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Viomi Technology Co., Ltd Launched a Series of New Products and Showcased at the Appliances and Electronic World Expo in Shanghai

GUANGZHOU, China, March 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Viomi Technology Co., Ltd (“Viomi” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ: VIOT), a leading IoT@Home technology company in China, recently held the Company’s Spring New Home Water Solution Product and AIoT@Home Solution Product Launch Events. The series of new products was unveiled at the China Home Appliance and Consumer Electronics Expo (AWE) in Shanghai from March 14 to March 17.

Kunlun, the new Viomi AI mineral water purifier released this time, carefully selects high-quality mineral sources and utilizes advanced techniques for intelligent system adjustments based on water temperature, flow, flow rate, and water pressure, ensuring a steady and durable release of mineral elements. The water filtered by Kunlun contains six beneficial minerals, including strontium (Sr2+) and metasilicic acid (H2SiO3), similar to natural mineral water. Notably, the Sr2+ content ranges from 0.4-1.4mg/L, surpassing the national standard of 0.2mg/L by two-fold. This innovation enables health-conscious individuals and families with infants and young children to continuously replenish beneficial minerals, ushering in a new era of healthier water purification.

Mr. Xiaoping Chen, Founder and CEO of Viomi, commented: “We have been participating in the field of water purification for nearly a decade, leading the industry with 2000G ultra-large flux as well as ten years of long-lasting RO filter, cumulatively applied for over 1,300 related patents, and possessing the industry’s most extensive manufacturing and R&D facilities. Going forward, we will further deepen our investment in the water purification industry chain, bringing more comprehensive residential water solutions to more families.”

Regarding our AIoT@Home business, we launched Alpha X, a cardiorespiratory detection radar equipped with millimeter-wave radar technology. This product adhered to the principle of ‘AI: Helpful’ and concentrated on monitoring and safeguarding family health. Equipped with our 60GHz millimeter-wave radar AI module, Alpha X is capable of scanning across an ultra-wideband frequency range. This, combined with the ability of AI deep learning algorithms, enables Alpha X to be contactless, detect heart/thorax micro-movement frequency in real-time, and recognize anomalies, thus solving the many inconveniences and difficulties older people face at home. We also introduced Super 3, the Viomi all-space AI air-conditioner 2.0, which intelligently adjusts the ambient temperature according to different sleep stages, providing enhanced comfort and helping to improve users’ sleep quality. Meanwhile, as the demand for improved living increases throughout the housing market, we have further upgraded our one-stop IoT@Home solution with the launch of our multimillion-dollar Space series, which provides consumers with a stylish, customized, and more intelligent product experience.

“During the AWE fair, our new products received widespread praise from the public. After tasting the mineral water purified from our new water purifier, Kunlun, the audiences were amazed at its outstanding taste. The real-time water quality feedback and the accurate display of filtration status offer a reassuring experience for the audience through technology. In Alpha X’s on-site experience area and our AIoT@Home full-scene immersive space, audiences truly experienced the application of AI technology in the living environment, realized that technology not only provides a more convenient and intelligent user experience but also emphasizes the long-term companionship of health, eco-friendliness, and home security. We currently boast two major business segments, AI Water and AIoT@Home, enabling synergistic development. We will continue to advocate a healthy and ‘AI: Helpful’ life philosophy to provide users with more abundant ‘healthy water’ solutions and more caring and intelligent AIoT@Home solutions,” Mr. Chen concluded.

About Viomi Technology

Viomi’s mission is to redefine the future home via the concept of IoT @ Home.

Viomi has developed a unique IoT @ Home platform consisting of an ecosystem of innovative IoT-enabled smart home products, together with a suite of complementary consumable products and value-added businesses. This platform provides an attractive entry point into the consumer home, enabling consumers to intelligently interact with a broad portfolio of IoT products in an intuitive and human-like manner to make daily life more convenient, efficient, and enjoyable, while allowing Viomi to grow its household user base and capture various additional scenario-driven consumption events in the home environment.

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