“SPORT Meets ART” Integrated People’s Messages on True Value of Sport: Legacy Creation for Tokyo2020 Games by JADA


TOKYO, July 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Japan Anti-Doping Agency (JADA) exhibits “SPORT meets ART” — just before the Tokyo2020 Games. This ONE ART has integrated to bloom with everyone’s message on “true value of sport.” Since 2014, JADA has engaged athletes and those who especially care about sport and brought their messages on sporting values together as part of PLAY TRUE Relay and i-PLAY TRUE Relay legacy projects.

See – https://www.playtrue2020-sp4t.jp/iplaytrue/

ONE ART can be found in https://playtrueplanet.jp/playtrueplanet-live.html. The Art continues growing throughout the Tokyo2020 Games; everyone can post his/her message on “true value of sport” — or true value moment one wishes to see during the Games — via the PLAY TRUE Planet web platform: https://playtrueplanet.jp/. As soon as one posts a message, that message can instantly be found on the PLAY TRUE Planet LIVE streaming site, meeting other messages and “Filter Pose” photos.

Aiming to protect the integrity of sport and create a better society through sport values based on fairness and integrity, “PLAY TRUE 2020, Sport for Tomorrow” — a Japanese Government-led legacy project for the Tokyo2020 Games, commissioned to JADA — has initiated to engage people around the world to send messages and “Filter Pose” photos, which symbolize the true heart to sport.

For this aim, “PLAY TRUE Relay,” a relay started from Dr. MUROFUSHI Koji, Japan Sports Agency Commissioner, Olympian, and former JADA Athlete Committee member, has also been the symbolic project of PLAY TRUE 2020. It has eventually brought 30 athletes of the world together and each has relayed only one “makimono” — Japanese scroll paper — inscribed inside it with their “TRUTH” messages: what true lessons the athlete learnt through sport, what the athlete cherishes about sport and how sporting values matter in society. Featuring PLAY TRUE Relay, the “TRUTH in Sport, TRUTH in ME” movie is now available. It aims to encourage young people to realise how sport values contribute to creating a better society by learning the athletes’ messages and sport as enabler for achieving the goals of SDGs.

See – https://playtrue2020-sp4t.jp/ptrelaymovie/

What JADA has achieved through PLAY TRUE 2020 is to create a “living legacy” which will be carried on even after the Tokyo2020 Games. The ultimate goal of PLAY TRUE 2020 is to engage many people around the world in order to protect and develop a clean, fair sport environment and develop the young generation to become a leader of sport and society.

Further strengthening safe sport, including anti-doping programmes, is one of the recommendations of Olympic Agenda 2020+5. JADA continues to initiate creating a safe, clean sport environment, and ultimately create a better society through true values of sport.

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