Tips On Protecting Your Smart Phone From Damage 


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Protecting your mobile phone & your phone’s screen is important. The blogging team are only two aware of how easy it is to encounter expensive repairs to get your phone back up and running after a mishap. Many of the tips below are obvious, but others my have you think again as to how you use or store your phone. 

Avoid water.  Water is well known to cause havoc with electronic devices.  It could be in the form of rain or your device getting wet by being dropped in the pool or the surf while you are at the beach. Taking steps to make your device waterproof can save you money. Consider using a waterproof case especially if you are at the beach, a sailor or sitting beside a pool where your phone can easily be splashed with water. 

Use a screen protector.  A screen protector adds an extra layer of protection to your screen and in the event of your phone dropping to the ground the screen protector will help stop or minimise cracks. Also, if the screen protector is damaged you can replace it cheaply.  

Use a protective phone case.  Companies that sell mobile phones like Samsung will tell you that they have improved the technology that has gone into keeping the phone safe and it may be tempting to skip getting a protective phone case, however a protective phone case can minimise or prevent damage to your phone if you drop it. 

Hold your phone with a firm grip.   It sounds obvious but the most common reason phone screens crack is because they have fallen out of a person’s hand. Consider using a pop socket or phone ring.  These attach to the back of your phone and help give a firm grip to your phone and hence minimize risks of dropping your phone. Pop sockets or phone rings come with more advantage on top of protection.  These give great aesthetic to your phone and can also be used as a phone stand to watch videos or take photos. 

Store your phone properly. When you place your phone in your pocket or bag, make sure coins or other sharp objects aren’t near your phone because this can result in scratching of the outer casing or front glass.  Phones can easily fall out of pockets and bags.  Have a dedicated section in your bag or clothing where you store it. Be careful with using back pockets for holding your phone because it presents risks of cracking your phone when you may inadvertently sit down on it on a hard surface seat. Also avoid putting your phone in tight jeans because there is a chance that your phone might bend or just snap when you sit down. 

Keep it out of reach of children Wherever you place your phone ensure you, ensure its out of reach of children who simply love playing with phones.  They could clumsily drop it or throw it causing damage to exterior or internal workings of the phone.

Don’t sleep with your phone in the bed.  A common way a phone screen is cracked is by people keeping their phones in their bed when they sleep.  How many times have you fallen asleep with your phone in your bed? The phone can fall on the floor or you could roll on to it while you sleep.  It sounds obvious but place your mobile phone on a bedside table before you go to sleep.

Extreme temperatures can kill a phone. Keep your phone away from extreme heat and severe cold as both can do serious damage to your phone. There are many cases of phones needing significant repair after being left for long periods in the sun at the beach or in a bag on the snow at a ski field while skying. 

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