Successful Closing of WWSE 2021, 6 years’ WWSEs Continued Empowering Revitalization and Upgrade in Ice and Snow Industry


BEIJING, Sept. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Curtains fall on the World Winter Sports (Beijing) Expo 2021 (hereinafter referred to as WWSE) in Shougang Park on 7th Sept. The five-day WWSE is held in conjunction with China International Fair for Trade in Services 2021 (CIFTIS). WWSE’s high-level global impact and industry penetration not only fueled CIFTIS in expanding global cooperation and creating new landscape, but also gave an effective boost to China’s services and trade in the ice and snow industry, offered strong support to the final sprint before Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.

WWSE was co-organized by Beijing Olympic City Development Association (BODA) and International Data Group (IDG), co-sponsored by Beijing Olympic City Development Promotion Center and IDG World Expo Ltd since 2016. WWSE 2021 attracted 500+ brands from 20+ countries for exposition with international participation over 60%. Over 260 government officials from home and abroad, officials from International Olympic Committee (IOC) and international sports organizations, executives from Chinese and overseas enterprises in the ice and snow industry, experts in the ice and snow industry, elites in other relevant industries participated in this event, and 10,000 representatives of professional institutions came to exchange and share. As the Top 1 expo for ice and snow industry around the world, this WWSE’s 20,000 m2 exposition area attracted nearly 24,000 representatives from professional institutions for business negotiation and 200,000 visitors came for experience on-site. Over 600 authoritative media from China and overseas including People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, China Media Group, China News Service gave a full coverage on this WWSE, showing WWSE’s philosophy and determination to promote new development in the ice and snow economy and win-win cooperation among various parties.

On 3rd Sept., government officials including Cai Qi, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Secretary of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee, President of Beijing Organizing Committee for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (BOCOG); Chen Jining, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee, Mayor of Beijing and Executive President of BOCOG; Zhang Yankun, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee; Yang Jinbai, Deputy Mayor of Beijing visited WWSE to observe the exposition sites of BOCOG, Chinese Olympic Committee and Italy country pavilion, etc.

On 6th Sept., former Vice President of China Li Yuanchao came to observe WWSE’s exposition site. On 7th Sept., former Vice Premier of China Liu Yandong visited the booths of International Organizations of Winter Sports and Digital Winter Olympics, and fully acknowledged the preparations for the event.

Accompanying the official visits are Fu Xiaohui, Secretary General of Beijing Olympic City Development Association (BODA), Director of Beijing Olympic City Development Promotion Center; Gao Yunchao, Deputy Secretary General of BODA, Deputy Director of Beijing Olympic City Development Promotion Center; Hugo Shong, founding Chairman of IDG Capital; Zhu Dongfang, President of Asia Digital Group; Zhang Li, Vice President of Asia Digital Group.

During the exposition, officials from SASAC (State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission), Personnel Bureau, China International Publishing Group (CIPG), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, State Taxation Administration visited WWSE.

Creating Globalized Exposition Platform

Witness Duet of China and Global Ice and Snow Powers

Beijing started to hold WWSE every year since 2016. Over the 6 years, WWSE accomplished a great record of success. The total area of exposition for this WWSE reached 150,000 m2, and the total audience visits reached 1 million. Over 600 exhibitors engaged in this WWSE, and most of them are not first timers. Over 100 forums and promotion events are held, with around 1300 guest speakers, and 130,000 audience from professional background.

For 6 years, WWSE has been committed to the goal of constantly improving the level of exposition and setting a benchmark for global ice and snow industry. This WWSE’s exposition includes 8 main sections, 12 categories around themes such as Winter Olympics, ice and snow technology, ice and snow culture, ice and snow equipment, ice and snow tourism, etc. All these created the most premium stage for global ice and snow exhibitors.

In a few months, Beijing Winter Olympic Games will commence, and the world is attentively looking forward to this grand occasion. In BOCOG’s pavilion, “time tunnel” constituted by the 5 rings element loops the milestones of preparation for the Winter Olympics, and the images of stadiums such as the Water Cube (National Aquatics Center), the Bird’s Nest (Olympic Stadium), the Ice Ribbon (Speed Skating Oval) immersed the audience into Winter Olympics atmosphere. Chinese Olympic Committee’s pavilion showed brilliant performance of athletes for the Winter Olympics. The presence of Olympian Zhang Dan and other famous athletes led the event to a climax. Various sports presentations such as figure skating and ice hockey further unleashed the charm of Winter Olympics. Pavilions of Yanqing, Shijingshan, Shougang showcased intelligent technologies and equipment, the achievements of “300 million people engaging in winter sports”, the combination of industrial remains and Olympic city development, presenting the audience with the atmosphere of an all-out sprint before Winter Olympics and the joy of Beijing becoming the “City of Summer and Winter Olympics” in the near future.

As an exposition for global ice and snow industry, WWSE attracted over 20 major powers in the ice and snow industry including Switzerland, Austria, Finland, Italy, Japan, France, Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden, Ukraine, Slovenia, Canada, South Korea, Russia, America, Norway coming with famous enterprises to exhibit since 2016. In 2017, the WWSE introduced the concept of Guest Country of Honor for the first time, and since then Switzerland, Austria and Finland became the Guest Country of Honor.

In 2021, WWSE invited Italy as the Guest Country of Honor. Milan-Cortina d’Ampezzo will be holding the 2026 Winter Olympics. Under the theme “Italy in the Hills”, Italy showcased a wealth of what Italy has to offer including top manufacturers, ice and snow equipment, government organizations, training system and winter tourism resources, to fully utilize its role as Guest Country of Honor to demonstrate Italy’s charm as a major power in ice and snow industry.

Besides Italy, this year over 20 countries including Austria, Japan, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Belarus came to exhibit their most competitive ice and snow resources. Compared to 2016, this WWSE’s global participation increased three-fold, becoming the best exposition platform for global ice and snow culture, ice and snow technology, ice and snow equipment and ice and snow trends.

Over the past 6 years, WWSE witnessed the rapid growth of China’s ice and snow industry. China’s ice and snow economy went from weak to strong, while driving China’s ice and snow power onto a globalized stage via exchanges and exposition, constantly exploring the way forward. Regional exhibitors such as Jilin, Changbai Mountain, Altay, Yulin also made their presence in the WWSE by presenting their unique ice and snow scenery, ice and snow tourism resources, ice and snow culture charm, ice and snow featured products, ice and snow cultural creativity resources. Jilin’s virtual skiing experience, Changbai Mountain’s special “three snow” presentation, Altay’s ethnic sing and dancing as well as fur skiing, Yulin’s winter outdoors fashion show became the center of attention, fully demonstrating the vitality of regional ice and snow economy.

In addition, it’s also WWSE’s goal to boost industry through exposition, offer a platform for global ice and snow enterprises to debut, assist businesses to expand opportunities for trade in services in the ice and snow industry. Over the 6 years, world-leading ice and snow brands joined the WWSE and presented their world-leading equipment, technology and services. This year, various famous brands such as TechnoAlpine, AST, Doppelmayr, Wintersteiger, HEAD, Snow51, EUROJOY, Sunac Ice & Snow, Shangxue Sports showcased their latest products and achievements on-site. At the same time, WWSE also witnessed the rise of numerous Chinese ice and snow enterprises as Eternal Star, Carving, Nortec and other Chinese businesses evolved from brand agents to manufacturers with independent R&D and full intellectual property rights. More and more Chinese ice and snow enterprises leveraged WWSE as a platform to present themselves and open up more space for development.

Pooling Global Ice and Snow Powers

Create Ice and Snow Economy Double Cycle Development Landscape

At the Opening Ceremony on 3rd Sept., President of International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach applauded the new breakthroughs made in this WWSE in his letter of congratulation, and that pooling winter sports industry together marks an important step forward for China in opening a new chapter in its glorious sports history.

Full-Time Vice President and Secretary General of BOCOG Han Zirong expressed in her speech that including WWSE 2021 into CIFTIS’s sports service themed exposition will allow WWSE to show more vitality on a more open and high-level platform as CIFTIS.

Juan Antonio Samaranch, Member of IOC, Chair of Coordination for the XXIV Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 delivered video speech where he acknowledged the achievements made in Beijing Olympic legacy and sustainability, BOCOG’s brilliant preparation and how they overcame various hardships amid the global pandemic of Covid.

Winter Olympics fueled the popularization of winter sports culture in China and promoted the implementation of urban sports infrastructure. Speakers from the Guest Country of Honor Italy, International Organizations for different sports and IOC gave wonderful keynote speeches. Manlio Di Stefano, Undersecretary of State for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Republic of Italy, showed support for China’s construction of Winter Olympic facilities and continuous investment in sports infrastructure. Ivo Ferriani, Member of IOC, President of the International Bobsleigh & Skeleton Federation (IBSF), Member of the Coordination Commission for the XXIV Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 said “300 million people engaging in winter sports” is gradually becoming a reality in China.

In the main forum roundtable, an in-depth dialogue on the theme “Winter Olympics Facilitating Breakthrough in Ice and Snow Industry” is carried out among guests including Peng Weiyong, Deputy Director and Counsel (Level 1) of the Sports Economy Department of the General Administration of Sport of China; Vladimir Tomsik, Czech Republic Ambassador to China; Soile Kauranen, Head of Mission (Chargé d’affairs) in Finnish Embassy Beijing, China; Zhao Yinggang, Chairman of Chinese Luge Association, Deputy Director of Sustainable Development Committee and Specially Invited Expert of Sports Department of BOCOG; Sarah Lewis, Global Sports Leader- FIS Secretary General 2000-2020; Lu Peng, Executive President of Sunac China and President of Sunac Culture & Tourism Group. The panellists analysed the weaknesses of China’s ice and snow industry, summarized previous experience of international cooperation to seek a scientific path for breakthrough development. According to Deputy Director Peng, China’s ice and snow industry is still at early-stage, with insufficient venue per capita, a lack of talents and less developed equipment, thus policy guidance, platform empowerment demonstration are all needed for improvement. Ms. Sarah Lewis said that WWSE can be a catalyst for improved promotion of winter sports in China to attract more young people’s engagement in winter sports, and to form new segmented sports, thus pointing the way forward for sports development.

Keynote speeches are delivered by Günther Platter, Governor of Tyrol, Austria; Vladimir Tomsik, Czech Republic Ambassador to China; Michael Berger, Commercial Counsellor at the Austrian Embassy; Wang Lu, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Jilin Municipal Committee and Mayor of Jilin Municipal People’s Government; Chai Xiaoping, Head of Yulin Industry and Information Bureau; Wang Ku, Secretary of the Party Work Committee and Director of the Jilin Changbai Mountain Protection Development Management Committee; Xu Yuchang, Party Secretary, Chairman and President of China Economic Information Service. Zhang Li, Vice President of Asia Digital Group released the Research Report on China’s Winter Sports Industry Development. Xu Yuchang, Party Secretary, Chairman and President of China Economic Information Service released the China’s Ice and Snow Tourism Index 2021 and gave a brilliant interpretation.

From 3rd to 5th Sept., around 200 guests from 20 countries with powerful ice and snow industry came to over 10 parallel forums, including Olympic City Development Forum, Sports Science and Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, Ice and Snow Popularization for Teenagers Forum, Ice and Snow Fashion and Trend Forum, Ice and Snow Tourism Development Forum, Ice and Snow Education Forum, Ski Resorts Operation and Management Forum, Venue Design and Construction Forum, Ice and Snow Marketing Forum, Winter Olympics Science and Technology Forum, as well as “Rime Capital and Ski Paradise – Jilin, a River Town in North” China Special Promotion Conference. Guests from all sectors had in-depth dialogues and collision of wisdom on the development status quo and direction for upgrade of each segment in the ice and snow industry.

In the past 6 expositions, WWSE carried out top-level dialogues between high-level talents from home and abroad on the difficulties facing the development of the ice and snow industry and the trend of the industry through main forums and parallel forums. In the past years, over 600 guests from overseas joined the event, demonstrating a global participation of 50%.

In the forums of previous WWSEs, representatives from international organizations such as IOC, International Biathlon Union, International Bobsleigh & Skeleton Federation, World Curling Federation, International Skating Union, International Ski Federation, International Ice Hockey Federation, The World Union of Olympic Cities, Finland’s Ministry of Education and Culture, Austrian Olympic Committee, Embassy of Finland in China, Embassy of Switzerland in China, Austrian Embassy in China, Italian Embassy in China, Embassy of the Czech Republic in China, discussed with Chinese guests from government departments, association organizations, business institutions about the development opportunities in the global ice and snow industry, share cutting-edge industrial insights and contribute their wisdom for high-quality development of the global winter sports industry.

Representatives from IOC including Thomas Bach, President of IOC; Juan Antonio Samaranch, Member of IOC, Chair of Coordination for the XXIV Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022; Ivo Ferriani, President of International Bobsleigh & Skeleton Federation, Member of the Coordination Commission for the XXIV Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022; leaders and officials from countries with powerful ice and snow industry including Doris Leuthard, President of the Swiss Confederation; Sauli Niinistö, President of the Republic of Finland; Austrian Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache; Annikka Saarikko, Minister of Science and Culture, Finland; representatives of Olympic cities including Grégoire Junod, Mayor of Lausanne City, President of the World Union of Olympic Cities; Melanie Duparc, General Secretary of the World Union of Olympic Cities; Ingunn Trosholmen, Deputy Mayor of Lilyhammer, Norway; representatives from Embassies and Consulates in China including Friedrich Stift, Austrian ambassador to China; Finland’s Ambassador to China Jarno Syrjala have all been invited to the WWSE before as guests to share directional suggestions on the promotion and popularization of winter sports from diverse perspectives of Winter Olympic inheritance, sports events organizations, sports promotion, industry policy and city development, in a bid to provide strategic reference for the healthy sustainable development of global ice and snow economy based on the big picture and grand vision.

Extensive international communication and in-depth discussion on the industry, a wealth of policy references and wisdom for the development of the industry all became reality in WWSE’s “living room”. China’s ice and snow economy is gradually forming a new landscape of double cycle development, and the whole winter sports industrial chain ecosystem around the world is moving towards a new form featuring mutual benefit, sharing and common prosperity.

Inherit Winter Olympic Spirits

Accelerate the Popularization of Winter Sports Culture

The various side events in previous WWSEs were widely welcomed by winter sports lovers and professionals in the industry due to in-depth connection and strong interaction. In the exposition site of this WWSE, top ice and snow brands and enterprises from around the world actively participated in new product presentation and launch events, along with interactive demonstration featuring strong viewer experience. Tanabe Sports held a winter sports gear show for trendy winter sports products including its SWANS goggle helmet, SINANOHU ski poles, ERGO GRIP gloves and 2021-22 new winter sports product launch event, which attracted a huge audience and many professionals in the industry to observe and enquire.

In addition, the “2021 Leading International Winter Sports Brand” Awards was held in the evening of 3rd Sept., including Top 10 Ski Resorts Award, Popular Winter Tourist Destination of the Year, International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Brand Award, which demonstrates the power of good examples in the ice and snow industry and unleashes new impetus for the innovative development of the industry. The “Sports Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest” held on 4th Sept. invited a number of experts and top investors in the industry, providing a stage for emerging enterprises in sports ice and snow, sports technology, sports vision and other areas to present themselves and offering an opportunity to attract investment.

WWSE created a connection-building platform for enterprises by holding new product presentation and launch events, in a bid to show new dynamic trend of the industry, effectively empower development of industries and ice and snow enterprises with local features, boost common prosperity of Winter Olympics whole industrial chain ecosystem. Take “Yulin Cashmere” as an example, Yulin of Shaanxi province together with local enterprises as a provincial-municipal exposition delegation presented at this WWSE and conducted multi-dimensional promotion on local featured cashmere industry and local brands through exposition presentation, special promotion events, cooperation agreement signing, fashion shows and other forms of activities. In Sept. 2020, Yulin Sheep Leader brand and Meeting Beijing Organizing Committee signed a Letter of Intent via the WWSE platform. In early 2021, Meeting Beijing Organizing Committee on Winter Sports Events signed an agreement with Yulin Sheep Leader Apparel   Brand Operation Ltd., marking the start of Yulin Sheep Leader as the platinum partner of Meeting Beijing series of winter sports events. Regional brand “Yulin Cashmere” and representative apparel brand “Sheep Leader” are successfully capturing the head start of the ice and snow industry based on its own product advantages via the WWSE platform.

As a leading brand in China’s indoor ice and snow industry, Sunac Ice & Snow provided Chinese consumers year-long skiing experience near their homes with professional large indoor ski parks all around the nation, attracting more Chinese to be engaged in winter sports with its convenient and full-fledged service.

Apart from boosting the ice and snow industry, WWSE also brought joy and benefits to winter sports lovers and the public by holding side events with intuitive, interesting experience and interaction, as well as ice & snow + outdoor fashion show, winter sports outdoor gears procurement festival, ice and snow tourism festival, etc.

In the ice & snow + outdoor fashion show, professional models on runway gave the public a quick view into the latest fashion trend of winter sports. Winter sports outdoor gears procurement festival, ice and snow tourism festivals not only provided the audience with presentations, but also convenient purchase opportunities with favorable price. Moreover, Winter Olympics Badge Exhibition, Winter Olympics Quiz, traditional winter sports such as kickball on ice, ice stick bowling, ice Chuiwan (ancient Chinese golf) realized the public’s wish to learn about traditional Winter Olympics culture.

Holding WWSE is a solum commitment to the global community by Beijing when bidding for the 2022 Winter Olympics. The successful WWSEs every year not only fulfilled Beijing’s commitment, but also offered continued boost to the preparation of Winter Olympics, promoted comprehensive progress in China’s sports industry, and led China’s robust development in winter sports industry. WWSE 2021 is held right before the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. While providing support to a successful Winter Olympics, this WWSE also helps solve regional imbalances in China’s winter sports development and make contributions to the building of a “healthy China”.

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