Eternaleaf Supported by Unilever to Develop the Chinese Market


LONDON, Dec. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In November 2021, Unilever officially signed an agreement with Eternaleaf, a well-known British cosmetic brand, making Eternaleaf the first international cosmetic brand to join Unilever’s UniExcubator. Leveraging Unilever’s capacity to help partners thrive, what UniExcubator offers is not only the capital but also the branding, marketing, channel, R&D and supply chain resources of Unilever. Eternaleaf’s development in the Chinese market is thus comprehensively underpinned by its digital tools and customized services, among others.

Eternaleaf, an international niche skincare brand that has been developing in over 20 countries in Europe and Southeast Asia for over a decade, has with its unique raw material Buah Merah extract launched a series of signature products, which are always bestsellers in international famous retailers such as Watsons, Rakuten, and QNET, and have a good reputation among consumers. Nevertheless, Eternaleaf, as an international brand that has just entered the Chinese market, knows that it is not an easy task to open up quickly in a mega market like China with a population of 1.4 billion and a cosmetic market size of 75 billion USD/year. Essential support from an international cosmetic giant like Unilever is expected to quicken Eternaleaf’s expansion in China, Japan, India and other Asia Pacific markets.

Data shows that international beauty giants represented by Unilever and Shiseido have been less keen on acquiring brands in recent years and have transformed into a joint model of incubation and cooperation. Cooperation with Eternaleaf has also become one of the latest achievements of Unilever’s UniExcubator. Such an initiative will no doubt greatly boost the development of international niche cosmetic brands represented by Eternaleaf.