Sydney Based PJN Plumbing Warns Against Flushable Wipes


PJN Plumbing is one of Sydney’s leading providers of plumbing services for residential homes, commercial properties and office buildings. They are experts at Blocked Drains, Emergency Plumbing Services, Hot Water Replacement, as well as Hot Water Services, Burst Water Pipe Repairs, Toilet and Cistern Repairs.

Sydney Based PJN Plumbing Warns Against Flushable Wipes

In an interview with The Blog Chicks Team, PJN Plumbing confirmed the rising trend of flushable wipes causing sewer blockages and other plumbing related issues.

Director of PJN Plumbing, Mr John Puliafico, when commenting to Blog Chicks on the rising trend of flushable wipes causing an increased incidence of sewer blockages said: “There has been a long history of disposable items such as feminine hygiene products and baby napkins being flushed down toilets causing plumbing issues impacting home and business owners. However, the new flushable wipes have become the latest item to be flushed away and is causing and even higher incidence of blocked sewer lines which, in many cases, are costly to clear.”

PJN Plumbing have always been at the forefront of offering ‘best in class’ plumbing solutions for their clients across Sydney. The selection of unique & advanced tools and technologies they use, as well as their knowledge around all different types of plumbing situations allows them to provide quality and affordable services to their clients. Their concern at the rising trend in blocked sewers was communicated in a recent communique to clients to alert them to new fabric wipes being easily caught on older pipe joints and should not be flushed down toilets if they wanted to avoid the risk of their drains being blocked because of this.

PJN Plumbing is a trusted Sydney based provider of all plumbing related services. The company offers a wide range of plumbing solutions including:

+ Blocked Drains

+ Emergency Plumbing Services

+ Hot Water Replacement

+ Hot Water Services

+ Burst Water Pipe Repairs

+ Toilet & Cistern Repairs

The company has over ten years’ experience at offering these services to Sydney residential and business owners. They have helped clients across Central Sydney, the Eastern Suburbs, North Sydney as well as the Western Suburb regions.

For further details on the company, its plumbing services for Sydney residential homes, commercial properties and office buildings are invited to visit the new website by click this link:

PJN Plumbing Contact Info:
Name: Mr John Puliafico
Company: PJN Plumbing Pty Ltd
Address: 2 Curtin Place Concord, Sydney, NSW 2137, Australia