The 133rd Canton Fair Invites the World to Discover the Meaning and Conception of Chinese Tea Culture through Premium Products Offering


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GUANGZHOU, China, May 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The 133rd China Import and Export Fair (“Canton Fair” or “the Fair”) is a veritable feast for tea lovers and enthusiasts worldwide, offering a chance to explore the rich and diverse culture of Chinese tea through a stunning display of unique, easy-to-use, and beautiful tea sets as well as a various types of tea. These tea related products served to showcase the depth of Chinese tea culture to aficionados worldwide, giving them ample opportunities to experience the unique charm and savor the enticing tea aroma.

Xiamen Sun Young Corporation (“SunYoung”) proudly reveals its latest masterpiece, the Stone Teaboard, with an elegant linen surface technology and exquisite hand-carved stone calligraphy that embodies the profound connotations of Chinese tea culture. The tray’s hidden drainage design ensures optimal drainage function without compromising its aesthetic appeal, delivering an enhanced experience to consumers.

Fujian Tea Import & Export Co., Ltd. brings its newly launched product, “Qingchengxiang”XuehaoJasmine Tea, to the Canton Fair, presenting a rich and fragrant Chinese business card to the world with its charming tea fragrance. This product originates from Fujian, one of the birthplaces of Chinese tea culture. A fresh, mellow, vivid flavor meets a long-lasting aroma, and the soup color is bright yellow-green, clear, and rich in texture. This tea leaf is collected from alpine tea gardens, with tender shoots in the early stages. It is one of the finest choices for global consumers to sip tea and appreciate Chinese tea culture.

Guang Fu Tea Co., Ltd.(“Guang Fu“) left a lasting impression on attendees of the 133rd Canton Fair with its Ganpu Tea, also called Xinhui Mandarin Ripe Pu-erh. The sensational aroma of this specialty tea is a perfect blend of floral and aged notes, thanks to the use of pure and natural Xinhui mandarin-a product that is protected by the National Geographical Indication. The infusion of fruity fragrance creates a unique and irresistible tea experience, showcasing the rich and vibrant Chinese tea culture, and cementing Guang Fu’s reputation for quality and excellence.

At phase 3 of the exhibition starting on May 1st, the 133rd Canon Fair warmly invites business people from all corners of the world to immerse themselves in the rich and refined world of Chinese tea culture.

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