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I’ve been getting tons of mail with lots on questions about the list and how it works. So here area few FAQ, if your question still isn’t answers contact me

How often is the list updated? I added my blog yesterday, but I don’t see it?

I TRY to update once a month. So please be patient, I promise your blog will be added as soon as I can.

I added my blog weeks ago, I don’t see it?

First stop should be the search just above the list. It can be hard to spot your blog when scrolling through such a large list, but try the search. If you still don’t see it contact me, there may have been an issue with your listing.

Do you need me to send you my stats to work out the ranking?

No, I don’t require anything from you guys. So please don’t send me your stats, as much as I am a stats junkie…it’s like flashing ALL your bits. Keep a bit of mystery ladies, you only share that with special people 😉

How are the rankings worked out? I know I get more traffic than those people, your list is wrong!

Yup, it probably is. I’ve never said the list is the most accurate thing in the world, it just isn’t possible. But id say its about 90% accurate. Lots of different factors will affect how you rank, your blog platform, if you have your own domain, how old your domain is and much more.

The metrics used to calculate the list are a combinations of Google, Alexa and Klout. If you are a twitter user, I would recommend you register for Klout.

I want to be removed from the list.

Are you sure you aren’t taking it a little too seriously? At the end of the day, a number doesn’t define who you are as a blogger, the list is a way to help showcase and discover new bloggers. But, if it bothers you that much, I guess you can contact me and I will take you off. It can take up to a week for change requests to be processed.

I am in the wrong category.

If you have a specific category, please let me know when you submit your blog. I don’t have time to read through your last 50 post to try and work out what it is you blog about most. If you don’t have a clearly defined description of your blog. If I can’t find it, new readers aren’t going to be able to either..so you might want to fix that too. Or, I just clicked the wrong box..it happens. Contact me and I can fix that up, again, It can take up to a week for change requests to be processed.

You don’t have a category for me.

We have a wonderfully diverse array of bloggers, and it can be hard to categories some of you. The categories are going to be an on going work in progress. While I want to have somewhere that everyone can fit in some way, just for easy of use I dont’t want to end up with 100 categories. If you still really think there is a major category missing, contact me.

I want to guest post for Blog Chicks.

Great! Blog Chicks is accepting guest post submissions on blogging related topics contact me with your pitch.

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