How to Take Care of Your Loving Pets


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Pets are generally companion animals the people keep with them for personal company or protection. These pet animals are different from other animals that people maintain, such as livestock, sports animals, working animals, and laboratory animals. Pets are popular due to their attractive appearances, playful personalities, and personal loyalty. However, the pedigree of the pet is an important factor in selecting a pet. The most popular pet animals and birds are dogs, cats, parrots, canaries, and parakeets. However, many people keep strange animals and other exotic species, such as house rabbits, aquatic pets like tropical fish, clear water fish, sea water fish, and frogs, reptiles like turtles, snakes, and lizards, rodents such as guinea pigs, fancy rats, chinchillas, hamsters, and gerbils, and arthropod pets like hermit crabs and tarantulas also.

Study Local Restrictions before Buying Pets

Most of the cities and towns have imposed laws and restrictions on what types of pets could be kept in homes and residential areas. There are also limits to the number of pets that one household could keep. Many exotic animals could be in the banned list, such as canid hybrid, exotic cats like Savannah, snakes, lizards, and even dogs like Rottweiler or pit bull in many places. Certain animals that you might consider as pet, such as pigs, camels, horses, etc. could be classified under livestock and they could not be reared and kept within city limits. Many house owners and associations of apartments, flats, and condominiums also limit or completely forbid pets in many areas.

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