Zhejiang Pan’an: Gathering of Medicine Merchants for Development, Fragrance of Medicinal Herbs Attracts Visitors


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JINHUA, China, Nov. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — From November 9th to 11th, the 2023 Zhejiang Province Traditional Chinese Medicinal Materials Expo and the 16th Pan’an Traditional Chinese Medicinal Materials Expo were held in Pan’an County, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province. Experts from the traditional Chinese medicine industry, as well as over a thousand medicine merchants and enterprises from across the country, gathered to discuss new prospects for the traditional Chinese medicinal materials industry and explore avenues for high-quality development.

The theme of this expo was “Revitalizing Zhejiang’s Fine Medicinal Materials, Promoting Zhejiang-style Traditional Chinese Medicine.” The event featured a rich array of activities, including the inauguration of the Zhejiang Province Traditional Chinese Medicinal Materials Government Reserve Depot, the designation of Pan’an County as a landmark city for Chinese medicinal cuisine, the release of the Pan’an Traditional Chinese Medicine Health and Wellness Tour, the opening of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Constitution Enhancement Experience Hall, as well as forums like the Jiangnan Medicine Town Forum and events such as the Cross-Strait Dialogue: Seeking Medicinal Herbs in Zhejiang—Traditional Chinese Medicine Cultural Exchange Meeting, and an exhibition and sale of products related to the traditional Chinese medicine industry, all working together to promote the brand of “Fine Medicinal Materials from Zhejiang, Zhejiang-style Traditional Chinese Medicine.”

Pan’an is known as the “Hometown of Chinese Medicinal Materials” and is the largest primary production area and major distribution center of traditional Chinese medicinal materials in Zhejiang. In recent years, Pan’an has focused on the characteristic advantages of authentic Chinese medicinal materials, making quality and efficiency improvement of the industry its core. It has also expanded into industries like leisure tourism, health tourism, medical services, and elderly care, forging a new path for the high-quality development of the traditional Chinese medicine industry.