How Working Out is Good for Your Career


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By Kelsey Emmanuel 

While getting a toned booty and increased muscle strength can be great, often the nonphysical benefits of exercise can be overlooked and underestimated. A regular workout routine can increase your creativity, boost your mood, improve goal setting and organizational skills, build perseverance, boost your confidence and more. Getting your sweat on can positively impact your daily work life by making you feel calm, upbeat and ready to handle anything. So, let’s dive right into the three powerful ways working out creates a foundation for a fulfilling career. 

Powerful Mood Booster

Mindset is everything. How would improved confidence, increased energy, and a can-do attitude affect your work? Would it be a lot more enjoyable? Less stressful? When you are thriving individually in your own physical and mental health, you are able to grow and improve in other aspects of your life. Constant stress can put a halt to your creativity, passion, and efficiency. It is crucial to prioritize and cultivate healthy habits that will create balance, decompress and prevent you from hitting a wall. Many studies show that working out reduces levels of cortisol, which is the body’s stress hormone. Some people even consider working out as a natural antidepressant because it promotes the production of endorphins and serotonin — your feel-good hormones. It is common to feel a sense of confidence and a feeling of empowerment after consistently working out for a few weeks. Regular exercise can also help you sleep better, which will increase your focus throughout the day. 

Goal Setting

Goal setting is a critical aspect of career development. It is a good way to check in with yourself, see how much you are progressing, and to consciously work toward achieving the next level. Goal setting takes research, planning, and commitment. As you get better at committing to fitness goals, it will be easier to more consistently set and go after short-term and long-term goals in your career. 

Build Character For Success

The last few reps of your workout are the ones that count the most when your legs are burning, your muscles are fatigued, and you are exhausted. By completing that extra mile and pushing yourself to complete two more squats, you are building discipline and determination within yourself. By persevering through the tough parts of the workout, you are able to build strength and see more results. The same goes for your career — your ability to push past stressors and overcome challenges that will help you grow in your career. 

It is essential to carve time outside of work for your mental and physical health. Treat your scheduled workouts like mandatory appointments you cannot miss. Organize your week, schedule in your exercise and commit to them!