Recbio and Rhegen Signed an mRNA Vaccine Cooperation Agreement


TAIZHOU, China, Sept. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Jiangsu Recbio Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Recbio”) and Shenzhen Rhegen Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Rhegen Bio”) recently signed a joint venture agreement to establish a joint venture company “Wuhan Rhecogen Biotechnology Co., Ltd.”, to integrate the advantages of both parties and focus on deep and extensive cooperation in the field of mRNA vaccine R&D and industrialization.

This cooperation is a measure taken by the two parties to implement the earlier agreement on strategic partnership in mRNA vaccines. The joint venture company will be landed in Guanggu, Wuhan, and its holding company is Recbio. The joint venture company will use the mRNA technology and novel adjuvant technology to develop a new generation of COVID-19 vaccines and plan to gradually develop other major infectious disease vaccines and tumor therapeutic vaccines. The establishment of the joint venture company will integrate advantages of both Recbio and Rhegen Bio with an potential to become an innovative vaccine company with international competitiveness.

With the vision of “Become the Leader of Innovative Vaccine in the Future,” Recbio takes “Protect Human Health with Best-in-Class Vaccines” as its mission, setting the vaccine business as the main channel, and focusing on major innovative vaccines. Recbio has formed a robust vaccine portfolio consisting of 11 vaccine candidates with a broad spectrum of diseases, including cervical cancer, COVID-19, adult tuberculosis, shingles, hand-foot-and-mouth-disease and influenza. Recbio has accumulated rich experience in vaccine R&D.

Recbio has established three technology platforms including novel adjuvants platform, protein engineering platform, and immunological evaluation platform. Take the novel adjuvant platform as an example; since the establishment of the company, the development of novel adjuvants has been set as an essential development strategy of the company. Recbio is one of the few companies globally that have been able to develop novel human adjuvants benching marking all of the FDA-approved adjuvants (AS01, AS03, AS04, CpG, and MF59).

Rhegen Bio is an mRNA-based biotech company with a full-technology platform. It has a wide range of unique underlying mRNA technologies and has accumulated a number of core patents.

Rhegen Bio is committed to the development of nucleic acid biomedical products and treatment methods such as mRNA. It possesses industry-leading platform technologies such as target protein structure design, mRNA modification, mRNA synthesis, next-generation delivery (including carrier delivery where it has innovative and independent intellectual property rights and non-vector delivery), etc. Based on its independent intellectual property rights of mRNA design, modification and synthesis, delivery, and other underlying technologies, Rhegen Bio can efficiently design and develop highly accessible mRNA vaccines and therapeutic biological drugs “from the bottom, from the source” according to clinical and pharmaceutical needs.

Dr. Liu Yong, Chairman and General Manager of Recbio, said: “The cooperation between Recbio and Rhegen Bio is IMMUNOLOGY EMBRACING CENTRAL DOGMA of molecular biology. It is a major strategic choice made by the company after careful and diligent analysis of the latest technology development trends in vaccinology. In the future, Rhecogen will bring more high-quality, innovative vaccine products to the public.”

Dr. Hu Yong, Chairman and General Manager of Rhegen Bio, said: “The cooperation between two parties is a classic model of a strong alliance and complementary advantages. By virtue of Rhegen Bio’s competitiveness in mRNA technology and Recbio’s strength in the field of vaccine development, we believe that Rhecogen will have the potential to become a significant player in the international vaccine market in the future.”

About Recbio

Recbio is an innovative vaccine company founded in 2012. With the vision of “Become the Leader of Innovative Vaccine in the Future,” Recbio takes “Protect Human Health with Best-in-Class Vaccines” as its mission. It has established three major cutting-edge technology platforms including novel adjuvants platform, protein engineering platform, and immunological evaluation platform. Recbio has a high-value vaccine portfolio consisted of recombinant protein, HPV vaccine candidates, COVID-19 vaccine candidates, shingles vaccine candidates, influenza vaccine candidates, adults TB vaccine candidates etc. The core scientific team has more than 20 years of experience in the development and commercialization of innovative vaccines. For more information, please visit

About Rhegen Bio

Shenzhen Rhegen Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a biotechnology company with the world’s leading mRNA technology. The company is headquartered in Shenzhen and has established R&D and production centers in Shanghai and Wuhan. The company has independently developed the platform technologies required for nucleic acid drugs, including the design and synthesis of mRNA, the world’s leading non-vector delivery, etc., and has applied such technologies to the fields with substantial market prospects and clinical value such as vaccine development, protein-drug replacement therapy, tumor, and rare disease treatment, etc. For more information, please visit

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