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Inviting Guests to Share in the Prestige Moment and Savor the Extravagance

MACAU, Sept. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In this delightful October, StarWorld Hotel is gearing up to mark its 17th anniversary. Since its opening, this world-class five-star luxury hotel, located in the heart of Macau‘ s prime entertainment district, has enjoyed the admiration and affection of both Macau residents and travelers from around the world. It has received numerous prestigious awards and is especially renowned for its dazzling gourmet offerings. On the occasion of its anniversary, StarWorld Hotel is delighted to present the “StarWorld 17th Anniversary – Celebrating a prestigious milestone with more exciting experiences!” celebration, featuring a specially designed lightshow that illuminates the hotel building, and an exciting array of luxury accommodation experiences and global culinary delights. Guests are cordially invited to indulge in the “Prestigious Star Experience” and join in celebrating 17 years of splendid achievements while looking forward to a radiant future.

Seventeen Years of Culinary Excellence – StarWorld Hotel, boasting ten unique dining venues and Michelin-starred restaurants, has consistently strived to create extraordinary dining experiences. To mark its 17th anniversary, the hotel is introducing the “Savor the Extravagance” dining privileges, offering selected global delicacies as a token of appreciation for its loyal guests.

Savor the Extravagance: A Delightful 17th Anniversary

From September 16 to November 19, all of the hotel’s restaurants and bars will present a series of selected dishes, pastries and beverages priced at MOP 17 and MOP 170, embarking guests on an exclusive culinary journey of “Lucky 17” flavors.

A highlight is Frosted Maple Red, a special cocktail by Feng Wei Ju, the signature restaurant which has received Michelin two-star accolades for seven consecutive years. It’s a refreshing and poetically named drink that embodies the fusion of Eastern and Western cultures. Crafted from selected Scottish single malt whisky and Chinese Phoenix Single Fir Tea, it combines the vanilla and fruity notes of pure malt whisky with the elegant aroma of Chinese tea, creating a harmonious and delightful flavor profile. Laurel presents Drunken Virgin Crabs with Hua Diao Wine featuring seasonal, plump virgin crabs marinated in aged Hua Diao wine. The subtle fragrance of the wine and the rich crab flavors combine perfectly, offering a decadent and unforgettable taste. As a representative of Cantonese-style Hot Pot in Macau, Shang Pin Seafood Hot Pot Restaurant’s Oil-Infused Crispy Marble Goby is a typical specialty dish from the Greater Bay Area. The key to its exquisite taste lies in the oil-infused cooking method, which showcases the freshness of the Marble Goby to the fullest, making it an enticing choice. In addition to the gourmet dishes, Passion by Gérard Dubois and the Lobby Lounge are offering delectable desserts and beverages for just MOP 17, allowing guests to satisfy their sweet cravings at any time.

Savor the Extravagance: The Macallan Litha Starred Pairing

StarWorld Hotel’s signature restaurant, Feng Wei Ju has joined hands with the renowned Single Malt Scotch Whisky brand The Macallan to create the ultimate culinary journey for guests on the hotel’s 17th anniversary.

From September 18 to October 15, Chef Chan Cheok Keung, Executive Chinese Chef of StarWorld Hotel, has crafted two exquisite dishes for this perfect pairing. Steamed Spotted Grouper and Egg White with Preserved Mustard Greens is a unique creation that brings Sichuan and Cantonese cuisine together in a harmonious manner. It uses premier Spotted Grouper, adding egg white to enhance the texture and whiteness of the fish, resulting in a smooth and tender mouthfeel. Paired with tangy sour vegetables, it is an innovative masterpiece in Sichuan cuisine. Premium South African Abalone with Oyster Sauce features top-grade whole South African abalones, known for their thick, tender, and boneless meat. With a rich and flavorful sauce and meticulous cooking techniques, the dish fully showcases the sweet and succulent taste of abalone, leaving an unforgettable impression. These two gourmet dishes are perfectly complemented by the newly launched The Macallan Litha whisky, creating an unparalleled gourmet indulgence.

Shining for 17 years, StarWorld Hotel warmly invites guests from all walks of life to celebrate together in the glorious milestone. For more details on the 17th-anniversary offerings and The Macallan Litha Starred Pairing, please visit the official website:

Special lightshow on exterior wall to celebrate the hotel’s 17th anniversary
Special lightshow on exterior wall to celebrate the hotel’s 17th anniversary

Feng Wei Ju, the signature restaurant received Michelin two-star accolades for seven consecutive years
Feng Wei Ju, the signature restaurant received Michelin two-star accolades for seven consecutive years

Feng Wei Ju - special cocktail Frosted Maple Red
Feng Wei Ju – special cocktail Frosted Maple Red

Shang Pin Seafood Hot Pot - Oil-Infused Crispy Marble Goby
Shang Pin Seafood Hot Pot – Oil-Infused Crispy Marble Goby

A unique creation by Feng Wei Ju - Steamed Spotted Grouper and Egg White with Preserved Mustard Greens
A unique creation by Feng Wei Ju – Steamed Spotted Grouper and Egg White with Preserved Mustard Greens

About StarWorld Hotel

StarWorld Hotel is a world-class five-star luxury hotel in the heart of Macau, offering breathtaking views of the city and front-row seats to international events. The 500 newly enhanced luxury rooms and suites are stylishly furnished, and complete with 24-hour concierge service. StarWorld Hotel embodies Asian hospitality and thoughtful service, providing discerning guests with the ideal destination to embark on a prestigious star experience of refined luxury. StarWorld Hotel is home to 10 renowned restaurants. The amazing selection encompasses everything from Hunan and Sichuan cuisine to continental delights, authentic Cantonese options and delightful French desserts. Among them is Feng Wei Ju, the only Hunan and Sichuan restaurant in Hong Kong and Macau with Two Michelin Stars for 7 consecutive years, and 4 signature restaurants join hands to present China’s 8 Great Cuisines for guests to savor the finest flavors of the season, further contributing to a prestigious gourmet experience. StarWorld Hotel also brings to you a feast for the senses with an incredible lineup of talented performers. An exhilarating array of entertainment will make your visit to StarWorld Hotel truly amazing.

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