Your HelloGiggles weekly horoscope, March 1st to March 7th: Don’t jump into new projects this week


Your HelloGiggles weekly horoscope, March 1st to March 7th: Don’t jump into new projects this week

Your HelloGiggles weekly horoscope, March 1st to March 7th: Don’t jump into new projects this week

Are you feeling dreamy, yet? This week we’re walking on a cloud, imagining options and possibilities, and designing a potential future. It’s time to put our rose-colored glasses on. 

While dreaming, imagining, creating, and envisioning are activities that are encouraged and promoted this week, remember that Mercury is retrograde, and the Piscean energies are occurring at the same time. This is the Universe flashing a stop sign to NOT move forward with your dreamy plans just yet. Make sure that you feel grounded and you have your footing and anchoring before you move ahead with that brand new great idea of yours.

Let’s take a look at the sun sign horoscopes. Make sure to check your rising sign as well if you know it. 



Despite the Piscean and retrograde vibes, you do have a strong sense of grounding this week. You’re focused on your growth, abundance, money, and family. This week is a good time to promote grounding and stability all around, whether it’s on investments, money, possessions, and long-term goals. Remember: growing and revising things are fine, but don’t throw yourself in new projects just yet. 



Are we having the blues, Taurus? This week is a good time to spend some time alone, dream, create, meditate, read, and reflect. A Netflix marathon is just what the doctor ordered. Just make sure to take some time for yourself, away from the noise and business, and you’ll be just fine.



It’s a spooky week for you, Gemini! You’re feeling drawn to the occult. Perhaps you’re drawn to astrology, tarot, magic, or you’re more traditional, and simply drawn to exploring secrets, mysteries, and the unknown. This is a good time to connect with yourself and explore your own psyche–you might be surprised of what you find during this introspective time.



You’re focused on relationships and family affairs this week, seeking to find your footing to feel anchored and stable. This week can be a good time to achieve such things. And when you’re making decisions, prioritize the options that allow for more stability. While you may feel tempted to go on sweet escape, place your focus on what will nurture you the most to help bring security.



This week is about coming out of an isolation period, during which you could have been very focused on finding stillness, wisdom, and knowledge. After this period of retreat, you’re now ready to step back into the world and show your vibrant colors again. Relationships are an area of special focus for you, and because this Mercury retrograde is so meaningful for you, you might find yourself pining over past relationships. Remember to follow your instincts.



For the past few weeks, your energy has been very focused on establishing yourself within partnerships and love affairs, and this week involves the same idea. Focus on cultivating situations where you are already invested to foster growth. Now is not the time to take your roots somewhere else and start fresh. It’s more so a time of deepening your investment in situations that are stable and rewarding.



It looks like you’re really trying hard to achieve a sense of roots through a housing or family situation—but remember: Mercury is retrograde and it’s affecting your judgement and reason quite strongly. Make sure to double- and triple-check with your most reasonable friend on how your plans sound, and delay, if possible, any decision to next week.



Your energy is quite restless, and it looks like you’re considering a trip, a journey, a move, or simply waiting rather impatiently on some news. Again, Mercury is retrograde, so don’t despair if things don’t come to you before March 9th. You’re particularly affected by this retrograde and will find that things will slowly fall into place next week once it ends. You can discuss bold plans, but wait on pulling the plug when it comes to them.


You’re exploring plenty of options this week, and a lot of them could be connected to real estate, ways to increase your income, or decrease your expenses. But which one is the best, the wisest, and the most exciting? Do note, as much as exploring options and avenues are totally fine, you do have a hefty dose of illusions going on this week. And if you try to remain still, you might even feel this sense of confusion going on within you. Try your best to delay making any decisions, especially ones that involve money and real estate. You do not have all the information necessary to move forward at this time. 



Miscommunication is all around you this week, Capricorn. However,  you’re likely unbothered by it as your energy is so high, you might not have the time to slow down to notice. You’re busy, as usual, and have tons of energy to get the ball rolling on your diverse goals and priorities. As long as your energy is focused on you and you only, feel free to move forward with whatever plan you have going on. The more you pour into yourself with tangible actions at this time, the more reward you’ll receive in the next coming weeks.



This is the second week in a row where there is a sense of crisis for you, Aquarius. Whatever is going on for you, you’re having to let go of something and accept that some destructive energies need to unfold. Of course, no one likes destruction, but remember that if this energy is active in your life. This is happening for good reason and will make the space for something more energetically aligned and/or rewarding to come to you. 



You’re going to experience gossipy vibes this week. Whether you’re the subject of bad-mouthing or are the one feeling a little too chatty, it’s a good idea to withdraw from circles where bad-mouthing is occurring to protect your privacy a bit more. Tons of miscommunication and misunderstandings might happen this week, so try your best to allow for more time, more precision, and more understanding this week.

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