Looking For A Brisbane Osteopath That’s A ‘Head Above’ The Rest?


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The team at Blog Chicks have had great experiences and results from Brisbane based Head Above Osteopathy. We thought our readers would like to know this and if you are looking for an osteopath in the region we recommend you talk to Dr Lachlan Freebairn, director and principal osteopath of the practice, on how he can help you.  

Head Above is the new face of osteopathy in Brisbane and has recently re-branded from from Latrobe Terrace Osteopathy, a street-location style business title to one that better defines its philosophy, ethos, dynamic culture of the practice and its approach. 

Dr Lachlan Freebairn director and principal osteopath of the practice told Blog Chicks, “We are delighted to raise this new flag marking growth in the provision of osteopathy and innovative healthcare with a focus on community engagement and health promotion in Brisbane. We provide exceptional care to humans and this is one reason the title ‘Head Above’ has been chosen as it fittingly represents the human form.”

Humans love a quick fix especially when suffering pain and discomfort, but given the intelligent nature of our design, we ultimately require an intelligent approach.  “Good health is by design, certainly not by chance” says Dr Freebairn.  “Head Above Osteopathy offers both a pragmatic approach where getting back to basics counts for a lot, and where treatment and management of patients is approached at the cutting edge utilizing the latest principals in pain management, neurological assessment, and high tech equipment.”

At head above osteopathy patients can expect a thorough assessment that touches on all relevant aspects of their health and well-being. They place a particular emphasis on posture and structural alignment and have a great expertise in identifying problems facilitating correction.   By carefully and correctly identifying what the problem is they find a suitable solution for the patients with the least resistance and cement long lasting habits in a creative and pragmatic manner.

Dr Lachlan Freebairn said, “You cannot fix it until you find it. Don’t leave it alone till it’s fixed and when its fixed keep it that way.”

About Head Above Osteopathy

Head Above Osteopathy is a musculoskeletal focused healthcare clinic based at Paddington in Brisbane providing comprehensive treatment to the community. They are able to treat a wide range of individuals from infancy to retirement and excel in managing a very wide range of musculoskeletal conditions.

Their key philosophy is to facilitate a space where clients can unveil the root cause of pain and help them realise that their greatest expression of health is within their power.

To learn more about Head Above Osteopathy and their range of services visit the website here: https://headabove.com.au