all thing fun by night.
Kathleen's Daily Musings »

A personal & lifestyle blog of a Filipina who migrated in Australia.
Kathryn O'Halloran: Writing »

Do you like smart, funny chicks? Sex? Cake? Random Japanese shit? Reading stuff? Awesome.
Kathryn's Inbox »

Kathryn White.
Author. Book critic. Blogger. Poet. Cat lover. INTJ. Caffeine junkie. Insomniac.
Katy Potaty the Cupcake Lady »

katzrambles »

A look a life, motherhood and figuring it all out.
Kay's Writing »

A blog highlighting travel, love, life, health, pets and general facts.

Kay's Writing is a blog about life in your twenties but also things such as ladies health, travel experience, financing, politics, finding happiness and overcoming sadness. All of life's little things.

Kayoh – 365 days of change »

Its about a single mum sharing the ups and downs of trying to get herself back in the game after years and years of being single, cash strapped, and creatively moribund. Yes, moribund!
Kebeni »

An eclectic look at life via autism, knitting, cooking, sewing, homeschooling and trying to live sanely and simply
Keeper of Hearts »

A girly blog on all things girly, Christian and on the important things in life.
Kemla Saga »

a ya fantasy one post at a time.
Kerry Weymouth »

A blog about the Entrepreneur's journey, Authenticity, Gratitude, Synergy and Symbolism. Stop trying to fit in, when you need to be your authentic self and stand out.
Kerugma »

Online home of a crazy, cross-centric Aussie lady trying to survive the last few years of homeschooling. I'm an Aussie, Christian, SAHM, homeschool mum, who is learning to live in the unforced rhythms of grace.
Kichu Jaana Kichu Ajaana (The journey The quest) »

Dear bloggers and readers,

This personal blogging corner "Kichu Jaana Kichu Ajaana" (meaning some known unknown) is about my journey so far with the quest to know more about life. I am a bengali born in India – travelled 4800 miles to learn about a native soil. With a soul rich in Indian culture, I landed in Melbourne, which is the culture capital of Australia. Melbourne has, indeed, embraced my talent and passion – my passion for food, my love for any form of art, my deep affection for music, my eagerness to write, everything. Thank you for giving me my own little space.

As you flip through the pages you can find my life fascinated with bundle of "Childhood Memories" here – find how the memories gave inspiration in the guise of a hobby and gave a new dimension to my life.

If hobbies are to include trying different culinary delights then you can find them at "My Kitchen Corner".

I love redefining my surrounding with old style n tradition, if that's your cup of tea too, find some ideas at "Little Corner of My Own".

I will also get you a glimpse of the Indian festivals, traditions and cultures – and share how we celebrate them away from India at "Indo Festivals on Oz Land".

If you want to learn more about me, find me at "Life of a Cho" and "My Home Recordings".

Finally, I leave you all with a note – "Believe in yourself and see the best can happen to you".
Happy reading!

Kill Joy »

A blog written by me, about me horrible taste in clothing and music.
Kim Gedult »

I am a lifestyle blogger living in Ballarat, VIC
Kimba Likes »

Family : Fashion : Frivolity
Kind of Lovely »

Young Australian Women's style blog.
Kirsten and co. »

plan. create. inspire. share.
A place for all things party.
Kirsty Girl »

Create, craft, life, photography, tasmania, australia
Kismet's Emporium of the Old »

Dance and Personal
Kitchen Utopia »

A recipe sharing, (plus size) fashion browsing mummy blog!
Kitty & Buck »

Kitty & Buck explores creativity through photography, fashion, thrifting and life!
kittybaroque »

Truth, beauty, music & love.
A creative's life.
Knotlace Blog »

Knotlace is all about empowering women to look and feel good about themselves. Our blog reflects this with a behind the scenes look at Knotlace, women and family life.
Kooklah »

This blog is a place for me to share and express my thoughts, feelings and experiences. My lifestory has been one with happiness but alot of challenge and sadness too. View this as a kind of commentry/exploration of life to come and all it has to offer… The name comes from the greek words Kuklah Mou meaning 'my doll' or 'baby' – something my family call me.
Kuku Couture Blog »

weddings, parties and pretty paper goodies
Lace Mountains »

Lace n Ruffles »

Sharing the glamour in life through fashion, style, travel and other bits and pieces that are 'tres belle'!
Lady Bear »

A Melbourne mother's lifestyle, style, fashion and food blog.
Lady Daa Doo »

It's all much ado about nothing. Lady Daa Doo is a collection of humorous observations of everyday life. These accounts are drawn from personal experience. Lady Daa Doo provides readers with an opportunity to share their problems and receive amusing, nonsensical advice on human nature, etiquette and tackling the modern world as a modern lady.
Lady Daa Doo shares creative advice on renovating and decorating the house, with step by step guides so readers can recreate the look.
In addition, Lady Daa Doo explores the humorous side of planning a wedding, losing weight, and trying to conceive. Lady Daa Doo speaks out to create awareness about miscarriage, and shares experiences of personal loss and heartbreak from facing recurrent miscarriages.
Lady Daa Doo is a funny, 30ish, bride-to-be, mummy wannabe.
Lady of the Mid Afternoon »

lady with a twist »

A guide to style, food, health and fitness
ladyjrae »

lifestyle photography, diy, tattoos & tea
Lakshmi + Lotus Om Nom Nom »

Yoga, meditation, personal development focussed blog for women in business or life, looking to make sustainable change.
Last Daze Blog »

Sex and The City meets HBOs GIRLS with a dash of the inappropriate
Laura Swanson »

An everyday blog on design, travel, style, career and simplicity.
lbbsteph »

Lifestyle, food, beauty and travel blogger from Perth!
le geekSkin »

Postings from a sydneySider, having a slight focus on skincare and sometimes technology, but otherwise an anything goes.
Le Journal de Diana »

Legally Alien »

A personal blog about life, fitness and happiness.
lemon rhodes »

My blog is about my life, my lovely little ones, my family, our adventures, things i love, and things that inspire me. My place to just be me.
Leonie's Lives »

I'm a writer living in Yeppoon, Queensland, and a mum to two chocolate Labradoodles. I blog about my writing, the Doods, and living with CFS.
Let Us Wanderlust »

A diary of wanderlust, travel adventures and the loveliness of life
LeticiaJane »

Letters from Aspergia »

An autistic 30-something Aussie woman writes about life, love, art and neurology.
Libby's Lifestyle »

Some insight into my life, home, and loves.
LiBode »

Lickrish »

A blog about all sorts of stuff.
Licorice & Olives »

Personal blog about food, fitness, fashion and fun!
Life and Dandelions »

Life And Other Crises »

The blog of author, columnist, mother & anxious person Kerri Sackville
Life as we know it… »

Family, scrapbooking, self-discovery
Life at another level »

I have an average life, just like yours. I just happen to have achondroplasia, so this 40-something year old Mum is doing everything from a height of just under 4 foot tall.
Life at Number Five »

Life By Kimmy »

My Life, Designed By Me. Lifestyle, parenting, relationships, writing.
Life doesn't end at Mum… »

Life doesn’t have to end at mum and even though being a mum is the most exhilarating and rewarding time of your life it is not all that defines me. Finding yourself and other passions and personal growth is important too and I’m loving every minute of this journey.

So I continue my journey to find the perfect balance between family, inspiration and personal growth and everything in between. Can’t wait to share this with all of you.

Signing off with my personal catch phrase “I love being a mum but that’s not all that defines me” …

Life Images by Jill »

Travel, photography, human interest
Life in the Chrysalis »

A blog about change, transitions and being a single, 30-something woman
Life is like a Sponge Cake »

I delight in putting words together.
Words that speak of life, love and wellbeing.
Words that joyfully share my world of
solo parenting,
slight eccentricity and
a creative personal philosophy…….

that life is indeed like a sponge cake,
and one very much worth the eating.

Life Meets M. »

Some people cut off their hair in an attempt to reinvent themselves. Well I have a wedding to pay for, so I definitely need my hair. Instead I started a blog.
Life of an ordinary Aussie Woman »

A personal reflective blog from an ordinary Aussie woman about everyday life experiences, family, children, faith, love, music, poetry…
life of the bees »

a bit about life, a bit about design a bit about our journey though foster care and a lot about pretty things.
Life With Gusto »

Life. By Emma »

A blog about travels with our toddler son. Based in Sydney but currently in New Zealand. I write about personal finance and travel.
LifeBubblesBlog »

A personal blog about faith and our trying to conceive journey.
LiL Moo & Mee »

Ramblings about my Business, my family and my life.
Lilian Harlow »

An open and honest blog written by a Melbourne based girl who is a reformed shopaholic and designer label devotee. My love of all things beautiful is still there; the disposable income is not. I am learning shop my own spectacular wardrobe, to replace my favourite high end beauty products with more affordable ones, lose weight, plan my upcoming wedding and be the best version of myself possible.
Lilly's Life »

LilMamaSuzi »

Hey I'm Suzi, I blog about my life from my newborn to my relationship to my furkids!
Lily & Grace »

My little life and the things that inspire me.
Lilyfield Life »

A little slice of country life in the inner city suburbs. Painted Furniture, Recipes and DIY
Lipstick On My Lab Coat »

A lesbian scientist's thoughts on lesbianism, sexuality, femme identity, feminism, politics, society, history, women in science, glamour and retro style.
Listen Sookie »

A lifestyle blog with a healthy dose of realism. Parenting, Health, Wealth and everything in between.
Lisy Writes »

www.lisywrites.com is a blog covering posts on travel, food, what’s on (theatre, film, music, book etc.), lifestyle, people (interviews), heart and soul and living as an expat in Australia.
Little Bit of Thyme »

Living a content life as a stay at home mum of four.
Little Bits of Missy Me »

A blog that is basically a space where I write about stuff.
Little Bubalishka »

I'm a mama bear, a wifey, I like to make things and bake things. This blog is a little peek into my world.
Little Feather Wolf »

Day in the life of first time MUMMA to a little bear, PARTNER in crime to a hunkstar wolf and lover of all things beautiful, including of course bear and wolf, healthy living (new quest!) SHOES, chocolate, FOOD, SUNSHINE, fresh air, PHOTOS..all the good things
Little Lioness »

little love : home of the small »

blog about family life with two little girls – with a bit of vintage, craft, baking & photography thrown in for good measure!
Little Old Souls »

A personal blog of a mama, yoga teacher, handmade business owner, high school teacher, student and dreamer.
Little Paper Trees »

Welcome to Little Paper Trees, a Sydney-based blog about nothing and everything in between. Created to replace the journal I never got around to starting, this blog documents my daily musings, design love, photography attempts, embarrassing moments and general expat adventures as an American living down under. It's been quite the ride.
Little Pink Lines »

One cool nerds journey to little pink lines and beyond. A lifestyle blog about getting pregnant, pregnancy, motherhood and health, from a working (mostly from home) mum.
Little Wandering Wren »

Just wandering around seeing what there is to see and enjoying life through our travels, kids, pets, sports and the rest!
Little Wolff »

Food, Family and Photography.
Living a little life in a rural Victorian city.
LittlePurplePolkadots »

Life, love and photos of a newlywed, 27 year old from Sydney.
Liv+Dave= »

A blog about our weekly adventures, love and our lives. Havanese Puppy Dalston, Makeup Artist Liv, and Designer David living and loving in Sydney.
Live First Write Later »

A personal blog by a writer and mother of four. Searching, finding, and sharing inspiration and encouragement, and general musings about life.
Live it. Do it! »

I'm Cassandra Michelin, a healthy lifestyle coach, nutrition nerd, PDHPE teacher, Dance Teacher, Health Educator, working mum mentor, naturopathic nutrition student and a mum!
I have a fabulous blog on living, eating well and loving life!! With my strong passion for for fun, delicious foods & continual learning in the areas of nutrition & naturopathy my blog is a fresh & informative read for those who are passionate about living healthily & getting the most out of life! I share with readers my experiences and research!
Living my dreams »

Its a lifestyle, parenting and weight loss blog.
Living my Imperfect Life »

Personal blog about my imperfect life…one delightful adventure at a time.
Living on a Latte »

Living on a Latte is about my life as a stay at home mum to two cute little girls. I blog about my kids, my home, organising, decorating and anything else I think others would be interested in reading about.
Living Serenely »

Living Serenely is personal parenting and lifestyle blog written by me. I currently juggle between two personas as a SAHM/WAHM as well as working part-time as a market research analyst. The title of this blog serves as a personal mantra to be try to live up to my name… to be “Serene” and to “Live Serenely” in whatever circumstances come my way across all the various aspects in my life – marriage, motherhood, parenting, family, friendships, faith, work and everything else in between. I hope this blog serves as a little window into my world as I share everyday discoveries, favourite things, triumphs, challenges and just little things I’ve picked up along the way that help keep my sanity and stay ‘Serene’.
Living Small in a Big World »

Part celebration of poetry, part celebration of living small, it's full of thoughts, ramblings and gratefulness.
Living Upside Down »

Decluttering my life – one moment at a time. A journal of my attempts to declutter my home and my head, get myself organised, manage my family and stay sane. It's not as easy as it sounds!
Living with Bob »

5 years post a diagnosis of the rather obscure and temperamental disorder known as Dysautonomia. Once a respectable Neuropsychologist, now rocking the delusional life of a Trophy Wife. When the universe craps a huge steaming nard on your life you have to laugh. Life's to short to be serious. Plus SciFi rocks, I have a tendency to use the word 'crap', a lot, Jensen Ackles is welcome to come to my house anytime to give me back rubs, coffee and chocolate should be at the top of Maslow's hierarchy of needs, white chocolate is not chocolate, tequila should come in IVs, spelling and grammar are over-rated, farts are funny no matter your age, everyone should own a pair of Dorothy Shoes, and "I want to be called Loretta".
Loobylu »

Looking Out The Window by Outback Girl »

I am OUTBACK GIRL and welcome to my blog LOOKING OUT THE WINDOW .. full of quotes, photos and insights about governessing, living on an outback property and my own philosophical view on life.
Loopylu »

children's wear, mum daily life, starting a business
Lost my mind in Oz »

An account of my travels around Australia whilst dealing with heart break.
Louise Allan »

On Writing, Mothering and Memories
Louwink »

Photography, Home Interiors & Family Life
Love From Tara »

Random ramblings about anything and everything. Opinionated, positive and sometimes (unfortunately) cliché.
Love Happy Daily »

Love Happy Daily is a place to share my life, my inspirations, my projects and my daily musings. It's about showing gratitude for the things that I love and that make me happy each day.
Love Laugh Cuddle »

Eating and Drinking
Love Notes Restyle Studio »

craft with a touch of lifestyle 🙂
Love Shoes and Cupcakes »

A blog about cooking, life, love and of course, shoes!
Love versus Goliath »

Two people in love against the weight of bureaucracy
Lovely and Wild »

Rita Fitton, law student, women in the workplace rights activist. Go on adventures with her travel, life on the Gold Coast and inspirational posts.
lucid stars »

A collection of memories, occasional style elements and insight into a teenager's life. If requested, I will write an entire post dedicated to the topic of your choice.
Mademoisellesnow »

Fashion, beauty, book reviews and everything in between.
Magic and Marvels »

Life, words, stories and a little bit of magic
Magneto Bold Too »

Maid In Australia »

One woman's pursuit of happiness
Make Me Up Mandy »

Make Me Up Mandy is my personal blog focusing on beauty and family life. I cover beauty product reviews while interpersing my posts with personal family life posts. Here, my readers are able to find simple, honest beauty reviews or even the deeper thought-provoking posts about being a young mum and wife.
Mama loves vogue »

The adventures of a Brit mama in OZ
manychacha »

Many Cha Cha is about lots of little things: postcards from far away journeys, souvenirs of imaginary safaris, colours and flavours from my home… inspired by the marvellous wide world.
Mary & Lil »

Lifestyle, cooking, crochet, photography, kids, fun stuff.
MaryD's Blog »

Blogging about actors, environmental issues and other things that attract my attention
Maxabella loves… »

my 3 Tsunamis (Maxi-Taxi 7, Cappers 5, The Badoo 3) and the LOML. I love working and mumming and combining the two as artfully as possible. I love making stuff. I love that I'm really bad at baking and sewing but I do them anyway. I love moving things around at home and organising everything far more than is strictly necessary. I love writing and curiosity and adventures. I love sitting down. I used to love sleeping , but the Tsunamis cured me of that.
Me Versus Love »

Dating, love and life
meetDita »

I am a Self-Taught and Self-Represented (struggling and hoping to make it big) Artist! I am also a mom of two beautiful kids and wife to a loving supportive husband. Athough I have a 40hr/week job I hope to make it big one day by merging two passions – art and food. You will therefore see a whole lot of posts that relate to both of these! I see the world with rainbow lenses and find a reason to smile in the dullest of moments….i am here to spread the cheer! I like….. To see the world in a grain of sand, and heaven in a wild flower, Hold infinity in the palm of your hands, and eternity in an hour
Meg's Megaverse »

Megan Sayer »

Mel-o-Drama »

Musing and reviews from an inner-city Melbourne dweller who takes pleasure in plundering her daily encounters, cultural surroundings and the lives of others for drama and intrigue.
Melancholy Mumma »

Thoughts from my world. 50 something woman, lover, mother and grandmother
Melanie Greenhalgh »

My blog is about telling life stories that are designed to help people understand that being good enough is all it takes to be a good person. Perfection is overrated! I write about a life that's had tragedy, triumph and lots of trials in between.
Melbourne Darling »

A girl's guide to living stylish, savvy and inspired in Melbourne. Resourceful and honest tips on Melbourne dining, shopping and events.
Melbourne Maharani »

Healthy living blogger at Melbournemaharani.com. Runner & aspiring yogi. Crazy dog owner. #sweatpink ambassador. Chocoholic and red wine lovah. Big dreamer.
Melbourne Mum »

Celebrating the comedy and chaos of life with kids (but without the craft)
melicious »

A guide to the delicious things in life.
Melissa Puli Photography »

A mum with two little humans; a husband; a Canon 7D and an iPhone!
Mellie Lang »

Blogging about Mellie and places she goes, things she designs and makes, adventures she has, things she likes and a Beagle called George.
Melodious Living »

Melodramatic Me »

I've helped brands speak to customers, companies speak to the media and CEOs speak with their people. This blog is about me finding my own voice as I juggle children, a husband and a career. But at the end of the day, it's about writing just for fun! Oh, and did I mention I can be a tad melodramatic?
Messy Miss Kate »

being mum + creating + life
Michelle Dennis Evans »

family, fiction, faith
Michelle Janssen »

Middle & More »

A blog about midlife, family, creativity & everyday adventures.
Middle Aged Mama »

A passion for fashion, looking good and living well no matter what your age or stage
Milk Maid Marian »

Our family (me, my husband, little girl and baby) have a medium-sized farm in Gippsland, Victoria. Our farm is rain-fed rather than irrigated and has been in the family for generations. We love our farm and cows. We hope this blog helps other Aussies get a taste of life on the land.
Mim's Muddle »

A bit of everything, kids, pets, cooking, historical reenactment, feminism, crafting and the occasional fatshion pic.
mimsie »

Mirror Image »

Take a look into my life: Singaporean living in Australia, IT student, cosplayer, cheapo aunty, food reviews, product reviews
Miscmum »

Mishy Lane »

Mishy Lane is a graphic designer and aspiring photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. Her personal design blog is a mindfield of inspiration.
Miss Ms Attic »

A modern day soap box
Miss Owl B »

Hello! I am an artist, photographer, adventurer and book reader.
Miss Rosanna »

'Living la vida local' in Melbourne's north east – it's all about interesting people, places and things to see and do reflective of my interests in fashion, food, interiors and art & design.
Miss Sennnaa – La Vie en Rose »

Join me on my adventure with beauty, fashion, food, travels and more! See my otaku, crazy yet unique side of me through my blog.
Miss Yogini – Ash Constance »

A personal struggle of a yoga teacher battling an eating disorder.
MissMilli »

Personal Blog
MissUnderstood »

A journey through life with severe anxiety ~ and hope for a brighter tomorrow 🙂
Missymuh »

A blog about my family of 9, sewing, knitting, crochet, gardening, life
Mixed Gems »

Treasured tidbits of life……and motherhood
Miz Del Blogs »

Makeup, Beauty,Cooking, Scrapbooking and all that good stuff…
Mm is for me's blog »

Mummy musings, our parenting journey, life as a WAHM, delights in design (cool stuff), and behind the scenes at Mm is for me
Moloney Mayhem »

The craziness of a working mother with a FIFO husband with four kids – 7 & almost 4 (yep triplets). My struggle to meet motherhood demands and a bit of craft thrown in 🙂
Momentary Lapse of Reality »

Just me.
Mon's Adventures »

Mona and Midge »

Inspiration for a creative family lifestyle. Kate from Mona and Midge likes to takes cues from the past to navigate her modern life.
Art, crafts, sewing, cooking, travel and online finds. As seen through the eyes of an Australian wife and mother of one.
Monica Batiste »

Health and lifestyle, personal growth, creative writing and painting
Monoblogues :: Little Miss Moi »

Food, life and style from the tropics
Moondance World »

It covers a variety of emotions and Inspirational messages.
I also talk about my own writing.
mother ode »

MotherWhoWorks »

Crazy working mother bangs on about her life.
mountains and musings »

life and laughs in the blue mountains and beyond
Moving to Australia… Who knows what could happen… »

Follow me as I embark on a life changing decision to leave the comfort of my family, friends and home in England and create a new life for myself the other side of the world… I will be blogging or at least trying to blog about all my experiences while im away for the year in Australia… ill keep you posted on what I get up to. (hopefully I wont get myself into too much trouble!!)
Mrs BCs House of Chaos »

Mum, wife, crafter, swears, gardens, cooks, tries not to rant.
Mrs Notable »

a Mum, living her life, making changes to live her best life.
Mrs Smyth Gets a Life »

Farm dwelling, cake bakin', baby raising, crafty Mama.
Mrs T-J Down-Under »

Musings of a British Ex-pat lady in Melbourne. From life in a rural idyll in England to the big lights of the City down under, join my voyage of discovery, the highs, the lows and the down right ridiculous featuring my dog Radish who also made the big trip.
Mrs Tink »

The adventures of Mrs Tink
Fun.Real and very honest
Ms Sophie Mac »

A daily blog written by Sophie about her thoughts, whats going on in her life and everything else that pops into her head.
Ms Zoe Amy »

Mum of Adult Kids »

I'm a mum with adult kids and these are my ramblings
Mumdanity »

One Australian mum's journey through the wonderful and curious mumdays, otherwise known as parenting – the good bits, the bad bits and all the madness in-between.
Mumdeep »

Ash is a blogger, a pragmatic mum of 5, crochet & knitting addict, cook and techno geek.

I am also renowned for being extremely tall for my height and light for my weight.

PR Friendly if you're blogger friendly

Mummy loves to run »

The journey of a runner into mummyhood and finding the blance between family life and training. All while trying to keep health, fit and SANE!
Mummy's Little Dreams »

My blog is a personal interpretation of life, my life as a mum and all that comes with being a mum. Love and inspirations. From weddings, photography, baby rooms and products, cooking and so the list goes on.
Mummy's Venture »

MummyK »

Personal blog of mum, wife, zombie movie lover, bourbon drinker, journo, photographer, children's book author.
Mundane Ecstasy »

My country garden with great wifi finding pleasure in beautiful things, the written word and strong performances.
Musings of the Misguided »

Musings of the Misguided is about mental illness, parenting and everything in between.
must have wear »

My 7 Little Australians »

A little look at our life. Be it building our place or living life.
My Brown Paper Packages »

i blog on travel, food & craft. simple ways to create an inspired, beautiful & happy lifestyle. these are my favourite things.
My Hunt for a Husband »

The Blog follows my 2 year hunt for Mr Right in Sydney Australia
My Journey to Eliminate Debt »

personal finance blog about paying off debt, downsizing and living frugally. Started in 2007.
My Life in Colour »

Here is where I share with you my colourful world as a mother, wife and photographer. I write about my wonderful family, our Autism journey, and my photography; showing you my life, work AND play, through my lens.
My Life's A Marathon »

A warts and all look at my running obsession and my life as Mum to 3 sons, leotard-maker and cupcake-baker
My Life, My Loves, My Home »

A blog about life, love and home and all the things that make me, me.
My Little Rabbit »

25yr old blogging about life, vintage, filofax & coffee
My Mezzaluna »

A blog about beginning from scratch. Cooking and beginning a new life in Perth all from scratch. Recipes are gluten and mostly allergen free.
My Midlife Mayhem »

A humorous observation of life as a middle-aged woman.
My place for space »

My journey as I find space in my life by removing those non useful things. Things, people, habits, stuff. Enriching life by practicing gentle arts such as crochet or sewing, with a dose of frugality thrown in for good measure.
My Pretty Sydney »

A lifestyle blog about Sydney with restaurant, book and film reviews; recipes and; thoughts and favourite inspirational quotes among many other things.
My Sensible Friend »

Lifestyle blog sharing inspiring wisdom from friends.
My Shoebox Life »

My thougths and Dreams »

Bits and pieces of my life, fill with thougths and dreams
My Vintage Life »

A chronicle of the vintage finds in Op-Shops and E-bay
My's WORDS »

A conversation about life. We talk family, friends, health and beauty, lifestyle. Come and have a chat.
My2morrows »

A mix of life stuff, kid stuff, beautiful things, music and my 2morrows.
myownduende »

mysti-fied »

A personal blog about travel, fashion and fitness.
MzRiiO »

Just a girl, madly in love with her dog (and Fiancé!), writing and posting pictures of things that happen in her daily life, reviewing beauty products and other things that spark her fancy.
Naomi Bulger: messages in bottles »

my personal space where I can indulge my love of writing, photography and illustration; and celebrate and curate the creative talent that I discover all over the world. I also share stories on here about my own life and adventures in motherhood while exploring Melbourne, Australia
Naomi Hart »

I sing, dance, run, write, travel and have grown my very own human. I write about the vagaries of life!
narrating kayoz »

Musing of a newly forty-something mother/writer/editor/wife, trying to live sustainably and find time to smell the roses.
Nat's Natterings »

I'm Nat and I am mum to 5 boys and wife to 1 hubby 🙂 Night shift worker, blogger and serial PFA member.
Natsukashii »

Writing, Parenting, and Life.
Naysensical »

Personal, parenting, food, everyday life.
Nee Say »

Blogging about life with the menagerie & me.
Nerdling in a Cage »

Take a look inside the mind of a nerd!
Ness Of Boganville »

An Aspergian, Bogan Woman, Faithfully Presented
Nessbow »

Fashion, beauty, self-care and geekery all rolled into one adorable package.
New Age Granny »

Living a free spirit life
Ninetailed Scribe »

Web designer, nerd, geek, eco-warrior.

My blog is about me, Nicola th crocheter,upcycler and creator. Living with an invisable illness but trying to LIVE life to the fullest.
No Princesses Please! »

Full time working mother of 3 sons, also trying to follow creative pursuits, renovate a house, maintain a marriage blah blah blah, but not a 'mummy blog'!
North for Winter »

Suburban Living, Social Commentary, Green Gardening, Gluten Free Eating, Vegetarian Cooking, Comedy, Cats, Photography, Art & Self-Indulgence. All powered by a moderate to severe caffeine addiction.
Nostalgic For Now »

Nostalgic For Now is a haven for all things wonderful! Read about Fashion Trends, Book Reviews, Make up styles, Delicious Food, Design, Culture and more.
not all those who wander are lost »

stories and tales from the prophet of bloom on the edge of the whirled
not my only shoes »

my fingers type what my brain says. plus what i happen to be wearing while i'm typing.
Not Quite Cooked »

A personal blog exploring parenting, family, race, feminism, social justice, cooking and life. Swings a bit to the old left.
Not So Secret Women's Business »

You'd be lying if you said you didn't have at least one secret. But we're about sharing secrets that aren't best kept to ourselves!!
nothing »

Random rambles about my tv obsessions, dreams and the occasional movie review or recipe.
NurseNoosha »

A blog written by an Australian nurse about birth to death and all the bits in between.
objects of whimsy »

An eclectic mix of art, design and craft as well as cooking, baking and other things I find interesting in my world and internet travels.
Obsessing about Everything »

Melissa's interests are games, parenting, reading, work, clutter, shopping and pretty much anything else. She has two daughters. The Bigster is 15 going on 18 and Otto is 10 going on 16. No, those are not their real names. She also has two spoiled cats and a house full of clutter.
Octavia and Vicky »

My name is Kylie and Octavia and Vicky is a space I have designed to share my love of writing. Through my writing I hope to share my passion for parenting, family, teaching, and enjoying the small things in life.

I am wife to Paul and mum to Charlotte, two years old. I juggle my time between being a mum and working part-time as a junior primary teacher, then trying to fit the rest of life in around those two BIG jobs. I also love to cook and eat, read and write, shop and surf (the net!).

I named my blog Octavia and Vicky after a story I wrote when I was five years old, about a spider named Octavia and her young friend, Vicky. My mum still has a copy of that tattered story today. Aw, bless!

Odds, Ends and Allsorts »

Ohh Ahh Giggle and Wine »

My take on every day event. Mostly about my annoying husband!!!!
On Cloud Nine »

Read my articles on world news, inspirational stories, fashion advice and celebrity interviews.
On Planet V »

The diary blog, of a Trophy Wife, Entrepreneur & Super Mum! On Planet V, chaos is perfectly normal.
One Claire Day »

Snippets of our life – both the magic and mundane.
One Crafty Mum »

One Crafty Mum blog is my little corner of the internet where I share my thoughts, my craft projects and my cooking attempts with the Thermomix.
One Girl's Journey »

A life blog that focuses on positivity, well being, spirituality and relationships. With some significant life challenges in my past, I blog about my journey to learn and grow as I create a better future.
One Grounded Angel »

Finding ways to live a spiritual live in the real world without moving to an ashram. Green tea in one hand, Diet Coke in the other.
One Mother Hen »

All sorts, cooking, gardening, mothering.
One Small Life »

One Small Life. My life. As it is. Perfectly imperfect. Messy. Wonderful. And not at all like a Pinterest board.
One Too Many »

a bit about this and a bit about that
Only The Depth Varies »

Political & Social Commentary
Op Shop Diva »

I blog and carry reviews on op shops in South Australia. I blog to encourage my readers to embrace preloved shopping and sustainable shopping, plus to support their local op shops.
Orange Owl Media »

A personal development blog passionate about creating a life you love.
Our Maverick »

Our Maverick is where this frazzled & dazzled Mother, Wife, Daughter, Sister & budding Mumpreneur comes to voice out her thoughts, ideas, experiences, hopes and dreams. I maybe a little bit quirky, a little bit in your face, a little bit uncensored and a little bit clueless at times but that is just me.
Our Multicoloured Life »

ourmulticolouredlife is about a white chick, who married a black guy and spawned a brown baby. I'll try to keep you entertained as I aspire to write about all things small and all things not so small.
Our Red House »

food, gardening, thrifty living
Ourgangof7 »

Story of my Family's adventures through life and a place to share my craft (when it happens that is lol)
Out Of Man »

eat.create.think. be inspired by creative projects from the culinary arts to crafts, home decor, entertaining,lifestyle news, reviews and entrepreneurship
Outback Expat »

My life as a Brit Expat in Darwin.
Outsidethesquare101 »

101 Fun and Frivolous things to try when you don't have to be responsible any more
Owls. Teapots. Shoes. Oh My »

I am a blogger who writes about fashion, shopping, thrifting and life in the Greater Western Sydney.
P-aper »

A blog about design, food and health
Padre Ralph »

Chronicling my journey HOME
Paint The Ceiling Beige »

A blog for women 50+ to rediscover and enhance their confidence and sensuality through fun, humour and top tips
Painted Peers »

30 something's wandering through life, looking to find some truths along the way.
Paper Doll »

A lifestyle blog featuring food, feminism, news, travel, photography and personal musings
Paperdoll Diaries »

A place to talk all things fashion, style, interiors, books, magazines, news & current affairs and all that intrigues and inspires!
Paris Apple Hotel »

Tales of my life
Paris Bourke »

For the love of the children!
Patchwork Cactus »

Baking, making, parenting and putting it all out there.
Pearl Meringue »

A blog by a new mummy who is still learning all there is to know about mummy-dom and the fun that can be had. I like to discuss family life, baking, home decorating and reading 🙂
Pearls of Style »

A lifestyle blog providing a few words of wisdom on what matters most: fashion, food and a life worth living.
Pearls of Willsdom »

An ordinary woman (a)musing on motherhood and marriage.
Peculiar Treasures »

My life and the world around me
Peekashu »

Travel diaries, food around melbourne and basically my life as an international student surviving in the great city of Melbourne
Peggy Takes Manhattan »

This is the blog of Peggy Takes Manhattan – a little stationery and design studio. I'm a lover of all things vintage and typographic and get my kicks designing, creating and crafting. This space is where you will find out about the things that inspire me and also little sneak peeks of my work.
Perfectly Flawed »

Perfectly Flawed is a blog by me, Bek Curtis. My aim is to write with vulnerability & humour as I navigate this journey of life & learn more about He who created it.
Join me?
Personal Stories »

Phenomenal Woman »

A puzzle board of emotions and general confusion stumbling through motherhood with 7 gorgeous children that are my life, my love of cooking, photography and the discovery of what it really means to be a woman today. From Hobart, Tasmania, Down, Down under.
Pink Butterflies »

Macarons, Social Media, Avon, Parenting, Scrapbooking, Event Styling and much more…
pink elephants and lemonade »

Personal, parenting, just starting out
Planet Camilla »

Here I share my day to day living whilst trying to get my body, mind and soul back in a healthy space.
Polaroid Suitcase »

A virtual place where instant thoughts, images and experiences are documented and carried. It is typically full of ideas flowering from the wandering mind of Alexandra, a twenty-something wide-eyed girl who’s always on the lookout for for her next muse. She may have a thing for adjectives and uses words, like brushstrokes on a painting, to convey and reflect on an experience or thought. Often an over-thinker, with a serious case of wanderlust, writing allows her an outlet to sift through the matter of mind into something comprehensible.
Polkadot Lane »

Crafts, Cooking, Kids and Life
pomegranate and chintz »

Life, friends and quilting
Poppy Calhoun Design »

art, design and diy projects
Poppyfoxathome »

This blog is about what l make, do and how l live. Crafter, Stay at home mum of Miss Poppy, thrift shop adventurer, gardener and seeker of all things arty, passionate, inspirational with a generous helping of ethical living.
Post Mix Living »

This is a blog about Films, Photography, Comedy and Life as a twenty-something growing up in the information age. Enjoy with me the ups and downs that come with it. My name is Carmen and I'll be your host for this blog.
Present Imperfection »

Pretty My Love »

Event styling
Pretty Wee Things »

Girl-next door lifestyle blog about beauty, fashion, motherhood, Heath, wellness and fitness.
Procrastinations of a Crafty Mum »

Whether avoiding housework or report cards, this crafty Mum finds creative outlets for her procrastination.
prudenceclaire »

Musings on life including travel, parenting, the odd political issue, sustainability and healthy living and… other stuff besides.
Pull Your Socks Up! »

Insanity with a touch of personal style.
Purple Curiosity »

Sydneysider who indulges in the world of modern technology, ever-changing fashion and has an unrelenting devotion for literature and foreign languages. A bon vivant by nature, may it be from the sweetest items to the most pungent, all I know is that embodying a profound appetite for food as well as enjoying the good things of life perfectly sums me up
Pursuit of Felicity »

Put The Good Stuff In »

I changed my diet and improved my health. Share my journey and be inspired.
Que Sera Sera »

Queen of the Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries »

Arts & Crafts, Books, Food, Lifestyle, Caring
Questions for Us »

I'm a warrior for balance and write posts questioning important issues – with a heavier focus on the obstacles faced by females.
Quirky and Curvy »

Quirky and Curvy would best be described as a weird mix of Fashion (especially curvy or plus size), Design, Lifestyle, Technology and Geekery.
rahest.com.au »

Loud redhead blogger. LOLer and snorter. Plane spotting,
cupcake eating, Barack Obama fangirl. Artist formerly known as rainbowtatt
Rainbow Days »

Seeing the beauty in every day life

From convicts to Quakers …Fifty years of travel, life and family history
Raising Crazys »

I am new to blogging, I mainly write about my life, my insane toddlers, my clumsy husband and all the nonsense that pops into m head.
Raising the Curtain »

Finding I had run out of road map, I started to blog to take a look at life at the crossroads in preperation for the second act.
ramblings from a mum »

Writing from my heart on a number of things
Ramblings of a Square Peg in a Round Hole »

Ever felt that you don't fit in? I've felt that my entire life, but I now at the age of 57 am OK with that. I'm attempting to live a more simple life as I get closer to retirement. I'm now taking time to smell the roses or take some photos of things that appeal to me visually.
ramblingtart »

Re-building a beautiful life with great food, brave travel and inspiring photography.
Ramona's Day Off »

Random Drawers »

Life didn't come with a instruction booklet, and so my blog details the random musings in my life. From children, food, planning, organisation, DIY, FIFO, fitness and humor…… my blog will cover it all
Random Ramblings of a SAHM »

Rayon Dreams in a Cheesecake World »

I'm a vintage lovin' gal who digs stuff from the 1940's and 1950s. Follow my journey through Sewing, Dancing, IVF, Weight Watchers, Rockabilly, Vintage Clothing, Having Bipolar, crackin' the sads, jumping for joy, watching a shite load of movies and my never-ending search for the perfect red lippie. xoxoxoxoxo

Year after year.. since 2008, Rosa keeps at it with her blogging habits about the mini-adventures, the food, the friends, the family and everything she finds a little worthwhile. When is someone going to finally tell her its not that interesting!
Red Dolls »

My blog about stuff I like for you to read about – photography, reviews, Blog of the Week, Thankful Thursday, wish list outfits and whatever else crosses my mind…
Red Lily Mama »

A blog for mothers by a natural therapist mum living in country Western Australia
RedRims »

A pop culture blog exploring anything from anything in the realms of entertainment, fashion, literature, art, media and humour.
Reflections from a Red Head »

Reflections on living, learning and making a difference
Refocus Future Planning »

Baby boomers don't retire
Rellacafa »

Kicking chronic pain to the curb!
Renlish »

Photography, writing, beauty (and nail polish!), weight control, home renovations, animals, every-day life and general shenanigans! It's all here.
Retirement Cafe »

Retro Mountain House »

Retro collections and recollections, mountain-style
Retrogoddess »

A bit of everything, but mostly retro/vintage
RhiDiscover »

My personal blog about my hobbies of cooking, craft, cakes, dessert tables and technology
Rock My Roll »

Living and creating in Isolated Tasmania. Sewing – Art – Design – Music – Arts Management
Rolling with the Demigods »

A blog about restoring balance and creativity with things you love such as craft, homemaking, thrifting, flea market shopping, cooking and travelling.
Ronnie Jones »

My name is Amber. I am a mum to a rambunctious little boy, a tiny tot and am happily a confessed decor addict!
Growing up, some girls have a scrapbook full of wedding ideas, me… I had a scrapbook full to the brim with home ideas! This blog will follow the journey of our little family but also the stages of renovating our home amongst the gum trees, on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.
rosblogger »

I write. I eat. I cook. I grow. I write about eating, cooking, growing and random thoughts.
RoseMary's NoteBook »

Self esteem and general information initiative
Rotanrm Random World »

Follow my adventure of beauty, fashion, music and anything random.
Rowdy Fairy »

This little blog is all about living life, sharing inspiration, taking pretty pictures, finding lovely and interesting things, doing fun stuff and discovering amazing places.
Ruby Dean »

Not your ordinary teenage lifestyle blog.
Ruby Velour »

Personal blog about fashion and feminism with some topical posts/rants
Rylee & Elle »

We're all about promoting compassionate living for the greater well-being of animals. We love fashion/beauty, vegan food and travelling. We're best friends and this is our passion that unites us.
Sacred Blessing Education »

A blog to lift up, inspire, bring laughter to your day and educate on Alternative Medicine Topics.
Sad Mum Happy Mum »

A blog about my experience living with depression, with the aim of building awareness and breaking down stigma. I also plan to start developing a number of guides and resources in 2014.
Sago on Tuesdays bindery »

~ A hand bound book made at the Sago on Tuesdays bindery is a companion for life. Hold one today ~
Saltbush Avenue »

A house blog in Tasmania. DIY projects, decorating and gardening with a modern slant.
Samantha Chua »

Personal and lifestyle blog, sharing general musings and lifestyle of a 20-something in Melbourne.
Samiati.com »

Stories of love, Life and Luke. Making sense of a faith journey within the "suddenly Mum" gig.
Sand castles and Paper crowns »

A mummy and wife living a sparkly life in suburbia
Sapphicscientist's Blog »

A lesbian scientist's observations on nature, role models, women in science, sexuality and science in general
Sarah Elise »

All things girl related
Sarah's Heart Writes »

A blog that documents moments of this journey we call life.
sarayh »

A blog about a boy and a girl who just got married. They love to travel, eat lots of yummy food, do up the house and take photos of pretty things!
SaveSaveSave »

Melbourne fashion blogger. Online shopping, fashion, trends.
Say Nothing, Act Casual »

Every day I'm amazed and energised by the people I am privileged to share my days with, my gorgeous family and the community I live in. I am also bemused, befuddled, bedazzled and humbled. Sometimes I am outraged and infuriated. I suffer from an inability to be quiet most of the time, I hope to use this to my advantage on this blog. At the same time I also recognise the importance of occasionally keeping my mouth shut. Hence the name which is a motto shared by my bestie and I and frequently keeps us out of trouble.
Scarlet Words »

Scarlette's Thread »

After challenging myself to blog everyday about one thing I was grateful for I have evolved on to bigger blogging challenges. This is where I write and all the threads come together.

I am married to Duane, the most fabulous barista (shame I don't drink coffee but he loves me anyway) and have four ridiculously stupendous kids, Harry, Lucy, Seb and AJ.

Scattered Straws »

Life in retirement
SeBLOGtyen »

Blog about PCOS and self discovery
Seductive Mania »

I'm just a Canadian girl living with my boyfriend in big scary Australia trying to get it all right! My blog is a collection of my silly, sweet, and seductive misadventures!
See Sammy Blog »

Samantha Irawan is a mum and blogger in Melbourne, trying to make sense of the 'accidentally mum' identity she has found herself in.
Segovia »

dreams. reality. inspiration. What are you looking for? Finding my way through life, motherhood and the strange world we all live in. Looking for Dreams. Reality. Inspiration. along the everyday footpath.
Selma In The City »

Talking about life, love and writing in the inner city of Sydney. With a bit of photography. Oh, and cake!
Semantically Driven »

Seminimalista »

A blog about my minimalist journey and living life in moderation enjoying travels and food
Sensitive Aesthete »

Almost mid-life crisis, writer girl with a penchant for stationery and making goals and dreams happen, one day at a time.
Sequins & Nappies »

Fashion junkie, improving beauty novice and fumbling parent.
Seven Intentions »

I started this blog in the spirit of Putting It Out There, of experimenting with the concept of manifesting abundance in my life – not just one or two things, but everything. All my heart’s desires.

So here’s what I came up with… 1. Home 2. Community 3. Purpose 4. Vibrant health 5. Abundance 6. Joy 7. Love

Join me as I blog my way through the experience of manifesting my seven intentions.

Seventies Baby »

A gloves-off perspective of womanhood, parenting and modern family life in a world obsessed with being perfect and politically correct. This is neither but it's real and it's raw and parental guidance is recommended.
sevenyearsinglemummy »

Having gone through a messy and emotional divorce seven years ago. I decided to share my experiences hoping that people who are in the process of divorce may gain some relief in knowing that they are not alone.
Several Kinds of Crazy »

My journey into my mid 30's with 5 kids, 3 dogs, 2 cats and 1 adoring Husband. A tale of a blended family, living life one crazy day at a time!
Sewislife »

Sew is Life is a women's lifestyle blog, it is written by DIY domestic goddess who enjoys french earl grey, rocky road, interior design magazines, handmade projects, cosmetics, unique fashion finds and organic living.
Sh1ft »

Shabby in Suburbia »

Shades of Gray »

Nothing to do with the mommy porn schlockbuster… All about me, my boys and life in general.
Shambolic Living »

A personal blog from a tired woman with an untidy house, imperfect children and no celebrity friends.
Sharpest Pencil »

Personal blog about everything and anything. A ittle bit funny, a lot real.
She said what »

Random thoughts, stories and observations from Steph.
Sheep Rustling »

AKA Mazey Pretty Things. Textile art, beading, family, photos, stuff…
Sheri Bomb »

Rockabilly/Kustom Kulture blog focusing on all aspects of lifestyle, fashion, beauty, music, entertainment, events, hot rods and personal.
sherryspickings »

food, books and travel
Sheryl Lee »

Personal blog
Shopping, Parties, Anything »

I blog about beauty, fashion, food, lifestyle, products, just about anything I have an interest or am passionate about
Shut up and Relax Yoga »

Signed By Sez »

Tackling the issues of twenty somethings with a giggle and a Pinot Gris in hand
Simple Daily Pleasures »

A record of all the little things that make my soul smile.
Simply Me »

This blog is about me, my life, my family, fashion and things I think you'll enjoy. It's about being a Career Woman ~ Fashionista ~ Child Rearer ~ Op Shopper ~ Thrift Lover ~ Bargain Hunter ~ Experimentor ~ Inventor ~ Ranter ~ Social Commentator ~ Tipster
Skimama »

Skiing & Snowboarding, travelling with kids, luxury travel, beauty, fashion & food
Skinny Cap with Two Sugars »

A blog by a journalist in Perth who isn't afraid to share her opinion – all about those little (or big) moments in life that make you think.
skinny flat white »

skinny flat white covers the small (and not-so-small) luxuries in life. Published by a former PR, now freelance writer and mother in Perth, WA.
Slapdash Mama »

A dedicated mother and wife, Sarah also enjoys hurling abuse at the television, comfort eating and having a good lie down. And then blogging about it!
Slow Heart Sing »

Food, motherhood and life in Australia as a Brit
Small Bright Pebbles | Trivia Blog »

Small Bright Pebbles celebrates gems of trivia and curiosity in all of their glorious forms. Because knowledge is never useless.
Snappiness »

A Social Experiments blog. Here I trial different food lifestyles and blog about the effects behaviourally, emotionally, physically + mentally. Using me as the conduit!
Sneaky Wears Sneakers »

I am a mum, wife, runner and terrible food photographer. I blog about keeping fit & healthy as a mum.
Snippets and Spirits »

Reconnecting with the snippets and spirits of everyday life we could so easily miss. Life, family, precious moments. Irish living in Australia.
Snoskred – Life In The Country »

Snoskred = 39, Female, lives in NSW with The Other Half and two kitties. This blog explores various topics including life, scams, scam baiting, music, movies, art and photography. You never know what Snoskred will write about next, so securely fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the ride.
So Melty »

Personal Blog
So Now What? »

So this is 40. Really. »

This is my blog about muddling through my 40s as a single lady, working hard, writing a book, being an ammateur photographer, trying to exercise and eat well, my endeavour to be the world's best aunt, as well as having fun and laughing out loud every single day.
Social Amore »

Personal blog written by me about fashion, beauty, food, celebrities, and all things fabulous.
Some Underground »

A creativity log and personal style journal written by a girl learning to navigate life.
Something to Ponder About »

A blog about Arts craft photography and Life. I write about things that interest, puzzle and frustrate me and information that is useful to others.
Sophie McIntyre »

Sophie McIntyre is a blog update daily by Sophie. It features many topics including beauty, travel, her job as a nanny, DIY, food and thoughts on life.
Soul Bare Mama »

A Mama who has a lot to say!
Spina Bifida Girl »

My blog is about living with the disability Spina Bifida. I have medical AND person information on my blog. My blog is also about bringing up a "normal" child. I want to turn it into a book one day!
Spinster & Tonic »

Personal Blog of Tess Rummer. One part Spinster, two parts Tonic. Ducking and weaving through one of life's many crises. Often refreshing, occasionally bitter, obsessively neurotic.
splendourandrouge »

I like to think of this blog as a coffee table book of my favourite things. I have a passion for anything creative; photography, art, fashion and graphic design. I am inspired by traveling and currently live in the USA away from my home country of Australia.
Spoonful of Sugar »

I’m a brand new blogger, chocolate eater, avid reader and word lover. I recently quit a great job in a dream office to become a writer and start my own business. I possess particular talent in the areas of spilling coffee, wearing my clothes backwards and/or inside out and the inability to form sentences in front of people who are really, really good-looking. I’m a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, and am much more at home in a pair of Vans than heels. I have an affinity for soy lattes, gingerbread men, dumplings and mexican food and a secret love of the colour pink in all of its shades. Spoonful of Sugar is a vehicle for my creative (and not-so-creative) whims. I post about a wide range of things that interest me, including books, films, food, clothes, thoughts, discussions and pretty much everything beyond and in between.
Sprinkles and Sprouts »

Stories from a Rickety Cottage.
Food, life and everything in-between.
It isn't always healthy but it is always good.
Squiggly Rainbow »

Life as a mother, artist, home-maker, vegie-growing, carer of autistic children, aiming to be self-sufficient and day-dreamer… our journey!
Starloz »

Hello, I'm Laura. I'm 25 years old & live in Sydney, Australia. I'm currently studying science, majoring in nutrition and metabolism. My blog is a photo diary to share life experiences with you on monday, wednesday and friday because the everyday moments are the ones we shouldn't forget about.
starringmaya »

a lifestyle blog on my life as a costume stylist and a mummy to my beautiful baby daughter Maya
Started at Carlile »

Personal blog with a dash of DIY, craft, photography and building
Starzyia »

Inner meaning and the handmade movement, creativity, handmade artist features, photography, emotional healing
Steeres in Kenya »

updates from my volunteer work as a paediatrician in Kijabe, Kenya.
Stella By The Sea »

A blog in which I write about my adventures, my thoughts and whatever comes up
Stellvadore »

Hippy street and glam from a Big Brother land.
Stepping stones »

I know there is more to life than the rat race! I am a keen student of yoga philosophy and am interested in Eastern spirituality, but don't really belong to one set group or tradition. My blog provides a light-hearted commentary on my experiences with spiritual life in Sydney.
Still Just Us »

Tales from an ordinary childfree life
Strange Tourist »

Personal blog/Humour/Food
strongsoutherly »

Musings on daily life, art and creativity, not to mention some
opinionated nonsense on politics and other worldly issues.
Studio Notes by Shai Coggins »

Creative geek lifestyle blogzine. Serving blog posts since August 2000.
Stuff from the heart »

Just Stuff from my Heart
StyleByDevine »

A look into the life of Carly Devine, one half of The Devine Co. including what she loves and loathes.
Stylish Settings »

Capturing and creating the settings that form the background to our lives. Trying to make, do, and mend and be grateful for what I have.
Suburban Simplicity »

A blog about learning to live as self sufficiently, simply, affordably and lightly as possible.
Subversive Domestic »

Meditations upon the insanity and occasional accidental beauty of everyday life. Covering anti consumerism, cultural commentary, mid century and vintage design, family life
Sultanas and Vegemite »

I'm a freelance journalist from Melbourne. At Sultanas and Vegemite, I blog about a random mix of things I like, including music, travel and unusual restaurants and bars, and some things I don’t like, such as yoga and hair appointments. While I have grown out of putting sultanas and Vegemite on my sandwiches (it's actually a really tasty combination!), I still love having a bit of everything on my plate, literally and metaphorically. Visit my blog to see what I mean.
Surely Sarah »

Thoughts, dreams, wonderings
Suzy-Lou »

A blog about the deliciousness of life!
Sweet Words Pretty Pictures »

Writing and photography services, parenting, female interests, lifestyle
Sydney Smiles »

A Michigander flees the Great Lake State for adventures down under with kangaroos and koala bears.
Take Charge Now »

A personal blog about taking charge of my life.
From sickness to sensational, I am designing my new life and invite my readers to follow my progress.
I also write about my wonderful family and where my journey takes me (good times and bad).
Tale Of Us Three »

We Live, We Love, Everyday.
Tales of a Cotton Wife »

We are irrigators in the Murray Darling Basin and this is our life… We are cotton & wheat growers with some cattle too. Bess is the extra pair of farmhands as well as a stay at home housewife and Andrew is the manager of the 10,000acre property where we live. We both spent alot of our lives living in suburban Brisbane. With the insight of just how disconnected peoples perceptions are about farming and where our food and clothes really come from we want to share with you just what it takes to GROW your jeans and t-shirts.
Talking Frankly »

An admirer of wordsmiths, quirky thinking, equality, chutzpah and kindness. Actively opposed to apathy
Tamzen Temple »

A mass of useless information you may never need with the occasional brilliance. The Temple is a place to visit to see which it is on the day. A parody magazine with celebrity minterviews, handy hints, facts and a place for all Temple Queens & Gurus to meet and share.
Tangerine Ice Cream »

A random blog about random stuff. I'm always searching the internet for information about this and about that. So I decided to start a blog where I could provide information back to the (online) community, some sort of payback if you will, and that's why is a random blog about random stuff 🙂
Taphovenatrix »

PhD and palaeontology (dinosaur) blog
Tasty Tantrums »

Family, beauty, food, fashion and health blog
Tea Under The Willow Tree »

A personal blog with reflections on family, faith, food and creativity.
teacups too »

Mother of three, studying English & Journalism, wannabe writer, tea drinker, prettiness lover.
Teaspoons and tinsel »

Making every day special. Lifestyle – family, DIY, parenting, fashion, home, early childhood education.
Tez Says »

Reading & reviewing.
That Career Girl »

The happenings of a 20-something full time career girl, part time MBA student in Melbourne, Australia.
That Girl Next Door »

That Space in Between »

Exploring life and the gap where we sometimes find ourselves…
The 'S' Word »

This blog is a bit of a tounge-in-cheek look at my life as a single lady. After years entertaining my mates with my “when dates go bad” stories I have decided to start writing it all down. I’m not as tragic as this blog is going to make me seem, I have had good experiences dating as well, but the nice stuff doesn’t make for a good yarn.
The Amateur Weeder »

Gardening in the Central Tablelands of NSW
The Annoyed Thyroid »

Life after Cancer… Loving it. Blogging, baking and running. A few of my favourite things.
The Aussie Hausfrau »

My name is Toni. I'm a stay at home, procrastinating, healthy, fit, wine drinking, busy, studying, wine drinking, unorganised, wine drinking Hausfrau!
The Bakers Wife »

A random recount of every day happenings in my life. Trying recreate myself as time goes by, whilst juggling the day to day processes that exist when running a household, 2 children and a small retail bakery with my husband!
Private thoughts, recounts, opinions and a lot of picture posts!
the bazaar teapot »

travel. food. stories. photographs. friends. love. colour. world.
The Beast Locker »

Years of love and large amounts of money spent slapped onto a simple webpage dedicated to Beast
The Black Dime »

the black dime is my day to day life. my home, my clothes, my friends and family. my life.
The Bling Buoy »

A buoyant blog to cling to as you navigate the waters of life!
The Blushing Teapot »

A beauty, fashion, lifestyle blog by a tea loving mum of one.
The Boob Fund and Other Stories »

The Boob Fund and Other Stories is a blog concerning the heftier side of life and the negotiation of the everyday within an image conscious world.
The Bored Housewife »

A chance in life brings a change in persceptive.
The Chambray Diary »

The bits and pieces that make up my life in Country NSW. Fashion, food, friends, pets, beauty, design, nature and everything else in between.
The Chaos Witch »

Modern paganism and esoteric art… when the going gets weird, get weirder!
The Chronicles of an Eccentric »

The journey of a young writer searching for glamour. Follow me as I embrace vintage style with some modern twists. Features posts on outfits, events, literature, cooking, hair and make-up! Plus anything else I can think of…
The City Mouse and the Country Mouse »

City woman in a long distance relationship with a country man. Cultural clashes, negotiating long distance dramas and working out how we are going to work it out.
The Cooking Wardrobe »

40+ personal food and style blog
The Daily Muses »

The daily muses of my life!
The Domesticated Me »

Home decorating, DIY, craft and being a mother.
The Dull Roar Philosophy »

The Dull Roar Philosophy is by Jessie Reid a sort-of-crunchy mother of three to find the short cuts to keep life wonderful through the least effort, the least waste and the most health and a whole lot of style.
the eclectic editor »

Musings & giggles about writing, pop culture, media & life.
The Edit By Stella »

A destination for all things Fashion, Beauty, Food and evetything in between.
The Elephant's Child »

personal meanderings about life living with MS, gardening, books and birds
the farmer wears prada »

A lifestyle blog by Sascha Jones, former owner of arida and attic stores, Sydney. Having lived the fashion girls dream, travelling and buying high end labels in Paris, Milan and New York for her boutiques, she moved to the country and become a mother. It is about a life change from fashion to moving to the country and starting a family.
The Farmers Wife »

What happens in the life and times of a farmers wife!
The Fearse Family »

We are a family in outer Melbourne who pledged to buy nothing new for 2013 and then didn't want to stop…
The Foreverthings »

The Foreverthings focuses on the new, the old, the interesting and the inspiring.
The Fourth Continent – Greenland »

This is the tale of a young Australian called Tanny who embarked on an unintended adventure to the far North of the world. She had some plans to go north, but not that north…those plans unravelled and Greenland became a serious option to live!

The first few people who found out about this thought it was a joke. Some less geographically aware didn’t even know Greenland was a real country. It is on the opposite side of the world to Australia, after all.

You’re invited to learn more about the world with her as discovers the Arctic and tries to make a life in Greenland, the fourth continent she’s lived in.

The Garland Girl »

A blog about a girl, her canon & her love affair with the world. This is a collection of outfits, food, travel and adventure.
The Gift Is Not The Soap »

This is a personal journey of self-discovery and growth after starting, growing and eventually selling my business, Billie Goat Soap.
The Girl Behind The Dress »

The girl who came gift wrapped »

This is a blog which celebrates the "normal" things in life: Getting nothing done all day on your day off, but managing to get through an entire season of Modern Family; that first wonderful stretch when you wake up after a heavy night sleep; laying on a hammock in Summer… because behind the Photoshop that seems to be everywhere on the internet, life doesn't really look like that.
The Girl With a Bow »

a twenty something girl stuck between the geek world and the girl world.
The Good Girl Confessional »

A personal blog about being single, over 40 and dating from behind the picket fence.
The Good the Bad and the Italian »

A blog about food, films, family as well as other stuff n' nonesense with an Italian connection.
The Good, The Bad & The Unnecessary »

A blog about stuff, with some stuff about things also. Mostly good, some bad and a little bit unnecessary.
The Google Year »

The Google Year is one girl's mission to find adventure, happiness, love and the perfect wardrobe in what Google defines as one year – 365.242 days.

Each week includes a new personal challenge (aimed at achieving The Google Year's mission) as well as book reviews, lifestyle, fashion and social commentary, and all of the latest and greatest things to do in Melbourne and around the world.

The Grass is Always Greener »

Its a blog about looking at life a little differently. The grass isn't always greener on the other side, its perfect on yours!
The House »

house, living & travel ideas & images
The House Couture »

Particular Flairs about Design, Well-Living and Lifestyle
The Hunt Life »

I write about my husband, life as a newly wed, living with a kidney transplant, book reviews, beauty reviews, fixing our house, DIY, our 3 dogs, work and pretty much everything else nothing is off limits on my blog.
The Hut Chronicles »

A blog about our small hut, large garden, a couple of friendly dogs, our quiet life. I live in our little hut, in rural Tasmania, with my husband Rob, and our two German Shepherds, Nigella and Claudia. I love food, from growing it, reading recipes, planning menus to shopping, and of course eating it!
The Illuminated Life »

Spiritual and philosophical insights to consider in your daily life. Make your personal quest bold, creative and unique. Discover your innate wisdom and pure creative spark!
The Imperfect Crafter »

A personal blog about crafting life imperfectly because imperfection is the new black!
The Inspired Notebook »

Books, resources & inspiration to create a life you love
The Joyfallee Chronicles »

A whimsical world of imagination, where chickens and their animal friends reign supreme and people participate as often-bemused and hopefully amused onlookers. Joyfallee is situated on 5 acres in the rural fringe of Sydney. It is home to a varied menagerie including chickens, horses and rabbits. I am a veterinarian and sometime writer and am privileged to give voice to the shenanigans of the animals that share my home via this blog. (Country Living / Pets)
The Language of Love »

Blogging on random things that matter to me (or to someone) about migration, entrepreneurship, marriage and self re-discovery.
The life and Style of Me »

The LIFE She Made »

Kristy is a mother of three children who loves food, eating and cooking. The LIFE She Made is a blog about cooking interspersed with stories about life and family.
The Little Blue Bicycle »

A blog about food, craft and things that make me smile.
The Little Quirks »

Fashion, Inspiration and Life
The Little World of Linda »

A bi-weekly where you can experience the joy that one can receive from the simple things in life – whether it be a craft project, a cute new restaurant, a nifty beauty tip or through experiencing the big world around us.
The Living Well in Retirement Challenge »

Documenting the challenges and changes in lifestyle and living encountered by retirees – with the intention of living life well!
The Love Bites »

My adventures being a wife, businesswoman, author and puppy mama. The story begins with sleeptalking and only gets better from there!
The Lover List »

Daily dose of raw honesty with a whole lotta attitude.
The Mindful Mum »

Finding the joy in the little things & trying not to swear too much! A journey from resentfulness and discontent to mindfulness & calm (I hope!)
The Missus Blogs »

A lifestyle blog that documents my journey as a wife and mother
The Mother Load (Australia) »

I'm Sophie, a mother of two girls who believes the art of motherhood is best learned from the instincts of ourselves, and the wisdom of others.
The Naughty Corner of Social Niceties »

Every social situation has someone who ignores the rules of social niceties. I am that someone.
The new girls blog »

The New Housewife »

If DIY, decoration, food & cocktails are your things, we could be good friends!
The Official Website of Jennifer Hansen »

Magazine style – opinion, health, beauty, humour, social, fashion
The Ordinary Smile ; »

Live, laugh, love!
The Perfect Monday »

The Pistachio Tree »

A photographic journey of our travels capturing moments of beauty in everyday life.
The Pixie Puzzle »

The Plumbette »

Plumbing worth blogging about from a female plumber's point of view!
The Practical Princess »

A lifestyle blog from Sydney! Topics include beauty, entertainment and food in Sydney from the life of a twenty-something.
The Princess & The Geek »

Full of rambles and rants, geekery, pretty things that make your heart flutter and all things awesome in this universe.
The Quick Unpick »

The repat numbat »

In which an engineering/researcher mum tries to make sense of her old hometown after years overseas and with toddler in tow. Casually scientific, usually provocative (sorry, mummy bloggers), lightly sarcastic.
The Rhythm Method »

The Rhythm Method: taking life and contraception one day at a time. I write about life, family and my budding writing career. I don't do craft, cushion covers or recipes.
The same backwards as forwards »

Pushing words around.
The Secret Life of Jen »

Blogging about life, love and fitness.
The Secret Life of Samara »

I am a twenty something year old Australian blogger. I seek to share my life with my readers- the good and the bad. I often include recipes, craft ideas and things I have been up to. Come on over and say hello!
The Serenity Space »

Living a magickal life .. Musings & Photography on life
The Stewardess Bible »

Making life easier for every Super yacht Stewardess. Full of great hospitality and housekeeping tips.
The Taste of Freedom »

Post separation dating in Melbourne with a sexy twist.
The Teensy, Tiny, Insignificant Details »

A personal blog about life in general and whatever comes with it. Which is mostly food!
The things we do »

The Travelling Unicorn »

A girl travelling the world in a unicorn onesie. A little bit of race, politics and geek culture
The Urban Diet »

A Melbourne mum blogging with love from the burbs about food, urban dance and life.
The Very Inappropriate Blog »

The place where I can say all the things that woud otherwise get me fired, unfirended or kicked out of the P&C
The Wanderer »

A 20 something Australian girl figuring her life out in the glorious English countryside.
The Wanderer »

I live in Sydney. I am blessed to be in this wonderful place, perched on the edge of the ocean, at the world’s end, a point far south of the equator. This blog reveals glimpses of this antipodean city and its people. You’ll read their thoughts and sometimes, their tales. You’ll enjoy moments captured in random images. You’ll wander through articles about ordinary life in a stunning place.
The Well-Planned Wife »

A blog about my goals and how others can achieve theres in the areas of health, fitness and wellness; personal finance; career and home.
The Wifey Chronicles »

The Wonder Amid the Chaos »

An Aussie mum sharing the wonder and the chaos in living overseas for Hubby's work.
The Year of Zoë »

A mission to complete 30 things before I'm 30. It follows my 365 day adventure to live life, learn new things and expand horizons.
The Yummy Mummy Train »

Singaporean new mom living and loving large in Australia talks shop, occasionally freaks out, and waxes lyrical about the crazy roller-coaster ride that is Motherhood.
themoneyorthegoat »

Oh the stories I could tell! Personal, crazy, unbelievable kooky and heart-breaking short stories from my life. If you like David Sedaris you will like the goat!
There's A Lady in the House »

Just th eramblings of a Mum living in an all male household. Some recipes, some clothing made, thoughts about life in general.
thesocialgeek »

I write about the things I like.
the_food_artisan »

it's all about papercrafts, photography, cooking, food and life
Things What I Have Seen »

Fashion, make-up, movie reviews, lifestyle bloggin'
Think BIG. Start small. »

Think BIG. Start small. started out of my BIG dreams to do my life differently …

– eat less
– move more
– reduce my impact on the environment
– save money
– be a better wife, mother, friend, sister, daughter, woman etc.
– help others
– make a difference in the world and fulfill my purpose in life… whatever that turns out to be.

thirtysomethingmama »

For those on the bumpy journey that is fertility…
This Beautiful Life »

A daily blog dedicated to memorable Mumma moments and the city I call home, Brisbane. Live, love & laugh!
this blooming life »

Adventures of a country girl, balancing working from home, farming and gardening – eek!
This Charming Mum »

This Charming Mum is about the quest to stay interested and interesting in the transition from professional life to parenthood. Join me for book reviews, parenting stories and ideas for nourishing your mind as well as your kids.
This is Who I Am »

A Blog about teaching, home decor, crafts and general life stuff!
This Mid 30s Life »

A light and fluffy blog penned by a mother of 2.
This That and Everything Else »

Its a blog about a normal simple life… Wife and partner, occasional bitter infert, solitary liver of life and many children of the animal kind. Dreamer, reader, creator, painter and lover.
Thoroughly Nourished Life »

Thoroughly Nourished Life is a blog about nourishing every part of your life: from cooking, to gratitude for everyday moments, to keeping your mind and body healthy.
Through My Looking Glass »

My name is Katherine and I live in a world of movies, music, style, photography, inspiration, creativity, and cake
Tiffany Lamb Choice Whisperer »

Actress talks crap through life's challenges
Tilly and Kira »

Tiny Savages »

Lifestyle blog with Little Savages
TM With Style »

For the love of interiors, fashion, lifestyle and escapades
TOT: HOT OR NOT The decisive guide to family-friendly Melbourne & beyond »

Reviews of family-friendly activities, events, products, dining out – is it HOT/NOT?
Melbourne, Regional VIC & beyond
Travel Live Learn »

A travel and lifestyle blog developed by a media buff who loves sharing inspiration and adventure with others.
TRAVELIZTERA: Randomly Entertaining! »

A lifestyle blog which talks about EVERYTHING related to LIFE.
Treechanged »

Treechanged is a lifestyle blog, about a family making the move from the suburbs to the bush.
Tropical Mum »

With two school-aged boys, a husband, a part-time job and a recently-completed degree, this Canadian/Australian knows how busy life can be. She doesn't always get it right, but she's trying and sometimes the failures make for a good story and a laugh.

Sometimes funny, sometimes thoughtful, always real and always in thongs…the shoes, not the underwear.

TropicalColours »

Trying Not To Disappear »

A personal journey through my own experience of anxiety, depression and panic.
trying something new »

arts & crafts, lifestyle, personal
Tully & Mishka »

A blog about learning to parent, learning to sew and trying to live a more sustainable life.
Tully's Blog »

My personal exploration of disability and my adventures along the way. This started as a travel blog but now I write about how I deal with having a somewhat new disability and the way people react.
Tune in to Radio carly »

Twenteen »

The adventures. views and thoughts of a twenty-something feeling and thinking her way through life
Twenty5seven »

Busy Mama Laura tries to squeeze 25 hours into each day to work, study, sew and raise her two daughters. Tips, hints, recipes and more.
Two Pretty Birds »

Lifestyle by Angie and Suzanne. Beauty, Travel, DIY, Food+Drink.
twoplicates »

We like food, makeup, clothes and pretty things 🙂
Click on our blog to read more on our ventures and opinions of makeup and food, amongst other things 🙂
Under the Loupe »

Style, jewels and family
Unwritten Etiquette of the Governess World »

Outback and Governess Etiquette, Wisdom, Stories, Poetry and more…
Upon A Hill »

Knitting kids craft.
My life in the Blue Mountains
Vanessa de Largie »

Australian actress and author – Vanessa de Largie's blog. Books, Arts, Feminism, Women's Issues, Acting
Vanilla Bliss »

A lifestyle blog written by Rhiannon who lives in Sydney
Vanya Says So »

This is a Blog which will take you on my journey of seeking a healthier lifestyle. The ups and downs, the good and the bad.

It's all about health, fitness, lifestyle, inner happines and everything inbetween.

Veronica Sullivan | We Do Ron Ron Ron »

A blog on books, writing, feminism, and pop culture.
Victoria Katerina »

A blog about makeup, beauty, my life and general things that take my fancy
Victoriashhh »

A Blog about motherhood, happiness & some times fashion
vintage gloss »

This blog contains details of my life, children, style, diy, crafts and pretty much anything I can take a photo of.

Our home in Ariah Park where everything old is new again. Needful things, vintage, books, retro, collecting, dolls, toys, travel, renovating, craft, window displays, Australiana, homeschool, distance education, make overs and road trips in our cosy little caravan we call Mouse House can all be found here.
Violet Lulu »

Virtual Jottings »

Photography blog interspersed with general life observations including the occasional book review.
voyage dans le temps »

Voyage dans le temps blogs about everything girly from beauty to nail polish to jewellery to shopping and most importantly, food adventures. I love to give my thoughts on my latest hauls and food experiences. I repeatedly tell myself I need to stop shopping, but Ive learnt that its physically impossible. So instead, Ive decided to embrace it and share my experiences with the blogging world.
Wallflower Jane »

Blog of a 22 year old designer and creative, blogging on life, design, fashion and pretty things.
Waste No Do Want »

A renaissance womans' quest to refabulise fabularity from collected, scrounged, inherited, fossicked & acquired hoards. A self taught mixed media artist, this late bloomer adores rescuing the gorgeous stuff others regard as waste! Quirkyness and frustrations are included as she demonstrates that life's way too short to be precious or to take everything too darn seriously!
Wearing Wanderlust »

From fashion to decor, travel and even baking – Wearing Wanderlust is all about my adventures and what inspires me in everyday life.
web-goddess »

I've been blogging for 11 years, with 10 of those in Australia. Yep. Old school.
Welcome to the Family »

Where life is a little bit left of the middle, ramblings of our 'everyday'
What I Do in My Spare Time »

What May Says »

A blog from writer Erica Enriquez as she discovers Sydney and beyond.
What Sarah Did Next: »

Hi, I'm married with three boys, a dog and a cat. I've been writing on and off most of my life. Blogging is my creative outlet, my opportunity to make life all about me for a brief soul-reviving moment. I write about all kinds of things: my kids, my family, my opinions on anything in the news. Oh and for 6 months of the year, I talk a fair bit about the All Blacks and/or rugby union in general. Because I love it. As far as category goes, I'd say maybe women or personal? Your call, I'm happy either way.
Cheers, Sarah
What She Said »

Every day I post an entry from one of my diaries, that was written on the same day (date and month) that I post it, from any year between 1970 to the present.
What's her name again? »

The thoughts, rants and opinions of a woman in today's society
What's Next? »

gardening, travelling, skiing and windsurfing my way through life.
When Ideas Fail »

Where's My Water? »

Lifestyle, food, pets, relationship, love, restaurant reviews, family, romance.
Whereslanda »

A personal blog mostly about life in general.
Wherever the Day takes You »

A weird and wonderful ride though blogville with Mrs Average!
Wherever We Find Ourselves »

Whisperings of Life »

Whoa, Mamma! »

One mothers journey going from Woe to Whoa! A blog about Motherhood & Womanhood and all the lovely chaos that comes with it.
wilddarts »

musings of a stylish PR executive. The ultimate source for individuals interested in fashion, style and interior design.
Will Be »

Will Be is the cooler, nicer and funnier version of myself. It's a collation of everything I enjoy, my opinions, the food I eat on a daily basis.
WindowLane »

About gardening, chickens, art, website workings, photography
With Grace »

A blog about living a life you love and loving the life you live. Poetry and photography feature often.
With Grace & Eve »

With Grace & Eve speaks of love, life, motherhood, creativity, inspiration, health and meditation.
Woah Molly! »

Writing, rambling, geekdom and books, books, books!
wobbly teetering blogging »

inappropriate shoe shopping – and other accessorising. Exploring the social disability tangled through the zeitgeist.
Wolfe Was »

'Wolfe Was' is a Seventeen year old blogger, writer, photographer, artist, musician and thinker. She believes in positive and negative self expression as a way of evolution and learning. She doesn't sleep consistently and this results in an almost constant online presence.
wolffroundaboutjourney »

Personal life
Wonderfully Women »

Celebrating life as a single mum, sharing recipies, healthy habits and anything that might bring a smile to your face
wonderwebby »

abstract wonderings about creative things
Woogs World »

Worddancing »

Parenting, pop culture, opinion with a spot of fiction. You'll have fun here.
Words and Wanderlust »

Between flights of fancy, here lives one girl's reality– where she strings poetry, shoots blurs and roams aimless.

Inspired by all things adorable, this turf is half-Where The Wild Things Are and half-500 Days of Summer.

World According To Bek »

Anything and everything
Write About Now »

Thoughts and musings about the stuff that matters… tv, books and movies. And life in general.
Write of the Middle »

A blog for the middle aged! Life through the eyes of Min, a 50 year old woman who walked away from the corporate life she had led since the age of 17 and who’s new motto is “love what you do and do what you love”. Write of the Middle is a blog about life and topics of interest to those who are on the right side of the middle in this journey of life. It talks about the benefits of living life more mindfully and ways and means to seeking balance of mind, body and spirit. Min also shares her love of photography.
www.amybrierly.com »

cruelty-free beauty, fitness, vegan living and healthy lifestyle motivation
Xamdi Talk »

Blog about the Multicultural community of Australia (focused on the Youth), Somalia and life! My blog comes from the perspective of a young aussie muslim girl who wants to let others know that we have a voice too.
Yellow Dandy Dreams »

The crafty life of a SAHM in Freo!
YOLO Diary »

You Got That At An Op Shop?! »

One girls view on navigating Perths Op Shops, Swap Meets, Garage Sales and a little of everything in between! Subscribe to the blog at www.yougotthatatanopshop.com
You, Me and Scotland »

A haphazard adventure through eclectic ramblings. I write about thing that interest me, I write about things that don't interest me. Sometimes I watch James Bond movies and occasionally I read books; both of which I blog about, of course.
Zero at the Bone »

[m i a o w] the cat »

Building a catamaran to live on while existing on an oily rag with two small people who were not part of the plan.
~Happy Wife, Happy Life~ »

On a mission to becoming healthier, vibrant, accepting and more @ peace with life….
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