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Rock’n’roll Shannon, aged three, on tour in Germany with her music promoter dad.

Rock’n’roll Shannon, aged three, on tour in Germany with her music promoter dad.

What are the three essential items in your wardrobe?
High-waisted Slvrlake “London” jeans that make my bum look good. A beautiful black blazer – I have so many I have a blazer problem, but I wear Alex Perry’s “Alex” blazer the most. And an interesting top; anything by Christopher Esber.

Any go-to jewellery?
A “Q” necklace – my daughter’s name is Quinn. Also, some Area crystal hoop earrings – they make everything look more special.

Can you remember a favourite outfit from when you were a child?
When I was four or five, I had a beautiful cotton daisy-print dress that I wore with a denim vest. I wanted to wear it all the time, but my mum made me stop when it no longer covered my bum.

And your worst fashion mistake?
That’s tricky. I don’t believe in fashion mistakes – I love to experiment with trends. But my biggest regret would be squeezing into low-rise jeans when I was 18; they were so tight! Thankfully the 2000s revival is being executed in a more flattering silhouette.

What’s at the top of your wish list?
Balenciaga “Track” sandals – they’re a little bit sci-fi, a little bit orthopaedic. I love a chunky shoe.

Is there something you’d never wear?
Long, tiered, floral wrap dresses; I’m not a boho girl.

What’s a current fashion trend you like?
I’m into the whole double-denim look, that ode to Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. It’s provocative denim, like EB Denim’s fitted vests and tight flared lace-up jeans.

What shoes do you wear most often?
Nike high-top “Dunks” and chunky “Zoom Air Fires”.

Who’s your favourite fashion icon?
Carrie Bradshaw forever. She breaks the rules, she shows off her figure and she’s unashamed in her style.


What do you wear on a typical working day?
An Aya Muse crop top with Michael Lo Sordo slouchy “Boy” pants and sneakers if I’m running around transferring stock. If I have VIP styling appointments, I dress up more: a Khaite A-line black mini, cropped shirt, blazer and Paris Texas knee-high boots, for example.

What’s your casual Sunday look?
Something stretchy but cute: Nagnata shorts, Set Active sports bra and tee. It’s my baby-sunshine-exercise-relax day.

Désordre’s new store will open in Armadale, Melbourne, in November.

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