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Featured Blogger- Candice DeVille/ Super Kawaii Mama

Come meet this week’s Featured Blogger, Candice DeVille from Super Kawaii Mama

When did you start your blog?

I started blogging on the 17th February 2008 so my blog has just turned two years old! It has become such a big part of my life that it feels like I’ve always done it.candice

Why did you start blogging?

A few reasons. One is that as a stay at home mum I was beginning to feel very isolated, especially seeing as I didn’t fit the traditionally “mummy” role nor did I feel the need to conform. I found I was starting to cop a lot of criticism from other local mothers about the way I dressed and decided that I wanted to write about my style and how being myself through fashion was a brilliant way to feel good. Initially the blog began as a self indulgent way to keep track of my wardrobe, with the idea that it would form some sort of personal fashion data base a’la Clueless! Also, I have worked in such a variety of roles of the years that I wanted to find a way to bring all my skills together and to share all the knowledge I’ve learnt. Blogging was the perfect answer!

Describe your blog in 20 words or less

Look beyond the little black dress and find glamour in your everyday. Imagination and joy are your best style friends.

What are your 5 must have tools for blogging?

  • A digital camera (it doesn’t have to be fancy) and a good eye for photography.
  • A voice recorder for notes on the go.
  • A (very) basic knowledge of HTML or CSS
  • A quite(ish) space
  • A thick skin!

What is your favourite part of being a blogger?

One of my goals when I started blogging was to try and connect with like minded people. I’ve been overwhelmed by how many amazing people I’ve met and become great friends with. No woman is an island! That and being able to work around the hours my young family keeps so that I can follow my dreams and still watch them achieve theirs!

What would be the biggest thing you have learnt since starting your blog?

Blogging as a career choice is not as easy as it is made out to be. I have never worked harder or kept longer hours in my life! Also, for me it is highly addictive and I struggle to ever ‘turn off’ and relax without some internet connection at hand.

If you could start again, what would you do differently?

Remember that not everyone reading your blog has the best intentions and once you put it out there you have very little control over how your work can be used.

What has been your blog’s biggest achievement?

Signing a deal to create a Super Kawaii Mama capsule fashion collection for a local Australian label!

What advice would do you have for new bloggers?

Know how much of yourself you want to share, know where to draw the line. Know your limits and use your energy to create positive connections.

Do you (or do you plan to) make any income from your blog?

Yes, my blog has become part of my job these days. It was never intended to be that way but as the hours I put into it grew to become more than full time, I realised that the only way to continue to deliver was to find some financial support for all those hours work. However, one of the first things I did was to create a code of conduct for myself so I would always remember why I was writing, for whom and retain the integrity of the page.

What future goals do you have for your blog?

I do have a bit of a road map, but I also try to be flexible and see where it takes me. The main goal is to continue to grow and evolve without losing the central theme to the blog or being overly influenced by what other people in the same space are doing.

Who are your 5 favourite women bloggers and why?

Nubby Twiglet – Extremely well written content, great design inspiration and incredibly helpful. I so admire her strong, clean and organised style.

Amelia Arsenic – She’s aesthetically strong and courageous, has a brilliant business mind and is infinitely creative both as a musician, designer and model.

Jennine Tamm – Author and creator of the IFB (Independent Fashion Bloggers). She’s brought together a cohesive community of fashion bloggers from around the world, helping them through what is a potential mine field as well as being a driving force behind fashion bloggers validation as ‘real’ media.

Violet Le Beaux – She’s a brilliant friend and we are so often on the same creative wave length- as well as she’s a bloody nice girl!

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  1. I enjoyed reading all the background of how and why you started blogging Candice. Some great tips there too for new bloggers (and old ones like me!)

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