[2023 Daka China] Foreign Internet Influencers Gain Valuable Understanding of Zhengzhou’s High-quality Industrial Development


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BEIJING, May 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A report from CRIOnline:

From May 11 to 12, a group of foreign internet influencers hailing from Brazil, Egypt, Mexico, Romania, and the Republic of Korea, along with multilingual hosts from China embarked on a trip to Zhengzhou, a city in Henan Province. During their stay, they took a dive into scientific innovation as well as equipment manufacturing industries of the region.

Foreign internet influencers and multilingual hosts make their way to Kunpeng Software Town, photo by Jia Qinqin
Foreign internet influencers and multilingual hosts make their way to Kunpeng Software Town, photo by Jia Qinqin

Currently, the digital economy has arisen as the fresh impetus for global economic development. While exploring Kunpeng Software Town in Zhengzhou, foreign internet influencer Cynthia Midori Yamauchi from Brazil lauded the city for its deliberate plans to cater to the needs of talented individuals in the software industry, encompassing their work, daily lives, leisure activities, education for children, and healthcare services. Such measures make the city full of potential for future development.

Innovation is the driving force behind development. Foreign internet influencers and multilingual hosts were awestruck by the 135-meter-long and over 1,900-ton weight tunnel boring machine at the workshop of China Railway Engineering Equipment Group Co., Ltd. The Greek-speaking host, Wu Yawen, noted that Zhengzhou is a model of manufacturing development in China. Moreover, it serves as a representation of the achievements made on the Chinese path to modernization in Zhengzhou.

When contemplating the future landscape of mobility and intelligent transportation, Yutong Group’s “Xiaoyu,” the L4 intelligent micro-mobility bus may provide a viable solution. “Xiaoyu” is equipped with a variety of intelligent technologies such as 360° all-weather environmental sensing, data interaction, and intelligent decision-making. “The combination of modern technology and smart city solutions in Zhengzhou is amazing,” said Viacheslav Shchekin, a foreign internet influencer from Russia.

Zhengzhou boasts a digital economy surpassing CNY 500 billion. The China Railway Engineering Equipment Group has received an excess of 1,500 tunnel boring machine orders, while CHINA RAILWAY Express Zhongyu Train has connected over 140 cities across the globe. Besides, the city has established a two-hour high-speed railway network and a two-hour aviation network. The above statistics, alongside other numerical data and examples have showcased the high-quality industrial development in Zhengzhou.