Here are all the changes happening at this year’s Women’s March 2020


Here are all the changes happening at this year’s Women’s March 2020

Here are all the changes happening at this year’s Women’s March 2020

Grab your pussy hats and decorate your protest signs—the 2020 Women’s March is happening this Saturday, January 18th, in Washington D.C., and this year’s events are looking different than those in the past.

For the previous four years, the Women’s March, which occurs around President Trump’s inaugural anniversary, has become known as the beacon of hope for women’s rights across all races and all institutions. Since its launch in 2017, groves of women have congregated to march on behalf of all women for reproductive rights, LGBTQIA rights, immigrant rights, and beyond. And while the organization has gone through a shake-up of its own, the new board of directors are implementing new changes for this year’s march.

For instance, the Women’s March is connecting with brands to aid with its production. Cora, a company that provides organic feminine care products, will be showing up to host a party-making party; give away totes with day-of march essentials; provide a bathroom trailer that will house their organic feminine care products; and offer a selfie wall, where for every selfie shared, they’ll donate $1 to Planned Parenthood. “The march is all about, and it’s a huge part of the mission and culture at Cora, too. It made sense to have a brand presence at an event that many of our team members would choose to participate in, in their personal lives,” founder Molly Hayward tells HelloGiggles.

“As a brand, we took a risk this past year by taking a stand on abortion, as we believe a woman’s sovereignty over her body is relevant and critical to the work that we do. As we head into an election year, we will continue to fight for a future where there is no uncertainty over who controls the decisions a woman makes for her own body.”

This is just one of the changes that will be occurring at this year’s march, so scroll below to see what else you need to be mindful of for before you attend.

What to expect from this year’s Women’s March

Location and events: Just like the past four events, this year’s Women’s March is going to be held in Washington D.C. and will begin at Freedom Plaza (1455 Pennsylvania Ave. NW) at 10 a.m. But if you’re going to D.C. today, you can also participate in their “week of action” event programing, where they’ll have a “Youth Rising 2020” event today and a “Fourth Wave Drag Brunch” on Sunday that will focus on three key issues: reproductive, climate, and immigrant justice.

Who will be speaking: On the day of the event, there unfortunately won’t be many or any speakers taking the stage in D.C. or at their other sister marches around the globe. However, there will be a larger focus on grassroots organizers.

What to bring: As always, make sure to wear comfortable, warm shoes and clothes. And without a doubt, bring a backpack to keep your personal items safe. Just keep in mind that there won’t be any water towers present due to the chilly weather, so bring pre-filled water containers to help you keep hydrated all day long.

How to RSVP: Whether you’re planning on attending the event in D.C. or one of the sister marches across the world, it’s important to RSVP. You can check out the RSVP page for the Washington March here or you can find the location of the other marches here.

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