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Top 100 Australian Women Bloggers July list update

That time of month again, another update to the Top 100 Australian Women Bloggers List

If you have any suggestions for the list or the site, I would love to hear them.

I hope you are enjoying our Featured Blogger interviews, stay tuned tomorrow for our feature with our new #1 blogger Rhonda from Down to Earth.

Don’t forget to stop by the forums and say Hi!

New and returning blogs to the list this month….

About Leigh

Leigh is the founder of Blog Chicks and has been blogging, managing content and moderating communities in various forms since 2002. She now makes a living from her passion, which offsets her evenings spent Blog Chicks'ing and looking at cat gifs. You can find her personal blog at absoluteLeigh, and her first ever community at All For Women


  1. Thanks for doing the list again this month Leigh – you’re a trooper 😉

  2. I’d like to nominate http://www.annikskelton.com … Her blog is witty, bitchy & hilarious, but i’m sure she’s a nice chick underneath!

  3. hello!

    just wanted to say.. YAY for daydream lily. she is my favourite 😀

  4. Thanks for this list, hope to find interesting blogs here!

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