Pretty Beauty’s Premium Treatment Creates a Non-invasive Trend


HONG KONG, Oct. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Initially established in 1985, the Pretty Beauty Group is committed to enhancing the beauty experience while also providing customer-oriented service and continuous technological innovation. It is no wonder then that all of our products have been well-received by our customers. This time Pretty Beauty is the only company in Hong Kong to introduce 10Thera 2-line Irradiating HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) Treatment.

Currently, Pretty Beauty Group have 16 branches in popular areas all across Hong Kong.
Currently, Pretty Beauty Group have 16 branches in popular areas all across Hong Kong.

10Theara is a brand from South Korea’s TENTECH. HIFU is a non-invasive lifting method, which delivers ultrasound energy to target the skin layer without damaging the skin surface. It generates 60–80 degrees heat on SMAS and the dermal layer to reach a thermal coagulation point and regenerates collagen fiber and elastic fiber for a lifting effect. It can increase the supporting force of the muscle base to quickly lighten lines, lift the contours, and tighten slack skin.

Premium Treatment: A Marketing Pioneer

Pretty Beauty have a strong marketing sense and have established a precedent to be the leading beauty treatment provider in the industry. In 2015, we took the lead in creating a non-invasive beauty trend. Pretty Beauty introduced LDM® (Local Dynamic Micro-Massage), developed by German Wellcomet Technology.

Now customers can have first experience discount for LDM® Cell Skin Aesthetic Premium Treatments. The treatment works like we do exercise, LDM® drives cells to exercise. It can repair the skin and greatly improve the skin health of customers.

Success Stories

One of Pretty Beauty’s customers was a 23-year-old girl who got horrible acne and mask acne due to her eating habits and air pollution that had clogged her pores and caused excess fat to develop.

After the 3 times of LDM® Cell Skin Aesthetic Premium Treatments—which balanced the overall oil of the skin, replenished water, and controlled oil—her skin condition improved drastically.

Another customer was an office worker who developed excess fat in her hips due to long sitting hours and a lack of exercise. 

After the 5 times of LDM® Cell Skin Aesthetic Premium Treatments, her underlying cells got awakened, and the affected cells healed themselves. The treatment included increasing her metabolism and tightening her buttocks’ muscles. Finally, her hip lines significantly improved and the excess fat virtually disappeared, leading to her original beauty being restored.

Nature, Safety, and Health

Pretty Beauty believe that beauty treatment and body shaping should be natural. That is why Pretty Beauty advocate non-invasive technology so that our customers feel safe and secure. Pretty Beauty also pay due attention to the long-term health of our customers. This approach has powered us to introduce advanced beauty equipments and products from all over the world in all of our branches. All the beauty equipment in all of our branches conform to internationally recognized ISO standards. Additionally, Pretty Beauty make sure that all our equipments and products are reliable and impeccable in terms of ensuring safety and hygiene.

For more than 30 years, Pretty Beauty’s business has continued to expand. Currently, Pretty Beauty have 16 branches in popular areas all across Hong Kong, through which Pretty Beauty provide an excellent, comfortable, and convenient beauty environment to our customers.

Customized Beauty Treatment and Customer Satisfaction

Pretty Beauty believe that every customer is unique and has specific needs. Pretty Beauty provide a beauty consultation and skin test for customers before beginning any treatment so that Pretty Beauty can map out a goal-oriented plan and accordingly formulate an exclusive beauty treatment.

Pretty Beauty also clearly indicate the number of treatments required and provide an effective budget to the customer beforehand. Additionally, our beauty professionals provide excellent services to every customer so that he/she can fully experience personalized beauty treatments and a self-cultivation experience.

At the same time, Pretty Beauty educate our customers and provide them with accurate knowledge that is specific to their needs, so that they can enjoy long-lasting beauty and self-cultivation effects.

Attach Importance to Talent and Market Expansion

In the future, Pretty Beauty will continue to cultivate outstanding local professionals and provide them with the requisite training so that they can provide the best professional and quality services to our customers everywhere. At the same time, Pretty Beauty’s hope to promote and improve the quality of services in the beauty industry on the whole. In addition, Pretty Beauty’s will actively expand and target young customers to have a solid foundation for future business development.