OTSAW ‘UV-C LED Disinfection Ecosystem’ was Launched


SINGAPORE, Aug. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — OTSAW ‘UV-C LED Disinfection Ecosystem’ trilogy debuts during Singapore’s recent pandemic heightened alert. This pragmatic approach and attitude to living in an endemic, comprises of the AirGuard, O-RX, & TreX.

OTSAW UV-C LED Disinfection Ecosystem
OTSAW UV-C LED Disinfection Ecosystem


OTSAW’s UV-C LED technology disinfects air and surfaces with 99.9% efficacy, based on laboratory results. This comprehensive disinfection solution, for indoor spaces is mercury-free and environmentally-friendly.

OTSAW was globally recognised this year for Camello, an autonomous last-mile delivery robot and their recent partnership with foodpanda, a food delivery service. OTSAW continues to innovate to solve social issues involving security, health, logistics, work force labour and ageing population.


AirGuard is the answer for disinfecting the indoor air we breathe. AirGuard UV-C modules are integrated within air conditioning ducts to disinfect the air circulated indoors, inactivating viruses and bacteria by means of ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI). Where others may employ mercury-based UV lamps, OTSAW utilises its patented UV-C LEDs.

Small and easy to install in most ducts, minimal modification is required to retrofit the modules in existing HVAC systems. Additional sensors can monitor for temperature, airflow and overall air quality. Module configuration varies based on requirements and factors such as airflow, duct size, etc.

In the way that we expect clean water from our taps, we now expect clean air inside our buildings. Most ventilation standards account for control of odour, CO2 levels, temperature and humidity – but not bacteria and viruses.


The OR-X is the initial autonomous robot that premiered in August 2020. It uses our Singapore-made UV-C LED technology. The AI powered robot, has a battery lasting 5 hours and it disinfects up to 4000sqft (371.6 sqm) per hour, at a range of 2.5m. Adopted for use in offices, shopping malls, including places of worship, this robot cleans what a human may miss.


TreX is a multi-use portable UV-C LED disinfection system, that is lighter and smaller than the O-RX. Both time & cost efficient, environmentally friendly, it’s built to disinfect confined or awkward areas like toilets. With a compact size and wheeled chassis, TreX is designed as an efficient, portable disinfection unit.

OTSAW is a global pioneer in advanced robotics technologies and next-generation artificial intelligence for security delivery and mobility applications to improve safety, business processes and everyday lives.

For additional information, please visit www.otsaw.com. For media queries, please contact Cecilia Yap at PR@otsaw.com, +65 9380 4067.