In Kate’s Cart: Things I’m Loving This Month


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Hi everyone! I’m popping in today to share a couple items I’ve recently purchased. Shopping has changed A LOT for me over the past couple years and instead of impulse buying, I’ve been saving items and waiting a week or two before hitting the purchase button to make sure they’re something I really need/want. It’s been working out well because I know if I keep thinking about the product, there is a good indicator that it’s something that brings me joy. I’m doing my best to balance necessity with finding more enjoyment in the things I use every day, not to consciously declutter but to have a stronger relationship with the objects I surround myself. Yes, it sounds a little new age-y but I’ve really found that mindset to help me navigate a world where making recommendations is part of my job and while making bigger purchases on things that are unique, special, and core to my expression as a person. Needless to say, it makes shopping even more enjoyable.

Ribbed Cashmere Sweater, Everlane $145: In addition to taking out the middleman markups, I was so excited to see that Everlane is shipping items with LESS plastic! Another great reason to keep them in mind. I do like shopping for vintage sweaters to save on shipping and the waste associated with it but time is limited and I just don’t have the capacity to go on the hunt.

V Heel, Everlane $155: These were in my cart for like 3 months!! I kept thinking I had bought them and then I’d go in the closet and realize they weren’t there. I love the height of the heel and the color is my favorite color of the season! Since I waited so long to purchase they’ll still be excited to wear come spring.

Coat, H&M $199: Last year I found an amazing floor-length kimono puffy jacket at Idun that, much to my dismay, had sold out before I got around to making the purchase. This H&M one is not nearly as amazing but has a really cool cut if you live in a climate where everyone and their family is in black puffy jackets!

Boosting Lip + Cheek Stick, Onomie $30: This little stick is all I need for my lips, cheeks and even eyelids! They have three new colors that are bright and vibrant and I would highly suggest you try out Onomie in general. It’s makeup that’s got all the goodness of skincare packed inside.

Three Pack (Kindling, Rattan, Chandelier), Otherland $89: I’ve been burning these candles NONE STOP. I love the packaging and the boxes are so pretty I’m planning to reuse them for holiday gift wrapping!

DOSON, Diptique $95: I love how fresh and discretely floral this scent is. I tend to gravitate toward more masculine fragrances over feminine, and this is a great unisex scent.

Mini Bucket Bag, Mansur Gavriel, $595: This was my big treat-your-self purchase of the fall. I had watched this beauty go down the runways and it made me really happy I didn’t get the basic leather bucket bag because this one is softer and less structured. I also love the size… I can sling it around my body and still carry the diaper bag without feeling like I’m heading to the airport while running errands with the kids.