CIFTIS 2021 Will Kick off, Debuting in Shougang Park of Shijingshan District Anticipated Greatly


BEIJING, Sep. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — China International Fair for Trade in Services 2021 (hereinafter referred to as “CIFTIS”), a world-renowned event, will be held in Beijing on September 2. It is one of the three world-class exhibition platforms for China’s opening up, alongside the Canton Fair and the China International Import Expo. Besides, as the largest comprehensive exhibition in global trade in services, it provides a first-class platform for international exhibitors to exchange ideas, dock business and share business opportunities to achieve common development.

The CIFTIS 2021 adopts a “two venues” setting. In addition to the China National Convention Center, Shougang Park in Shijingshan District will hold eight special exhibitions, related forums and supporting activities for the first time. The unique industrial heritage style harmonizes with the world’s top modern exhibition or a riveting exchange of ideas will be realized in the 94,000-square-meter exhibition area. The Shougang Park’s complex, which integrates Olympic and industrial elements, will display cultural and tourism services, ice and snow sports, finance and insurance, digital economy and other special industries. This CIFTIS debut in Shijingshan District has been undoubtedly anticipated by many, and its preparation process draws more attention with the fair entering the home stretch.

Solid and Efficient Preparation in Shijingshan Making CIFTIS Debut Here at the Highest Level

In order to guarantee its smooth preparation and holding, Shijingshan District has played an active role in fair and traffic security, epidemic prevention and control and food safety. Under the leadership of the CPC Beijing Shijingshan District Committee and Shijingshan District People’s Government, the Shijingshan District Commerce Bureau takes the lead in local preparations, with work plan formulated together with relevant departments. A leading group for local work has been established with the secretary and district mayor as the head and executive head, with “one office and 12 working groups” under it. According to the division of responsibilities, the 12 special working groups have worked together to promote venue construction, guarantee for local operation, enterprise participation, and advance planning of results.

In terms of venue construction, 13 temporary pavilions in steel structure and 2 outdoor pavilions in tensegrity structure, with a total area of 94,000 square meters, have all been completed and under acceptance checks and the work place inside and outside the red line of the venue is basically clear. As for the operation of the venue, Shijingshan District has taken the lead and worked out a detailed plan with relevant departments for the dining and transportation of the participating enterprises in the park. Furthermore, 93 enterprises in this district have been confirmed to participate in the online and offline fair in regard of mobilization.

Eight Special Exhibitions Attracting Attention, Diverse Supporting Activities Promoting Win-win Cooperation

It is reported that the thematic events in Shijingshan District will adopt “online + offline” mode to guide enterprises to actively participate and reach cooperation in four forums, four thematic exhibitions, one investment attraction conference and a series of business visits and investment promotion activities.

Among them, the Shijingshan Themed Summit on “Olympic Winter Games Driving Urban Revitalization” will be held on September 4 at No.3 Blast Furnace, the landmark building of Shougang Park in Shijingshan District, Beijing. The main forum will be jointly hosted by the Shijingshan District People’s Government and Shougang Group, and organized by Asia Data Group. 300 guests from home and abroad will be invited and the number of online participants is expected to exceed 2 million. In addition to keynote speeches and roundtables by invited guests, policies for the construction of the “Two Zones” will be released and the signing ceremony for major projects will be arranged.

Meanwhile, three parallel forums will be held with the themes of “Overseas Chinese Gathering in Beijing, Favoring Opening-up and Win-win Results”, “Open Finance, Digital Finance, Green Finance” and “Better Cities Thriving the Era”. Focusing on the hot issues of the times such as policies and domestic and foreign economy, top experts from home and abroad will share ideas under the background of the new economy so as to promote the transmission of urban renewal value, and the integration of various resources such as industries, platforms and customers as well as jointly help hold the Olympic Winter Games.

In addition to the four forums, Shijingshan District will participate in the comprehensive exhibition and three special exhibitions. In detail, the comprehensive exhibition circles around “Striving for Resources and Participating in an Integrated Way” in Shijingshan District. The three special exhibitions are the Culture and Tourism Services Special Exhibition with the theme of “West Beijing Culture Reviving Landmarks”, the Sports Services Special Exhibition themed as “Engaging 300 Million People in Winter Sports“, and the Special Exhibition of Financial and Insurance Services, under the theme of “Green Beijing, Open Finance”.

In terms of supporting activities, the Closed-door Investment Attraction and International Exchange Reception will be held together by the Shijingshan District People’s Government and Shougang Group to create a favorable scene and atmosphere for the participating enterprises of the CIFTIS. In addition, combined with the overall arrangement of the CIFTIS, Shijingshan District will also organize business visits, investment promotion, cultural experience, consumer services and other supporting activities. In order to do a good job in the publicity of Shijingshan District and enhance exchange and cooperation, key industrial parks and cultural scenic spots are included in the overall business investigation route of the CIFTIS.

The year of 2021 has witnessed the role of Shougang Park, as one of the venues for the first time, in organizing the exhibition of the CIFTIS. Shijingshan District has given full play to its regional advantages to create a three-dimensional modern exhibition with focused themes, diversified types and rich highlights. What have attracted the attention of the public and the industry include, but are not limited to, theme forums where big names and experts gather, exhibitions which bring together characteristic industrial achievements and cutting-edge technology products, and supporting activities that gather high-quality enterprises and have remarkable business promotion effects. The CIFTIS Shijingshan Branch will also bring new momentum for the economic development of the whole district, inject fresh blood for the upgrading and development of the CIFTIS, and contribute to the development of international trade in services.

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