Your HelloGiggles weekly horoscope, January 19th to 25th: Get ready to leave poor situations in the past


Your HelloGiggles weekly horoscope, January 19th to 25th: Get ready to leave poor situations in the past

Your HelloGiggles weekly horoscope, January 19th to 25th: Get ready to leave poor situations in the past

Things are looking good this week. Because the astro weather is bringing a wind of mushiness and sweetness over the collective, we’re feeling idealistic, romantic, and imaginative. But be ready to rock the boat, because we’re also ready to leave behind situations that feel restrictive.

On January 24th, 2020, a new moon in Aquarius will be happening. It will bring about novelty and impulsiveness. But while this is occurring, Mars will enter Sagittarius, which will push us to explore and go on adventures. So look for good plane ticket deals, because you’re bound to go on a new adventure soon.

So what does all of this mean for your sign? Let’s explore the weekly horoscope below to find out. Also, don’t forget to check your rising sign.



Are you feeling argumentative, Aries? To combat this feeling, focus on your inner world, your internal conflicts, and your inner disagreements. Debates and disputes with other people only represent emotional turmoil, so try to avoid bickering with others. And instead, consider people’s point of views and perspectives. Good news is, you actually have a lot of intuitive, friendly energy this week, so steer clear from unfruitful conflict if you can.



You have great manifesting powers this week, Taurus. If you can become crystal clear about what your heart desires, you can make your wishes come true. However, it’s also an excellent time to plan a trip or a new career move. Overall, your energy is extroverted and social—so go out and have a good time!



This week is about legality and laws for you, Gemini. While you could be facing legal matters or considering the question of whether or not you want to commit to something, you could also be considering if a choice you made is aligned with your family’s conventions and traditions. Because of the legality of everything, relationships and contracts are in focus this week, so consider all your options and consequences before making a move.  


You may feel exhausted this week, Cancer. Whether you have been pouring a lot of energy into your work, your family, or your relationship, you’re at your wits’ ends. During this time, you need to step back, delegate, and stop over-functioning. Give yourself permission to chill. 



It’s time for a complete 180, Leo. You can expect a lot of plot twists and redirections in the romantic and work departments. Try to remain open to the uncertain and unpredictable. If you do, magical things might happen for you.



This is an important week for you, Virgo. You’re closing cycles and ending tough situations that possibly brought you growth. Now it’s a time for achievements and starting new. You’re going to be challenged to let go of your analytical grasp on reality, so you can step into a more creative and emotional type of energy.


Not only are you laying down the law, but your communication could be quick and cutting this week. Because you have a firm focus on family and security, you may go down the rabbit hole of your childhood and connect with family members—or more symbolically, seek a sense of security through self-reliance or community. Either way, keep your tissues close as you’ll experience emotional energies.



You’re reflecting an emotional situation this week, Scorpio. To help get through this difficult time, journal, write, and speak whatever is on your mind. But if you have been feeling stuck on a situation, cut the chain and free yourself from this emotional puddle—you no longer have to pout.



You’re all about communication this week, Sagittarius. Whether you’re reading a new book, taking a new class, or having exciting conversations—this week is all about acquiring new knowledge and wisdom, collaborating with others, making friends, and acquiring necessary skills. This is a positive week for you to build healthy foundations, as you’ll be proactive about taking action and initiative with the people around you. 



You have so much on your plate, Capricorn. You’re laser-focused on your goals and wants this year. But it’s time to ask for help and delegate. You have a natural tendency to believe that no one else can do it better than you, which leads you to end up with too much work on your plate. De-le-gate or postpone your tasks. Give yourself a break and only do the things that are truly rewarding for you.


You’re focused on your long-term goals this week. You’re building a successful career, finding your long-term mate, and making goals with your mate. However, there are some energies that are still brewing in your subconscious. Take your time—there’s no rush to executing your life goals and plans. Good things take time. 



You’ve been feeling particularly stressed, as you’ve been recovering from mental anguish. A lot of the energies this week are about spending time alone, meditating, and spending time dreaming and reflecting. It’s a good time to focus on arts, spirituality, volunteering, and charity. Or perhaps you should go on a journey that will fill your mind and soul. 

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