doTERRA attends CIIE for 4th year in a row


SHANGHAI, Nov. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — doTERRA, a world-renowned aroma care and essential oil brand, took its place alongside a number of Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders during its attendance at the 4th China International Import Expo (CIIE) which opened in Shanghai on November 5. The aroma producer joined hands with Dunhuang Academy to exhibit its new aroma essential oils blend, Flying Apsaras Rose. The blend made its world debut on the second day of the event, marking another milestone in doTERRA’s continuous expansion of products containing Chinese elements.

Owen K Messick, president of doTERRA China, said this is the fourth consecutive year that doTERRA has attended the CIIE and that the company has witnessed rapid growth in China. CIIE acts as an entry point for multinational firms seeking partners and distributors in China, and for medium-sized overseas firms like doTERRA to expand into the Chinese market.

Rooted deeply in Chinese elements, Flying Apsaras Rose expresses the beauty of Dunhuang

For seven years since its entry into the Chinese market, doTERRA has embraced green innovation and development, making the allure of plants unique to China known to more people by utilizing its superior resources to launch 14 essential oils made from locally sourced raw materials.

The longstanding collaboration with Dunhuang Academy provided the headroom to develop Flying Apsaras Rose, a blend of myrrh, lilac, and other aromatic plants that arrived in China from the West via the Silk Road, suffused with roses from Yongdeng County in Lanzhou, an important destination along the ancient trade route. The essential oil product is also an integration of both the East and West cultural details.

As part of the partnership, doTERRA will donate protective display facilities through China Dunhuang Grottoes Conservation Research Foundation, which will be used to protect Caves 335 and 338 of the Mogao Caves. During the event, the company set aside a large part of its booked exhibition space to promote the Dunhuang culture, and hosted a live in-person event during which experts from Dunhuang Academy related stories about the amazing lineup of underground caves.

doTERRA facilitates its rapid expansion by attending CIIE

This is the fourth consecutive year that doTERRA has participated in the CIIE. The continuously enlarged exhibition area represented an epitome of the company’s rapid development in China.

When attending the first CIIE, doTERRA grabbed headlines and concluded several important business deals. A month later, the firm set up its regional headquarters in Jing’an District, Shanghai, and started the construction of its Chinese factory and first overseas laboratory, making the localization of raw materials and the availability of new products a priority in an effort to drive growth. At the second CIIE, doTERRA increased the size of its booth by a factor of ten and showcased the world debut of a Chinese-influenced liquidambar aroma essential oil. The third year, the company further expanded the booth area and debuted its Dream aroma essential oil inspired by Shanghai elements. doTERRA experienced a significant increase in the value of initial contracts that it had signed during the three exhibitions, from 380 million yuan to 700 million yuan. This year, the value of its contracts grew another notch to reach a 1 billion yuan milestone.

For 4 years, doTERRA’s presence at CIIE facilitated the expansion in the number of partners and loyal consumers, with growth in sales averaging above 60 percent annually, making China its second largest market worldwide.

CIIE has provided a tremendous opportunity for doTERRA’s development and intercommunication with others by gathering resources from all parties, and, by the same token, injecting confidence and dynamism into the company’s efforts in R&D, innovation, production, services, talent training and sustainable development in China. The company plans to follow the Chinese government’s guidance for participation in the country’s dual circulation initiative whereby businesses cooperate with government in developing a self-sufficient domestic economy alongside continued strengthening of existing export channels, with the goal of delivering a generally improved standard of living across Chinese society.