Lady Gaga’s 15 best beauty looks of all time, from the Grammys to the Met Gala


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Lady Gaga’s 15 best beauty looks of all time, from the Grammys to the Met Gala

Lady Gaga’s 15 best beauty looks of all time, from the Grammys to the Met Gala

On and offstage, Lady Gaga has never been one to blend in. The star turns heads everywhere she goes, from red carpets to awards shows to performances worldwide—it’s her M.O. While her spectacle fashion and beauty looks make fewer appearances nowadays (RIP meat dress), Gaga still pulls out all the stops when it comes to memorable makeup and hair looks—just with a little more polish rather than pizazz.

Lady Gaga will never lose her ability to make a memorable entrance. Exhibit A: Her 16-minute, four-look 2019 Met Gala performance. Although this production-element has remained part of her DNA, throughout the years, Gaga’s red carpet looks have become less about shock-value and more about glamour, while still maintaining her playful spirit. Bold lips, thick eyeliner, and glitter galore are still staples in the star’s beauty arsenal, but they’ve become more elegant than outrageous. Below, we rounded up Lady Gaga’s 15 best beauty looks of all time.

1. Silver sultress

Lady Gaga best beauty looks
Steve Granitz, Getty Images

Lady Gaga looks like a porcelain doll in this beauty look that perfectly compliments her silver gown at the A Star is Born premiere. Her feathery lashes pop against the metallic eyeshadow, her loose, icy waves are timeless, and the bold red lip is just the cherry on top.

2. Pretty in pink

Lady Gaga best beauty looks
Maria Moratti, Getty Images

Lady Gaga was glowing while walking the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival in 2018, and we knew the look was an instant classic. Her sleek, high bun combined with rosy cheeks, lips, and eyelids, plus soft, feathery lashes was pure elegance.

3. Old Hollywood glamour

Lady Gaga best beauty looks
Kurt Krieger/Corbis, Getty Images

Gaga served major Marilyn Monroe vibes in this look, and not just because of the white dress. From the platinum blonde, retro curls to the natural makeup, this look oozes Old Hollywood glamour.

4. Curtain bangs

Lady Gaga best beauty looks
Samir Hussein, Getty Images

Looking straight out of a Renaissance painting with her white lace ruff collar, Lady Gaga opted for natural makeup to complement this Victorian look. She also chose a relaxed hairstyle, donning a high bun and curtain bangs that loosely framed her face.

5. Glam punk rocker

Lady Gaga best beauty looks
Steve Granitz, Getty Images

OG Lady Gaga was full of glam punk rock looks, and she brought that signature style back at the 2019 Grammys. We’re loving the messy lob showing dark roots, plus bushy brows and pitch black, smoky eyes—all paired with a seriously glam gown and jewels, of course.

6. Blue bombshell

Lady Gaga best beauty looks
Steve Granitz, Getty Images

Not only is Lady Gaga’s 2019 Golden Globes beauty look one of her personal best, but it’s also one of the best to ever grace any red carpet, period. Her light blue-streaked princess bun paired with glittery, smoky eyes, bold brows, and a glossy lip was near perfection, and we’ll never get over it.

7. ’70s Fringe

Lady Gaga best beauty looks
J. Merritt, Getty Images

Is it just us, or does Lady Gaga resemble Kesha in this look? The star rarely rocks bangs, but this ’70s style fringe suits her, as does the buttery blonde color. The neon glitter eyeshadow amplifies the Kesha vibes.

8. Swirly updo

Lady Gaga best beauty looks
Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

Need we remind you how Lady Gaga stole the 2019 Oscars red carpet? Jaw-dropping Tiffany diamonds and LBD (long black dress) aside, Gaga’s updo was a masterpiece on its own. Thick swirls of her famous icy blonde hair built to a beehive-esque work of art. Minimal makeup was all Gaga needed to let her natural beauty shine during this monumental night for her career.

9. Ice queen

Lady Gaga best beauty looks Grammys
Dan MacMedan, Getty Images

From the icy blonde waves to the soft pink lips to the emerald eyeshadow, Lady Gaga’s 2015 Grammys look was killer. We’re getting mermaid vibes paired with ice queen of Emerald City, and we’re here for it.

10. Earthy tones

Lady Gaga best beauty looks
Dimitrios Kambouris, Getty Images

The 2019 SAG Awards red carpet saw a different side of Lady Gaga. Instead of the bright beauty looks we typically see the star rock, she opted for earthy tones: A deep burgundy lip, smoky brown eyes, and a slicked-back updo revealing darker roots beneath her blonde hair.

11. Marylin meets Jadis the White Witch

Lady Gaga best beauty looks
Gregg DeGuire, Getty Images

Gaga loves some drama, and this curly, Marylin-esque bob is no exception. Her neutral makeup is reminding us of Jadis the White witch from The Chronicles of Narnia. Pair the two vibes together, and Lady Gaga looks plucked out of an oil painting.

12. Vampire glam

Lady Gaga best beauty looks
Steve Granitz, Getty Images

No one does a bold eye look like Lady Gaga, and the star’s 2018 Grammys makeup was no exception: Thick cat eyeliner and glittery lids stood out against her stark blonde hair, which was tied back into an intricate braid.

13. Marvelous Met

Lady Gaga met gala
Jamie McCarthy, Getty Images

There’s no place celebs pull out the stops more than the Met Gala. Lady Gaga’s 2019 Met Gala entrance was perhaps one of the most memorable of all time for many reasons, with just one being her over-the-top beauty look. Blunt bangs and tiny bows accented a whimsical, wavy bob, and hot pink lipstick perfectly matched the shade of two of her dresses that night. But nothing was more attention-grabbing than Gaga’s eyelashes—the ultra-long, gold lashes looked straight out of a character living in the capital in The Hunger Games. We just wonder how she comfortably blinked all night long.

14. Meaty mermaid locks

Steve Granitz, Getty Images

It would just be plain wrong not to include the infamous meat dress and matching headpiece, but the obvious shock value of this outfit overshadowed Lady Gaga’s stunning beauty look at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards. Her icy mermaid waves, rosy cheeks, subtle eye makeup and brows, and pop of red lips (matching the raw red meat covering her body and head) was a show-stopping look in its own right.

15. Bold blue disco ball

While performing in Las Vegas in 2018, Lady Gaga looked like a walking disco ball, but it was her beauty look that stole the show. There was nothing tame about it: Thick, sky blue curls, a neon orange lip, heavy eyeliner, bold brows, and shimmery eyeshadow combined to create an unforgettable look.

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