This Luxe Hair Dryer Ended My Lifelong Struggle With Flat Hair and Frizz


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This Luxe Hair Dryer Ended My Lifelong Struggle With Flat Hair and Frizz

This Luxe Hair Dryer Ended My Lifelong Struggle With Flat Hair and Frizz

The only thing worse than summer humidity giving you some Hermione circa Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone-style frizzy hair? The inevitable zero-volume, plastered-to-your-head, completely-overcome-with-static-electricity coif we’re forced to sport between the months of December to March.

Whether or not you have thin hair like me, I’m sure you can sympathize. Every hair texture comes with its own ‘grass is always greener’ grievances that make us yearn for strands that are easier to style. But personally, I’ve spent much of the last 20-some years trying to figure out some way to get my flat, fine hair to hold volume. These poor locks have been subjected to endless products, from root-lifters, texturizers, and dry shampoo showers to styling tools and treatments galore. I’ve given myself so many upside-down blow-outs (if you know, you know) over the years that my face is turning a shade of reddish-purple just thinking about it.

At long last, I’ve unearthed the only product that’s ever worked: the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer. This high-tech, high-end blow dryer has upgraded every step of my hair styling routine. To begin, it works at least twice as fast as my previous dryer did: I perform what looks like a salon-quality blowout on my own head in five minutes flat. I am almost bummed when I’m done (those who’ve ever used a Dyson vacuum know the peculiar disappointment you feel after you’ve finished sucking up all that soot from your floor).

But it’s not just fast and fun to use; the Supersonic takes less of a toll on your hair, too.

According to Dyson, the product is “engineered to protect hair from extreme heat damage.” You’ll notice immediately when using it that your hair doesn’t overheat, very much unlike most dryer models that have to stay in motion to avoid burning yourself. The thermal sensor inside the dryer regulates the air temperature over 40 times per second to keep your hair from frying, so even when it’s set to the highest temp (there are three heat settings), you’ll avoid singing your scalp—or your locks.

The Supersonic leaves my hair feeling incredibly smooth, shiny, and voluminous. Holding and directing it is so much more ergonomic, which gives me better control–especially if I’m synchronously round-brushing. Unlike most other hair dryers, this model’s lightweight motor is in the handle rather than at the head, which helps it stay balanced in your hand. How their engineers managed to design a powerful motor that also weighs almost nothing, I’ll never know, but you can bet my shoulders are thanking them.

A few other tidbits I love about this hair dryer. First, it’s incredibly quiet. Second, because there are no exposed blades, you’ll never get your hair caught in it. Third, the Dyson diffuser and nozzle attachments are magnetic, the surface never heats up, and the filter is easy to remove and clean. (OK, OK).

Yes, this is 100 percent a luxury item—it isn’t cheap. But I’ve finally been able to combat both warm-weather frizz, wintertime static, and an irrational tendency to hoard ineffective volumizing tools. My hair and cleaned-out bathroom cabinets have never looked better.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Shop it! $400,

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