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Sydney Mummy Bloggers Meet

Brenda from Mummy Time has organised a Sydney Mummy blogger meet. The meetup is being generously sponsored by Nuffnang.

When: Saturday March 20th at 4pm
Where: Madame Fling Flongs in Newtown
RSVP: Here

The meetup is open to any mum/parenting bloggers,  you don’t need to be a Nuffnang blogger to attend.

Should be a great, so don’t miss out! It’s always so nice to put a face to the blog and get together and network with other like minded bloggers.

Have fun girls!

About Leigh

Leigh is the founder of Blog Chicks and has been blogging, managing content and moderating communities in various forms since 2002. She now makes a living from her passion, which offsets her evenings spent Blog Chicks'ing and looking at cat gifs. You can find her personal blog at absoluteLeigh, and her first ever community at All For Women


  1. Hey you guys, thanks for the free publicity. I big puffy heart youse all..=)

    also, looking forward to meeting some of you at the meetup!

  2. Oh man cannot believe I missed it. Hope you all had a good time.

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