Kid’s Eczema – 5 Tips To Manage Your Child’s Eczema – Naturally


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Kids eczema is getting more and more common. According to Australian Allergy Facts:

1 in 3 Australian Children Suffer from Eczema

That is statistic that just can’t be ignored. Kids eczema makes your little one feel itchy, uncomfortable and may make them sad and emotional. Can you imagine feeling so uncomfortable in your own skin? 

It’s not just the child who is affected, the impact of baby eczema, toddler eczema, kids eczema and teenagers eczemahas an impact on the entire family.

I know this all too well, my daughter’s (Mia) eczema was so severe she was hospitalised twice, had 12 months UV light therapy, daily bleach baths, regular antibiotics and up to 10 tubes of steroids a month.

Seeing Mia in so much pain, hearing her cries and holding her close, consumed my every waking breath.

Since taking a holistic approach to eczema, Mia did not require medication for 3.5 years.

Having a child face eczema by themselves is tough. With the support of your entire family – you can conquer the world. Here are 5 tips, we can implement to manage your child’s eczema naturally:

  1. Effective eczema treatment isn’t something you manage lightly. You need to treat your skin effectively, to calm red, itchy, flaking skin and bring it back into balance.

A good quality eczema cream, natural or prescribed, will effectively treat your eczema flare up. Followed up with moisturising. 

The motto should be to treat and moisturiser throughout the day for effective eczema treatment. 

  • Wet Dressings/ Wet Wraps for eczema. Sometimes the heat, itch, discomfort of eczema can be a bit too much. An effective method to bring eczema relief is applying wet dressings.

These cool the skin, prevent itching and allow your creams to absorb much faster.

  • Hands clean & nails short please. The feeling of a horrible itch you can’t scratch can sometimes be too much… Kids are bound to scratch. Keeping their nails short is key to prevent dirt from their nails going into any broken eczema skin. 

I’ve seen the pain of regular staph infections, and children can spiral quite quickly. So keeping hands clean and nails short will help.

  • Investigate Eczema Triggers. It is time to on your investigative cap and find out what may be causing your eczema. 

Did you notice your child’s eczema flare up in heat? Due to grass? Pollen?

Did they react to something they ate? 

            Is it dust from the carpet? Floor?      

In Mia’s case, only after we completed a 3-month elimination diet, she tested positive to a wheat intolerance. She had previously been tested several times before, but the results from these tests were always negative – But after the elimination diet, her body seemed to calm down and when wheat was re-introduced her eczema flared up. 

  • Rest & Relaxation. This is one step that should never be overlooked. Having a family is a full-time job, managing eczema on top of this – means you all deserve a much-needed award. 

The best thing you could do for you and your child is slow down, rest and enjoy quality relaxation time together. 

Maybe go to the beach (the ocean breeze will clear your mind and seawater is amazing for your little ones skin). If you can’t get to the beach a soak in the tub with our beautiful eczema bath salts will work wonders.

We have gained years of experience managing my daughter’s eczema, both in and out of hospital. Creating natural everyday skincare products was an important step in our journey.

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