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The Blog Chicks team came across this article written by 2 East Removals, a removalist Perth business and home owners trust and they have agreed that we can publish it for our readers to learn from. We appreciate them allowing us to do this.

Moving is undoubtedly stressful. There are dozens of tasks to complete, and all usually within a narrow timeframe. One important aspect this is frequently overlooked by people moving is making sure you book a removalist with the correct sized vehicle. The last thing you want on moving day is three or four trips back and forth in a truck that is far too small for your move. The question is, how do you select the right type of vehicle for your move? Read on for a decent guide based on your house size.

Before I start, I will explain what a CBM is.


CBM stands for cubic metre. One cubic metre is one metre wide by one metre high by one metre long.

To make this easier to envision for your move, I will list some furniture and their general cubic metres. I’ve also attached a video to help picture this is a removal truck more easily.

  • Book and Wine Carton: 0.1 cbm
  • Tea Chest Carton: 0.15 cbm
  • Double Bed and Mattress: 1.2 cbm
  • Queen Bed and Mattress: 1.8 cbm
  • Washing Machine: 0.6 cbm
  • Fridge: 1–1.5cbm
  • Three-Seater Couch: 1.5 cbm
  • BBQ: 0.75 cbm
  • Bookcase: 0.6 cbm
  • Piano: 2 cbm

Three-Tonne Truck

A three-tonne truck has a capacity of anywhere between 17 cbm and 25 cbm.

Can’t picture a three-tonne truck? Picture the small rental trucks companies such as Hertz and Thrifty hire out for people doing a DIY move. These trucks are common in removals because they don’t generally require a truck licence.

These trucks are great for poor-access areas, such as narrow driveways. They are also suitable for inner city moves to places like apartments because Perth City Council is very strict on parking larger trucks.

This size truck will generally fit belongings for a one- or two-bedroom property and small 3×1 Properties, such as a townhouse or duplex.

Five-Tonne Truck

A five-tonne truck is a good sized truck for most moves. Ranging from 30 cbm to 40 cbm, they can generally work in properties with poor access and are a lot more versatile than an eight- or ten-tonne trucks while still holding a good amount of furniture.

Suitable houses would be most 3×2 properties, such as townhouses, villas, and detached houses.

Eight-Tonne Truck 

Now we are getting into the larger sized trucks. Most suitable for houses with good access, such as a driveway or good street parking, eight-tonne trucks fit between 40 cbm and 50 cbm. Most come with a ramp or a large hydraulic lift. Make sure you go with a company that has one or the other.

These trucks are suitable for over 70% of four-bedroom family houses.

Ten- and Twelve-Tonne Truck

The largest available Pantech (closed roof) trucks you’ll see for house moves in Perth are ten- and twelve-tone trucks. They can range anywhere from 50 cbm to 65 cbm. Very few properties will need two trips with these trucks, and if you do, you either have to much stuff or a huge house!

These trucks are suitable for four- to six-bedroom houses with four to six occupants.

Thanks for reading and hope this information can help you select the right truck for your move.

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