Pretty Beauty introduces SKIN AURA® bipolar radiofrequency instrument to enhance skin’s fullness and contour


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HONG KONG, Oct. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — To realise the dream of perfect skin for every lady, Pretty Beauty introduces the latest SKIN AURA® bipolar radiofrequency instrument, a beauty device launched by Germany’s Wellcomet Technology. This instrument’s care process starts by activating the fat layer, bringing significant results in enhancing skin’s fullness and contour without relying on the skin’s self-repair mechanism.

Beauty is an innate desire for women. Every woman dreams of having skin that is firm, smooth, and elastic. However, as age progresses, the loss of fat and the fibrosis of fat tissues can lead to skin ageing and sagging, making an individual appear drained, significantly deviating from the desired skin texture.

Skin Analysis Prior to Treatment for a Customised Beauty Regime

The procedure for SKIN AURA® is straightforward, consisting of only two steps—skin testing and facial care. The skin test involves placing the treatment head on the skin, where the device can collect various data about the customer’s skin, including skin resistance, impedance capacitance, and impedance conductivity. SKIN AURA® analyzes this data and automatically adjusts parameters like energy output depth, intensity, and pulse to create a tailored treatment plan. Operators can also fine-tune these parameters based on individual client needs, offering a flexible and personalised care experience.

Activate the Dermis Fat Tissue, Lifting the Skin from Within

Upon completing the skin test, facial care can commence immediately. By targeting the fat layer located between the dermis and fascia—a layer often overlooked in medical beauty—the bipolar radiofrequency energy is precisely delivered. The thermal pulses transformed by SKIN AURA®’s bipolar radiofrequency can effectively stimulate the dermal white fat tissues in the fat tissue. This action improves the skin from within, giving it a firmer, smoother, and more elastic appearance.

Disposable Probe Heads Ensure Absolute Hygiene and Reliability

The device uses disposable probe heads, with each head capable of emitting 300 radiofrequency pulses. The facial care procedure takes about 30 minutes, with a recommended frequency of once a week for six weeks. After this period, an annual treatment can ensure lasting effects.

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