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Jeans and a cute top: Finding your “night out” fashion sense

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As we return to a state of relative COVID normalcy again and begin to skulk back to candlelit bars for nights out with our friends or sweet dates, it’s time to ask that fateful question once more, “What are you wearing?”

Many of us revert back to the jeans and a nice stop standard, but if that combo is beginning to feel a little old and you’re starting to question what to wear as the sun goes down more often than not, then we’ve got a comprehensive guide to keep you looking stylish at all hours of the night.

Find your own personal style first

Now is the time to ask yourself, do I know my personal style?

This is important as if you don’t know which silhouettes suit you or what makes you feel comfortable then you’ll feel a little lost as you begin to go out again.

A great way to try and debunk your own clothing is to take yourself out shopping, to see what you gravitate towards.

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Time to experiment

Once you have your own personal style figured out and you have a greater understanding of what makes you feel comfortable, it’s time to get a little more experimental.

This doesn’t mean completely switching up how you dress, but rather elevating it in a way that matches the evening.

First, figure out the silhouette you like, but instead of going for neutral or subdued colours, switch it up to something that pops. Alternatively, opt for a different texture like metallic, glitter or sequins.

Something that is a little bit more fun and exciting.

Finally, if there has been a particular style you’ve been afraid to wear as it’s too daring, or simply outside your comfort zone, now is the time to do it.

Perhaps it’s a shorter cut when you usually go long, or pants when you usually turn to dresses.

Regardless, when the lights go out, the excitement comes out and so daring to rock something different is a great choice.

Get trendy

Much like picking a night out to experiment, it can also be the time to have a little more fun and pick something slightly more trendy than you’re used to.

As a rule of thumb, for your own personal style, it’s great to stick to classic pieces that can be worn in a plethora of ways.

But, occasionally picking something that is a little more trend-based can be a fun way to have a little more fun, and make the night feel a little more memorable.

Plus, if you don’t want to drop too much hard-earned cash, shopping second hand can be a great way to find interesting pieces for half the price.

If all else fails, go, black

If you’re still struggling to find what works best for you when you go out, be it you feel too exposed, or alternatively, too simple, then the best way to look put together, whilst still being fun and chic, is by going head to toe black.

Don’t be confused, going all black doesn’t mean your outfits will be any less stylish.

In fact, giving yourself guidelines to stay within, makes it easier to find items you like, rather than being overwhelmed with choices.

A tall black boot, a black skirt in whichever cut feels best on you, and a fun black top in whatever cut you feel most comfortable in is the perfect going out uniform.

Jeans and a nice top

Much like the title hinted towards, there is already a going out uniform that is in place.

The “jeans and a nice top” is a go-to trusted by women of all ages, worldwide. Similarly to wearing all black, having staples to fall back upon make the getting dressed part of your evening significantly more streamlined.

It also is severely underestimated, as hidden underneath two pieces of clothing are a multitude of style options.

From the cut and wash of the jeans to the style of the top; along with the various accessories that can go with these items.

Bonus points if your night out picks also double as your brunch outfit the next morning.

You may have opted to experiment with the brightest pieces you can buy, or the most daring cuts you wouldn’t dare sport in daylight, or perhaps you’ve gone the alternative route of going for the tried and true classics by styling a head to toe black outfit.

Regardless, once you know your going out fashion choices, you’re set.

The rest of the evening will be nothing but an exciting blur, but one thing is for sure, you look fantastic.