Best-Selling Pregnancy Book “Preparing for Birth: Mothers” Releases Sixth Edition


SYDNEY, Aug. 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — One of the best-selling pregnancy books in Australia, “Preparing for Birth: Mothers,” published by Birth International, releases its sixth edition — the book has sold more than 500,000 copies since it first hit bookshelves in 1987.

Preparing for Birth: Mothers
Preparing for Birth: Mothers

The sixth edition is twenty pages longer than previous editions, and full-colour images replace line drawings. Unique paintings from well-known Australian midwife artist Holly Priddis help illustrate the reader’s journey through the pages. In addition, the sixth edition includes up-to-date, evidence-based information on pregnancy, birth and parenting a new baby.

“Birth International is excited about the new release of our classic book,” said author Jane Palmer. “Now longer and in full colour, it’s a book we believe should be on every pregnant woman’s bookshelf.”

The book covers:

  • pregnancy diet
  • health care
  • labour positions in each stage
  • newborn care
  • post-birth recovery

It particularly emphasises active participation during labour. The book empowers mums to assume control of the birthing process using their abilities and resources instead of hospital staff simply delivering their baby.

“You only give birth to this baby once,” said Jane. “Take your time to enjoy the discoveries of pregnancy and the richness that birth brings to your life as a woman. We wish you the best for a healthy pregnancy, a happy birth experience and a wonderful time with your new baby.”

The book is also an excellent resource for childhood educators to hand out to parents-to-be. In addition, hospitals across Australia use the book’s material as background notes for childbirth education programs.

RRP $24.95 PUBLISHED August 2021

Preparing for Birth: Mothers is available from and wherever good books are sold.

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Jane Palmer Author
Jane Palmer Author

Jane is an author, birth and parenting educator and a highly respected privately practising midwife based in Sydney. Since 1990, Jane has worked with expectant and new parents. Jane devotes herself to improving pregnancy, birth and parenting options for families. She travels widely to present workshops for midwives and regularly speaks at conferences. She also manages Birth International and Pregnancy Birth and Beyond’s enterprises.