A Grand Entrance: Creating Your Perfect Entryway


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by Lori Marks

What is the first thing you see upon entering someone’s home? A focal wall? A beautiful fireplace? A large window with a view of the great outdoors? Any number of things can catch your eye but how often do we pay attention to the entry itself? The entryway is the introduction to your home so styling it should be as important as any other space. A few simple tips will ensure that yours can be both beautiful and functional.

Shed Some Light On It

Don’t neglect the entry when it comes to stylish lighting options. Try a chandelier, wall sconces or a pendant. Even ceiling flush mount or semi-flush mount lighting has fun and unique styles. Choose something that works in conjunction with the entry size and style of your home.

Don’t Leave a Blank Wall 

If your entry has wall space, liven it up. A decorative mirror is always a nice option so both you and your guests can get that last look before heading out the door. A mirror can also make the space look bigger. For color, try hanging artwork. A large piece or even some smaller prints hung together will definitely have guests taking a second look. A collage of small mirrors or a sculptural piece or pieces will also add interest. You can try painting the entry in a welcoming color that is a shade lighter or darker than the rest of the walls depending on the layout of the house. If you’d like even more added appeal, wallpaper can make your entry a show-stopper.

Look Up, Look Side to Side, Look Down 

Great lighting, artwork and…wow…an entry rug! A long entry gives you the opportunity to lead the way into the rest of the house with a trendy runner. If this isn’t the case, and you simply want something for shoes, opt for a rug or mat. If you want simple and functional, find something that is machine washable and made of synthetic fibers. Remember, functional does not have to mean boring. Again, color and texture can work in large or small spaces. If you select a rug that slides easily, find a rug pad to keep it in place.

A Little Furniture, a Little Function

Now that the entry is taking shape from a decorative standpoint, think about function. An entryway can accumulate shoes, keys and mail, among other things. If you have the space, a narrow console table with a decorative tray or box keeps small items in one place. Add some vases, books and especially greenery to warm up the space. Additionally, place a bench or a chair in the corner, giving the entry a comfortable feel and allowing guests to put shoes on or take them off easily. Cubbies and decorative bins can be placed under benches and storage ottomans can be tucked under consoles to hide a variety of items. Hang cute pegs on the wall for coats if you don’t have a closet. Try a ladder and hang small baskets on it for hats and gloves. This is another great spot to add greenery. There are also floating shelves or small cabinets that can be hung and used for storage, particularly if you are dealing with a small space. 

Creativity is key with any project. Use your imagination and your resources. The entry can be the perfect space for addressing issues of function and storage while also embracing and accentuating the beauty of the rest of your home. With the entry you create, everyone who steps inside will always feel welcomed.

 Lori Marks currently works as a designer at Stonesthrow, helping clients redesign and refresh their interior space. To connect with Lori, visit Stonesthrowliving.com