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Chantelle Ellem – Fat Mum Slim – Featured Blogger

This weeks featured blogger we have the wonderfully talented Chantelle from Fat Mum Slim.  You may know her from some fabulous projects such as the hugely popular Photo of the Day photography challenge and Scatter the love, beautifully design warm fuzzies to send via snail mail.

When and why did you start your blog?BLOGGER-INTERVIEW-FATMUMSLIM
I started my blog back in July 2008 when I was a new mum and craving a little space for myself. It originally started as a weightless diary/blog and quickly evolved to be a little bit of everything and more.

Describe your blog in 20 words or less
Fat Mum Slim is where I share living my life inspired, recipes, photography, parenting and anything that tickles my fancy.

What are your 5 must have tools for blogging?
A good camera, an iPhone, an Mac laptop, a brain full of ideas, and I’m loving my Wacom tablet too.

What do you enjoy most about being a blogger?
The life it allows me to live. I love that I get to travel and take my family with me. I love that I get to spend as much time with my kids as possible {which is hard to juggle sometimes} and work at the same time. I love all the lovely readers that share their lives with me. I love the community, and the engagement. I love that I get to connect with people in all corners of the world, that without blogging might just not have happened. I love it a lot.

What’s the best blogging advice you’ve ever received?
Oh gosh, so many. I think because I’m creative person, the best I can remember is to create before you consume. Which means get cracking on you’re own stuff each day before you let the world into your creative mind. Was that too deep? Ha!

What has been your blog’s biggest achievement?
I think it has to be FMS Photo A Day. I’m just so proud of that baby. In case you don’t know what it is, it’s a photo a day challenge that I started back in 2012. People all over the world take photos each day and share them.

What do you find is the best way to help promote your blog?
I love Facebook for blog promotions. It’s a lot harder to figure out now then it was 3 years ago, but it’s still a great space to connect with your audience.

What are your tips to overcome the dreaded Bloggers block?
I have written a lot on this topic, but my very best advice is to close your laptop and go and put your feet in the sand. Just get out. Take a day or two off and just experience life. And then come back and let the ideas roll…

Do you (or do you plan to) make any income from your blog?
I do make an income from my blog, and have for over a year now.

What future goals do you have for your blog?
At the moment I feel like I’m treading water with it, while my baby is growing and I give her all my attention, but I when she’s less dependent on me I want to put more energy in, create new ideas and do more collaborations. Next month I’m launching an App though, that’s been a dream for me for a while!

What is your all time favourite post that you would love people to read?
I love this one: Up in the air encounters because I was just so touched on that day, and I love re-living it. I’m a heart on my sleeve kinda girl.

What is your most popular post (in number of comments, or traffic received)?
That post had the most engagement. The highest traffic posts are my photo a day lists though.

Who are your 5 favourite bloggers and why?
Design Love Fest, The Beetleshack, Baby Mac, Woogsworld and Ink and Cleaver

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