International Society of Experimental Artists (ISEA) 28th Annual Juried Art Exhibit and Educational Symposium Comes to Flat River Gallery


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by Autumn Lau

Picture this: walking into a room full of art in several different forms — not only 2-dimensional, but also 3-dimensional in every media you can think of, created by artists from all over the world. This is the experience offered by the International Society of Experimental Artists (ISEA) 28th Annual Juried Art Exhibit and Educational Symposium at Flat River Gallery.

The former president of ISEA, Patti Sevensma, explains what the Society of Experimental Artists is. 

“The society encourages artists to explore new techniques, discover new compositional approaches, and find new concepts to create – with no rules to limit creativity,” she said. 

There are several benefits to becoming an ISEA  member such as discounted rates to symposium workshops and other activities, and members-only scholarships.

At this year’s ISEA exhibit and symposium, there are 90 pieces of art total on display. The exhibition will have several different mediums on display, such as photography, multiple color plate intaglio, etchings and many more. The only art form that won’t be present is video based on the venue’s availability. 

On the topic of experimental art, Sevensma said, “Art can be realistic or abstract; it is the approach to making the art and aesthetic results that count.”

Not only can you view the art exhibit for yourself from Sept. 7 to Oct. 26, but there are also several educational opportunities available to the public Among the workshops offered are Encaustic Demo with Candace Law on Sept. 20 and Watermedia Abstraction with Shirley Nachtrieb on Sept. 24, 25 and 26. On Oct. 12,19 and 26, Sevensma will be teaching a workshop available to Lowell Arts Members entitled: Composing and Designing Photographs. Each session varies in the cost of fees and you must register online at,
“The International Society of Experimental Artists hopes that those who visit our exhibitions will be entertained, engaged, and intrigued, and excited by the pieces they are viewing,” Sevensma expressed.

What are you waiting for? Head over to the Flat River Gallery now prepare to be blown away by the amazing art on display now!

What: “ISEA Annual Juried Exhibition”
When: Exhibition, Sept.7 – Oct. 26; Symposium, Sept. 15 – Sept. 21
Where: Flat River Gallery
Cost: $75.00