Spotlight on the Global Business Management Capabilities of Hyosung Chairman Hyun-joon Cho


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SEOUL, South Korea, May 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The spotlight is on Hyosung Chairman Hyun-joon Cho and his global business management capabilities ever since his visit to the US this year. In April, Chairman Cho visited Washington DC as a member of the economic delegation from Korea.

Hyun-joon Cho,the Chairman of Hyosung Group
Hyun-joon Cho,the Chairman of Hyosung Group

Chairman Cho has a deep connection with the US as he graduated from St. Paul’s High School and Yale University. During his days at St. Paul’s High School, he was the first Asian captain for the baseball team as he exhibited leadership and excelled in other activities outside of academics.

Spending many years overseas, Chairman Cho has developed skills for foreign languages including English, Japanese, and Italian and has since built a wide network with other leaders around the globe.

Chairman Cho has utilized his experiences in the US and achieved success in the US market by leading the core businesses of group such as heavy industries and ATMs. Hyosung is currently operating six manufacturing and trading corporations in the US, and annual sales within the US are seeing consistent growth.

Chairman Cho is planning to utilize the top global products of Hyosung such as tire cords and spandex to continue on expanding in the US market.