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We found Apple AirTags at a rare discount — get four for just $20 each

Never has so much peace of mind come in such a small, affordable package. If you’re tired of misplaced keys and valuables, an Apple AirTag is a must-have for keeping track of lost items. The trackers are barely larger than a quarter, so these little gadgets are ideal for attaching to a keychain or purse, slipping inside a suitcase, or even hiding on a bicycle. Then, if said item goes missing, you simply get your iPhone to home in on it — just like spies do in the movies.


If it’s within 30 feet, your iPhone will locate it, right down to the centimeter. If it’s farther afield, Apple’s Find My network should help you pinpoint it. Just be prepared to buy some cases so you can clip these gizmos to your keychains and other valuables.

$80 at Amazon

AirTags rarely go on sale, so this discount is worth a good, hard look — especially when you consider that a single AirTag typically costs around $29. This deal drops the cost to $20 per tracker! Buying in bulk really does save money (and not just when it comes to toilet paper).

Each AirTag comes with a replaceable battery that’s good for up to one year. Pairing a tracker with your phone is as simple as bringing it close and performing a few setup taps.

If an AirTag is within about 30 feet, your iPhone will help you locate it via an onscreen arrow. If it’s outside of that range, Apple’s Find My network kicks in. Any other iPhone that comes within range of your AirTag will help you pinpoint its location. That’s incredibly powerful … and kind of mind-blowing.

Just note that AirTags come without any kind of case or clip, meaning that if you want to attach one to something (a keychain, for example), you’ll need to buy an accessory. Amazon is home to a wide assortment of AirTag holders, most of them pretty inexpensive (like these — snag four on sale for less than $6 with Prime.)

apple airtags beside an iphone

Look how smart Alan is! He had the foresight to track his house keys with an Apple AirTag. Now he won’t have to crash at a crappy hotel tonight. Be smart. Be like Alan. (Amazon)

Over 106,000 five-star shoppers have relied on these quarter-sized gadgets to keep track of their stuff.

“Put these in your luggage when traveling,” wrote one user. “I felt better checking my bags when flying, knowing I had a way to track my luggage to make sure it was with me and going to where I was. It was very accurate. When in Paris, it could tell me where my bag was at in a specific baggage claim. It’s also really easy to set up.”

“What took me so long to get Apple AirTags?” another user lamented. “I recently took a golf trip and was shipping my golf clubs with ShipSticks. I purchased this four-pack of AirTags and was able to insert one AirTag into my golf bag. I could then track my golf clubs in transit and knew when they arrived at the destination club. I’ve also put them into my checked luggage and [on my] car keys.”

This dutiful child put them to work for their parents. “My elderly mother is constantly asking me to help her find things like her wallet, so I thought, why not use an AirTag? It’s small enough that it’s not bothersome or noticeable, and it saves us the headache of locating it.”

Another reviewer offered a caveat: “The only downside is that if you want an accurate location on where your AirTag is, you need to have a newer iPhone that shows you directions and how many feet away you are from your AirTag. My iPhone is not new, and it just gives me a general area where it is.”

And keep in mind: AirTags don’t quite work like other trackers. “A downside to these is that you can’t press a button to find your phone like with the Tile,” a buyer said.


Track your bag, suitcases, keys and so much more with these handy doodads.

$80 at Amazon

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

If you have Amazon Prime, you’ll get free shipping, of course. Not yet a member? No problem. You can sign up for your free 30-day trial here. (And by the way, those without Prime still get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.)


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