Your HelloGiggles horoscope, November 10th to November 16th: Certain signs are feeling nostalgic about the past.


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Your HelloGiggles horoscope, November 10th to November 16th: Certain signs are feeling nostalgic about the past.

Your HelloGiggles horoscope, November 10th to November 16th: Certain signs are feeling nostalgic about the past.

As we’re swimming in the depth of Scorpio season, the last few weeks have been quite explosive and emotional for everyone. Luckily, with a sweet full moon in Taurus, we have a fairly mellow astrological weather throughout the week, where you can expect to feel dreamy, poetic, and perhaps a little hopelessly romantic or nostalgic of the past.

Keep in mind that the energy this week will also be fairly quiet, self-care-oriented, and friendly, so let’s take a moment of gratitude for this oasis among deep and dark Scorpio season, shall we? Want to know what’s in store for you and your sign? Take a peek at your weekly horoscope below! Remember: Take a look at both your sun sign and rising sign, if you know it! 


Are you holding on or moving on? This is the vibe this week, Aries. Not being able to let go while simultaneously wanting to explore new territories means it’s a good time to take a trip or consider a new perspective. Are you holding on out of possessiveness and fear of change or because you truly love the person/situation you’re in? Maybe take a few days off the grid and decide for yourself.  



It’s magic time, baby. You have the power to manifest the situation you want, so use this power wisely this week. It’s a time during which you can create pretty much anything you want, whether it’s reviving a relationship, a situation, or creating something new. You could be waiting on some new beginnings as well, as you should since you have the full moon in your sign this week. Be a little patient with yourself if it doesn’t come immediately. Remember, Mercury is retrograde after all. 


It is possible that you’ll experience some losses this week. You could be the one deciding to leave a situation that was emotionally dissatisfying and unfulfilling. You could be stuck between a rock and a hard place. If this is the case, it’s best to leave the crime scene now. 


You’re losing your cool this week, Cancer. You’re experiencing so many emotions that it could be hard for you to keep track of them all or manage to regulate yourself. Keep a close eye on your friends who are attuned to you emotionally, and don’t hesitate to ask for help if you feel overwhelmed. Do note, it’s entirely possible for you to feel overwhelmed with positive emotions – like love or joy – but just know it will be a tad much.  


This week is exactly the same energy as the week prior, except the energy is less frantic, and yet, almost more potent. You’re still answering the questions of what path to choose and what to prioritize. And you’re still concerned with your housing situation, family situation, and where you want to live.  


You have abundant energy, Virgo. You’re manifesting energy and enjoying all of the hard work you’ve put into your growth. This week is about reaping the fruits of your labor (e.g. signing new contracts, enjoying your life independently, etc). You do you, Virgo—you deserve it.


There is a sense of having invested so much energy in avenues that aren’t necessarily fruitful. This week is about your foundations, your security, and your income—but are you spending way too much energy in things that don’t give you many rewards? Stop it. You’re in charge of your investments, whether it’s time, money, or energy.    


Are you revisiting the crime scene, Scorpio? You could be tempted to revisit old situations this week, perhaps situations that involved some low vibrations, like deception and lies. Be compassionate with yourself, after all, this retrograde season is hard on everyone. But also remember that honesty is the best policy, and you won’t get much by playing with blurred lines.


Secrets, so many secrets this week, Sagittarius. There are many things that you’re hiding from or that are hidden from you. And if you want to make the most out of this week, your best approach is to spend time alone and connect with yourself and your intuition in the quietness of your thoughts and inner voice. A lot of information is not revealed yet and it’s best to not give too much trust to anyone you haven’t properly vetted yet. 


Capricorn, it’s business as usual, but there could be some annoying delays for you this week. Again, you know that Mercury is retrograde and it creates delays and frustrations. This is the time to focus on asking yourself what it is you want out of your work-life to redefine your goals and creative point of view.  


You’re ready to take on the world, Aquarius—and perhaps, even start a new relationship. Although do note, as we are in retrograde season that sometimes when relationships start fast, they can also end fast. Just enjoy this extra boost of energy, passion, and creativity. Use this spark to fast-forward your projects and the things you wish to manifest in the world.


You’re making bold choices, Pisces. You’re ready to take on the world, go on a new adventure, or sail away and go on a trip. This week is about taking action after choosing a path and overcoming indecision. You made a choice and now it’s time to go after it relentlessly. Don’t hesitate to be spontaneous and impulsive, this week is actually a good time to do things with a hint of wildness.   

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