yoboo helps mothers breastfeed easily


MANILA, Philippines, Oct. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Breast milk is the most ideal food for infants, nutritional composition in breast milk contains far beyond formula, breast milk is rich in the infant growth needs all the nutrients and antibodies. Global health organizations are all actively promoting breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding for a baby without any harm, but a new generation of treasure mom in addition to focus on baby’s nutrition, but also to consider how to find a balance between work and breastfeeding in lactation.

In this regard, yoboo, as a loyal supporter of breast-feeding, is determined to help mothers around the world liberate “breast-feeding time” through scientific and technological progress, so as to find a more scientific and humanized breast-feeding method for every mother.

At present, yoboo team combines Japanese Spiral-flow cyclone lactation technology to develop medical BAROMETRICpulse electric breast pump and integrated fresh lactation pump, which can effectively help mothers increase milk yield, regulate breast health, and help every new mother avoid the trouble of mammary gland blockage, better reducing the feeding pressure of mothers.

At the same time, successful breastfeeding is also more dependent on the support of family, enterprise and society. yoboo hopes to spread the concept of breastfeeding to more people, so that enterprises and society can give more tolerance and space to nursing mothers, and more nursing mothers can liberate themselves through scientific feeding methods.

After that, yoboo team will deepen their efforts in the Philippine maternal and child market, increase the publicity of medical parenting concept and give correct guidance. yoboo will focus on scientific breast-feeding field, help local mothers understand and solve more infant feeding problems, optimize feeding process intelligently, and solve feeding troubles for more mothers.