Meet the breakout twin models in The Marc Jacobs campaign


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Erin and Alyssa Hengesbach, 28, Michigan

How did you come to be cast in the campaign?

Erin: “Hugo Scott had taken a photo of us at the Twins Days Festival a few years ago and that is how they found us. Everybody that worked on the campaign really liked the photo and wanted us to be a part of it. The stylist, Lotta Volkova, got in contact with us the day before the shoot and asked if we could come to New York [the next day].”

What does it mean to be cast in the campaign together?

Alyssa: “It means more than any other person can ever know… We know how each other is feeling pretty much at all times, and having a person there who completely understands me is a luxury most people do not have. Being in all of the images together is a normal feeling since we are always together. Having the memories and the shared experiences is something that we will always get to look back on, and probably appreciate more and more throughout life.”

Erin: “It means everything to be cast in the campaign with my twin sister. She is my built-in best friend since birth and we like to do things together. I do not think that I could have done the photo shoot without her.”

Why do you think we are so fascinated by twins?

Erin: “There is an unbreakable bond that twins have, and most people can see that just by looking at us for a few minutes… It is a universal fact that twins are special. No matter what language someone speaks or country someone comes from, every person can understand and see the love that twins have for each other.”

How do you think the idea of twins plays into fashion?

Alyssa: “Twins make imagery so captivating to look at because they create such a unique picture that cannot be duplicated by anyone else. Having twins in an image just draws people in. Having two identical people standing or sitting with each other brings some kind of allure to the pictures because the physical features are the same, and the clothes or accessories seem to stand out more than they would on just one individual person.”

Do you dress the same or try to differentiate your personal styles?

Erin: “We both have the same personal style and do everything the same as far as clothes, hair and accessories. We do not wear the same clothes on the same day or anything, but our styles are the same. I have never felt the need to have a true individual style because I love that I am a twin, so an individual style has never been important.”

Alyssa: “The colours we wear are what separate us more than anything else. I like certain colours and Erin has her favourite colours, and that is the way it has been since we were old enough to dress ourselves. Accessories also differentiate our styles with different bracelets or watches, which is actually how most people learn to tell us apart to begin with.”

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